I hate you! – April & May

I HATE the Summer.

I am a very cold breezy, low temperature – snow loving sort of person. Snow is probably the last thing I’d find here in the place I live – India.. but just the mention of it makes me feel happy – that’s the least I can do to make myself feel cooler.. and of course, there’s the 4/5 showers I take during the summers! It’s never quite enough is it?

When Drinking coffee is not advisable coz its too heaty

Nor are eggs the best option! Mangoes are off the list too

Where the refrigerator becomes you best friend… chilled water, ice-cubes and everything cold


..but what happens when you over-do it?

You end up with cough, cold… acchhoooooooooo

I don’t like you April…
..nor am I looking forward to you.. May
Screw You! Screw both of You!

..and the there are some summer people who are like…. on some sort of a mental high! just coz its summer! Like summer turns you on!? Tell me more about it!? Like seriously..
The only time summer could actually turn me on is.. if that’s the name of the girl I’m dating.

I get a little crazy in the summer-time, so if you are someone who knows me well enough… then you’ll know, stopping me on the road to simply ‘talk’ is not cool.. my conversations are bare minimum.. and I like spending time by myself. Do not irritate me, my tolerance levels are at its lowest during the summers.



14 Replies to “I hate you! – April & May”

  1. Ahh! My fellow winter person! I HATE summers, I swear! They’re horrible.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Thank you my friend! Atleast I now officially have one person I can have ‘ I hate Summer Talks ‘ with 😀

  2. I feel your pain. I live in the oven that is Ahmedabad. I hate summers too. I have no idea what pleasure people get out of a weather where even walking out of your house for 5 minutes leaves you toast.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Lavanya, your comments are going into spam. Only just saw it (not sure how)

      1. Don’t know either.

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply

          some settings on your side maybe? Have a look! Does it happen with others too?

          1. I haven’t heard anyone complain but looks like it’s working fine now. You did get this message right??

          2. theextraaamile says:

            Yes! I got this one

  3. This is the exact feeling in Mumbai!!! hehehehe

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Hey! Been a looooonnngggg time! How have you been?

  4. What a breezy post. I hate summers too. Always been a winter person. 😀

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      you too? Hi5 matey!

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