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“Yeh andar ki baat hai”

It’s that time of the year to buy a new set of underwear, the current ones are on their way out.. general wear-n-tear. They don’t make underwear like they used to… any more! They tear way faster, that too…in places that stitching over-n-over DOES NOT really help! Yes! being Indian, we stitch things up.. n carry on.

Underwear shopping is always the least fun activity to do. I mean what do you really need to check for? One needs size and maybe choice of color. Most male underwear come in cotton, that rules out choice of fabric… and its not like they come in new designs – standard ‘RUPA’ ‘VIP’.. and now Jockeys (for the complete man) Other brands make you only feel only half the man, but nobody needs to know that, coz “Yeh andar ki baat hai”

How have I not made a friend Rupa till date is very strange!

I mean c’mon! To think of it.. for a guy, the name Rupa, will always be FIRST underwear, then friend… its just that we’re so attached (literally) to Rupa …. “The Underwear i.e.”

So, I am at the shop.. and there’s a female over the counter. She apparently is well versed in the ‘under the pants’ department, hence she’s there to listen to your inquiry.

Underwear? – I say one word.

She gives me a look, as if to ask me.. “You wear them?” I choose to ignore and await her next action/reaction/answer

Rupa? Vip? Jockeys? Boxers? ..and stops. I thought she was a little un-friendly for someone, who deals with cloth that covers up important human body parts.

I can clearly see boxes of Calvin Klein, Levis, Foxx stocked up behind her.. but she hasn’t given me those choices. It’s like she knows, I’ll settle in between the first 3. Pretty judgmental, I know ryt!?

Now buying male underwear can always be tricky.. does one decide what to buy based on price /or/ brand? The born economists that we all Indians are… we’ll throw money on a large pizza but think 5 times while buying underwear.

I make my choice and lay them out..

“How much?” I ask

“85 for the briefs, 220 for the boxers, 255 for Jockeys” She is clearly bored. I’ve spend longer time in the shop than the average customer.

I have chosen a variety of all types… I find myself calculating based on the my choice.
Too much! I mumble to myself. Since when did inner garments get so expensive!? I mean it isn’t even an accessory item.. so why?

The thing is… no matter how much I crib, I still need them. Its not like we can live without them – “stuff” has to be kept in place.

I need to choose the best of my best.. I narrow it down to 3, I’ll have to manage with them.. for the mean time

There’s something about underwear that makes men talk…. See! I’ve written quite a lot.. [probably only second to the topic Women]
I know for a fact that women’s underwear (or panties as they refer it to) are far more less expensive compared to their male counterparts.. maybe, just maybe.. it is high time.. to try on what’s on the other side of the fence… besides, isn’t the world becoming more of unisex by the day?

It isn’t rocket science that men have always been attracted & fascinated with women’s underwear – for reasons of:

  • They can be a super turn-on to look at or maybe have a feel of it
  • Being lighter, prettier and more aesthetically pleasing – it is a clear winner
  • There’s a thrill (for many) in wearing something taboo that nobody knows about – except for you.

..and Panties are sexy as hell. Just about everybody agrees with that!

Once upon a time – there was Male and Female, today we have a third gender. I don’t know what I’d have to live through to see what’s to come!

C’mon Life! Surprise me!


I normally put up little images of the concerned topic… for the visual effect. Didn’t think ‘this’ post needed one. Sometimes, images and imaginations are best restricted to the mind.


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