The First Date!

We’d always remember our first ever date…
..the awkwardness
..the wanting to be prim-n-proper but miserably fail at it
..the fuzzy feeling
..the nervousness
..where normally the conversation starter would be “what would you like to have?”

..and yes I’m talking about the time, when going out on dates were still in fashion

It was Easter Sunday I remember. I drove to her place to pick her up.. the one time I actually appreciated the wind blowing against my face as the vehicle gained speed. I never like being late.
I remember seeing her mom and dad come out with her to meet me, though we’d met earlier too… nothing like a harder and longer look disguised in smiles and small talk. The thing with small talk is, it doesn’t really have direction.. and you never know when to stop, until of course some sort of signal is made, so everyone kinda gets the message. Girls are really good at that – ‘signals’

We were very comfortable in the car, we’d spoken a lot on calls, sms and orkut too (yes! we went all the way back)

You know how it is, when two people are really comfortable with each other.. and yet when it comes to saying the words…they just don’t come out

It was something like that… we spoke about how cool the weather was, she complimented me on how skillful my driving skills were, I told her she looked very pretty etc.

We stopped by a beach and decided to go for a walk on the sand. Now, who in the right mind walks on a beach with socks-n-shoes on? I was of the same opinion.. but sometimes  guys say things that we have no control of at that moment

“Awesome idea” I said.. with the sun setting in the background – it couldn’t have been a better script! Hands brushing against each other as we walked side by side.. not saying much.. but just enjoying each other’s company, the breeze and of course the setting sun. She seemed enchanted with the for me, I had her by my side – for once in my life, nothing else had mattered.
It was almost dusk.. and I was hungry. It wasn’t that we had walked too far too fast..

I asked.. as we sat down on a concrete slab.

“Let’s go for dinner? I’m hungry” I was honest

She smiled “but I didn’t tell home that we’ll be having dinner”

I liked when she addressed us as “we” (not so much what she said.. but how she said it)

We had not planned on dinner, that was true.. just a drive at max…but sometimes its always better calling parents on phone and mentioning that you’ll be home a little later than normal. Needless to say, I had to make that call to her house and ask for the extended-time permission. Having cool parents help, her’s were the coolest!
…with the standard last line that parents always give “don’t be too late”

We drove around, looking for a good restaurant…until we zeroed into one (it needed to be not too expensive, good ambiance n good food all the same) While dinner seemed to be the last thing on her mind, I happily ate what was ordered. She hardly ate.. nibbling on the little chicken fried rice that she put on her plate.. which was surprising, I thought the food was excellent! Time ticked by, she seemed to enjoy the little conversations we had, while we spoke in between the meal. We didn’t have much in common, which seemed to suit us both.. that way we had different things to talk about.

The drive back home was the best part. I’d never realized until that night, that I could drive with just one hand with the other hand wrapped around her…the car wobbled a bit initially but we got used to it. We took the longer route back to her house and by 9.30 or so we were parked outside her house – car lights switched off. We didn’t want to alert her nosy neighbors and the parents that we were back.

She kissed me on my cheek and said “I enjoyed today” we looked at each other and laughed, I hugged and kissed her left cheek “me too” I replied. We opened the gate and drove in.

The family was out, everyone was smiling.. not sure if it was all for the same reason.

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  1. This is actually cute!

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      First dates are always like that Riya..

      1. I don’t know yet xD

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply

          I do think dating is out of fashion now…but you could bring back the magic – Riya’s style!

  2. This is such a cute story!

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Thank you for reading..and yes this all did happen that day.

  3. That’s so cute buddy..
    First date is one strong memory that stays forever in our heart..

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Yes it does

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