..its happening!

“Oh boy! I’m really getting married today, ain’t I? I didn’t see that coming.. well actually I did, didn’t I? So much for falling in love! Its all seems like a blur right now. Good Lord! What am I doing?”

“Today is your wedding day man! you can’t be talking this way”

“You.. of all the people you – My Best Man, at least you could have warned me on what I was getting into. Isn’t that like your job?”

“I could make the wedding ring disappear..”

“Like that would slow down proceedings…”

“..for a while it would”

“What are you suggesting? Isn’t like the Best Man supposed to cheer up the Groom on his BIG DAY”

not really sure what I’m supposed to say here “You can do this Man, I know you really can!”

“Yeah! I’m gonna give it my best shot”

(walking away) that’s what he’s giving it… his best shot?! Oh boy! This is not gonna end too well. Talk of the groom having second thoughts on his wedding day.

Besides, I’ve got problems of my own.. my pants are way too tight. I knew I should have got it stitched by my tailor. A little freedom of movement never hurt anybody. Guess that’s what a ‘budget’d wedding feels like these days!

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  1. This is such a good news! Congrats 👏💐

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Goodness Gracious Me! Shivangi…this is just a story 🤣😂😅

      1. Oh no… and I thought the most eligible bachelor on WordPress got hitched😂. But what a realistic fiction! Anyways, I do hope you get married soon… my blessings😊

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply

          Well! If-n-When I do get married you’ll just know…the words itself will speak a thousand emotions 😍😍
          ..and most Eligible Bachelor? 😜🤣🤣😂😂😅😅

          1. 😂😂👍hahaha ok… well there is soon going to be a wedding in my family so I got carried away. Anyways, keep writing realistic fiction but just add something at the end to remind us – it’s fiction folks!

          2. theextraaamile says:

            The tag below does mention it…check again 🤣🤣 I always do, u know just in-case we have a Shivangi lurking around 😜😂😂

          3. Hahaha ok😀😅👍

  2. Oh how nice it would be to see a Christian wedding! Please do invite me my friend! 😄😃 if you’re going to get married soon!😉🍀😀💓

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Depends on how you define soon 😜 I’ve been adding number of invites everyday for those who have shown an interest in attending my wedding 🤣😂😅 You have been added to that list now.

      1. Wooow! Can’t wait to see you as a groom! 😇🌸 Thanks for adding me in your list my dear Sav 💐 yay!😃😃😃

      2. Wooow! Can’t wait to see you as a groom.. Thanks for adding me in your list. 😇😇💐😃

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