..not quite there! YET – Ginger [3]

Part I     Part II

“Your fiance has been fairly long on the phone, another girlfriend lurking close by maybe?” Ginger casually joked..

Not that Gloria wasn’t used to her friends sharing the odd joke between them.. this time she herself was a tad bit anxious, it was very unlike of Sean to remain aloof like this – he was the perfect gentleman, besides the main purpose of this meeting was for him to be acquainted to her 3 best friends and bridesmaids to be.

Sean was one of the most desirable men of the town if not THE most desirable man and he was all mine, or so Gloria thought.

“Let me go and get him” Ginger offered, being seated closest to the entrance. Gloria nodded

Turning around, walking towards the door.. she sees him busy looking into his phone as he makes his way back to the table. She looked down and they bump into each other the very next second

you get the idea…

“Oh! I’m so sorry” looking up towards the person he bumped into, holding her.. preventing her from falling down, the perfect salsa dance position…holding the pose for a few seconds, exchanging a wry smile. His phone was on the floor with a crack or two. He pulled her up..

“Are you alright?”

“I’m good” I replied meekly

“Hey! you’ll stole my pose…” Gloria blurted out after seeing that Sean and Ginger were alright.

That’s exactly how I met Ginger for the first time, the fall.. the look into her eyes.. and the smile that followed. Nothing had changed.

“I was just practicing to get it right darlin’..did I get it right?”

“…a little lower I’d say would be nice” Angel butted in.. don’t worry you’ll get it right by the time of the wedding
A statement like that coming from Angel surprised me, since she didn’t know the abc’s of dancing.. or then I could be wrong, it has been a long time. It would have been nice if Ginger added that aspect to her otherwise…. 


Not blessed with too much of in terms of academia intelligence, Ginger never minded that being beautiful was the best talent she possessed. But boy! didn’t she know her how to get her way around, she was the.. what I would call, the live version of the idiom “…like a moth to a flame”, she being the flame of course. Needless to say who essayed the role of the other part of the idiom.

The conversation around the table lightened up, after all – I was stranger to no one…and we all acted like long lost friends – catching up (keeping the obvious details out) the impending marriage being the center of all conversations

When it was time to leave Gloria walked with Ginger out of the door, taking her to one side whispering, I need to ask you something

“You mentioned earlier.. another girlfriend lurking close by maybe, what did you mean?

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