“Make Me feel like a woman” ..she said [Angel] – 4

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I don’t normally hunt in pairs, but I only got to know they were sisters after I had sown my wild oats into the family garden.

While Angel was wild and free, Ginger was romantic and passionate, the dropping temperature didn’t help on the outside, HEAT was the only option to keep ourselves warm, and warmth we did find – in one other.

You’d think a situation like the one I found myself with the sisters would be tricky, but as luck would have it, they didn’t share stories much with each other, or at least they didn’t share that part of their life with each other.

It was always a learning experience when we were together, like the night Angel had mentioned in the middle of a steamy session of love making

“Sean, make me feel like a woman tonight” ..of course not wasting time.. I took off her t-shirt, unclasped her bra, slid down her panties.. and guiding me inside her with.. sensual.. slow.. seductive movements, we were getting there.. slowly – into the moment. She was almost a foot shorter than me..and for all the adjustments we had to make, it would have been comical had we not been so caught up in the moment.

I lifted her off the sofa as she wrapped her legs around me in well practiced fashion and.. I sunk inside her…tight, wet opening. she moaned into my ear, her breath hot and her ever racing heartbeat

more.. more.. she said amidst the now heavy breathing and panting. I wasn’t talking.. restricted to now only taking orders.. I tried to keep my breathing in check as we went in for the full Monty, she let out a few muffled moans in between passionate lip locks…We found our rhythm and we were now in perfect sync, soon enough it felt like any other time…it certainly didn’t feel cold in the room any more, as our sweaty bodies entwined with each other.

Her eyes met mine, dazed and mischievous and we kissed again, our tongues thrashing in a battle for control

“keep going” she panted…and I did

There were thoughts. memories and one liners that floated in my mind while I was at the table, bringing the odd smile to my face. I was in my happy place. Not many opportunities come a man’s way, where he is seated around women who he has felt more.. than just.. a physical connection with..

Gloria seemed quite upbeat, that I was gelling well with her friends-now-turned-bridesmaids, not that I had much of a say in the matter. I might have been physically sitting next to Gloria, but mentally.. I was far far away.

I had a fleeting glance at Angel and she looked at me at the same moment. Was she thinking the same things I was..? I wondered

It was time to catch up with old friends, and besides we still had… like what.. 30 days to go for the wedding!

I received a text message from an unknown number as we found ourselves walking out the door

“..lets meet tonight xoxo”

I did think of ignoring the message initially but I replied after a little deliberation


I wanted to play it cool, besides I had an inclination of who it might have been behind the message..

If I thought I was ready for marriage.. I wasn’t quite sure now!
It isn’t too late to back off now – or is it?

..not quite there! YET


Happy International Women’s Day!

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