What’s your percentage?


Two scenario’s in India that have the ‘age’ factor that Indian people are obsessed about.

One of course is the exam PercentAGE‘, the other being MarriAGE.  The second of which I will write about some other time.

The SSC (Xth Standard) results were out in my state, Goa, yesterday – and as expected, everyone wanted to know the only one thing (the theme for the day)

“What percentage did he/she get?” That he/she may not even be related to you… but we just need to know right?


You know how there was a time, when parents happily gave peda’s just because their son/daughter passed – that of course no longer happens nowadays. It’s all about the percent number’ and with students these days – they are never happy with whatever they’ve achieved.. a 1st class is no long celebrated, a distinction holder wished he could have scored more… a second class isn’t heard of a lot these days.. and yet at each level the student feels they could have done better.

What’s this mad competition all about? Everybody wants more? …and yet more is still not enough.

I agree that the stakes to get into the best college are at an all time high nowadays, colleges are raising the bar in terms of who they want..above 70/75 percenters! All colleges want the cream – the best of the best!
But has anyone gone back to the school level and seen the kind of machines schools are churning out these days? Machines – not students. ‘Student’ is just a tag name.

Is bookish knowledge everything? How much will an equation in Maths help you resolve a mis-understanding with your boss at the workplace or a history lesson help you navigate your car through a deserted lane…?
Most things we learn in school are only for marks… based on that we grow in the education field – and become someone who we aspire to be someday. – hopefully!

Schools are churning out machines, colleges oil these machines further… and the product we have at the end of 5 years is a machine that knows what he needs to do .but unsure how to go about it

– and that my friend is the TRUTH!

I have met students, clueless as camels… and I talk from experience! I myself landed up in a job (my first) totally opposite to what I had imagined – A call center. I didn’t use much brain in the job, a little of language but that’s about all – but at that time, the money was good, hence the job made sense.

Aah! The good old days… when people actually rejoiced over a pass class result, it meant the student passed and didn’t fail. A Ist class and distinction were celebrated with pomp!

and now..

You call to wish and all you get in reply is a simple ‘thank you’.

We aren’t calling for a thank you (at least I don’t) a peda atleast?

Celebrate success! What are people running after marks and percentages? At best, it will get you into a reputed college.. the rest is all left to chance.

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  1. I’m so happy you wrote about this. This madness doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime in India. I personally know a classmate of mine who’s son committed suicide for the fear of what if he does not perform well in his 10th board exams. This kind of obsession exists only in India I think. No where in the works does this kind of madness exists. And not everyone needs to turn out be a engineer or a doctor! I feel so sad for the kids. I have 2 daughters myself and I will see to it that I don’t create such fear in their minds and just tell them to do and write what they know when they reach their age of board exams.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Suicide is not even an option! Killing oneself for the sake of pressure of exams is ridiculous! Bring the cambridge system of marking in India and see how students perform better.

      1. Agreed that suicide is never an option but just imagine the tremendous pressure that child was in. And sad that no one understood him. Parents are equally going mental when it comes to the boards. They fail to understand that every child is different.

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply

          That is true…i will always blame it on the education system. Pressure of performance!

          1. Yes and it’s high time this should end but God knows when!

  2. The way we have setup education system is what has led to this result oriented mindset ! Maybe if we let people choose what they wanted to do or the field they wanted to go, u would probably see a happy singer or a happy artist instead of an unhappy engineer who grunts at work everyday 😅

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Yes, absolutely!

  3. Absolutely true! Very well written, Savio. The education system is a cruel business now. From school to hours of private tuitions. It’s all useless in the end, for the things we learn can never be applied.

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