The ‘2 samosa’ friendship


As they say, food brings people together and while you’re at it, what better time than meeting up and catching up with friend(s), colleagues or acquaintances. – it could be after work hours waiting for the same bus to go home or simply idling away your time at the beach side.

Eating alone is never a good idea.. so we involve another person to eat with us from a packet of chips to quenching our thirsts with nimbu-paani or better still indulge ourselves in a plate of double samosa’s

And while I think, this practice is more gender based (more common with women than men) but of late men too.. have been seen together together enjoying conversation over snacks.

  • Is Friendship synonymous with Food?
  • Is it a given that 2 friends have to eat something when they meet?
  • Is there not much to talk about that ‘the eating part’ fills up the gaps in communication? OR
  • Is it just all about ‘the food’ – more like the conversation is formed around the food. Food being the main reason to meet up?

I remember this one guy I met on my birthday, he was like “treat” after the customary Happy Birthday and handshake (I was in the middle of doing other work in town)

How is a birthday equivalent to a treat? I guess at some level it is ..but its not like you go fetching for a free treat!

I agree, I am not very available to meet up and the likes (never been a fan of forced meets-re-unions etc!) and very rarely I meet up with my own friends, let alone acquaintances (is what I saw him as – at best) but asking for a treat is beyond my understanding. Those 30 odd minutes were the most painful to say the least! I was more there to pay the bill than to participate in any worthy conversation. (btw is is called a conversation when just one person speaks and the other listens?) Yes. People like that exist.

While friendships and everyday acquaintances happen to me on a daily basis, it isn’t about the money or the food… but precious time wasted with people who don’t really matter and force themselves on you-in the guise of being friends samosa-600x450

..and that’s what I refer to as the ‘2 samosa’ friendship’, simply because… it is apparently rude to call someone an acquaintance.

My friends are special and they know it and more so, I can act myself around them.


Just a random question:

What do you call the different people’s numbers saved on your cell phone? Friends or Contacts?



6 Replies to “The ‘2 samosa’ friendship”

  1. Contacts.
    Don’t let anyone know they are Friends. That’s jinxes everything. 😛

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      It does? That’s a new twist 🤔😜

  2. Contacts. Friends have all disappeared into oblivion.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      They have indeed. Its all just about familiar strangers these days…

      1. Yes and now it’s kind of relaxing to be alone and at peace.

  3. Food brings people together…Yeah it does 🍟😂

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