Women Drivers – aaaarrrrggghhhhhh!

This is an age old topic – but somehow the more people speak/write/discuss about it, the worse the situation gets! Now, don’t get me wrong – I am all for equality and stuff!
But seriously – driving? I mean… Why!?

I guess Women make better riders than drivers

We all would agree that driving on Indian roads is nothing short of a fight on a battle-field. Yes, there are traffic rules – but nobody follows them. Signals are learnt – only to pass the Test and acquire a licence. Lines on the roads are marked – but its more to show direction which way to go..

The Pressure..The Stress.. now why would women want to get into all that?

  1. Women drivers lead to traffic pile-ups – Further leading to the already chaos happening on a daily basis on the roads.. okay! maybe not always but more times than not. There’s something about the hand-eye-leg co-ordination that isn’t quick enough to maneuver effectively through traffic, leading to a TRAFFIC JAM.
  2. The opposite of Quick is SLOW. Women are generally very correct and disciplined drivers – India on the other hand works on the opposite principal. A driver in India needs to swerve through the road in full speed…overtake another vehicle whichever side one can find space and get moving.

Can we fault a woman from following lane discipline? (not sure if people actually follow the concept of lanes in India) Apparently we can. A driver who drives by the rules – is a bane.

  • Then there’s CONFUSION!
    Should I turn left or right? The decisions are endless…
    When one is confused “always go straight” how difficult is that?

Women are great at many things, at so many different levels – however driving isn’t one of their strongest skills. Riding – that’s more like a woman thing I suppose… they look so pretty on a bike and moreover a bike is so much easier to move around in traffic without causing much chaos.. I mean how much space does a bike take on a road? You reach faster, navigate better and its much more fun

MAN HONKINGWhen it comes to driving in India, there is only one rule – that there is no rule.

Well …and then there are animals, after all they have rights too!

However we all know what to do when we’re stuck on the road, – something we are very good at….. HONKING!

Whatever we (the male folk) think of Women’s presence on driving on Indian roads…. the fact remains that the female population driving nowadays is only increasing

Now if that’s good news or not! I’m not really sure!

BIGGER cars, YOUNGER drivers, LESS patience, CROWDED roads and a DESTINATION to reach. Its madness and chaos on the Indian road.

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  1. hey come on now….ladies are not so bad…in fact in another ten years from now you will see more women on the roads than men….mark my words ok…they are excelling in all fields so why not driving too!!!?

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Yes..like I said at the end..not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing😅

  2. I’ve been driving for more than 8 years now, and all I have noticed is the visible ego of men who find it annoying when a woman drives better than them, or overtakes them.

    Sadly, I disagree with everything you’ve said. Just as certain women are bad at driving, there are men who are terrible drivers as well. I’ve seen too many of them, but nobody insults them. Real sad.

    Our Indian mentality makes us say stuff like this because we have heard it since we were kids – “Oh this car is going so slow. Must be a woman driver.”
    I certainly don’t see women drivers being ridiculed abroad.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Ellen, it’s an Indian thing. Women can certainly improve their driving skills…its just that they don’t concentrate too much on it.
      Don’t take it personally dear, it’s just one of those things…I’m sure you’re an excellent driver…and I’d like to sit besides you someday in the front…I’ll be quiet-I promise 😉😇😂😂

      1. Actually it’s the Indian male ego. They don’t let women drive in peace, they always criticize.
        Example – my friend went for driving class a few years ago and a week after that started practicing on the road. Her car unfortunately stopped in the middle of the signal because she let go of the clutch too soon (which happens to all beginners, men and women alike). All the cars started honking and an old man in the next car told his wife – “I told you it was a woman driver. They can’t drive for nuts.” He made sure that he said it real loud, so that my friend could hear. Her confidence got completely shattered after that.

        If it was a boy who was driving, that old man would never have said that. See my point?

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply

          Men aren’t spared either…people are just in an eternal rush..yes women get most of the taunts but the males are not too far behind.
          I can totally understand what your friend must have felt hearing that…
          …n are old men still driving cars, they should be going for walks to keep fit 😂😂

          1. Let’s blame the Ministry of Road Transport then, not women drivers. 😝😂

            And yes, sadly old men have their ego intact till they die. 😂

  3. Hey Savio, while I agree with you on certain aspects of the chaotic traffic rules, I totally disagree that women drivers are arrgghhhh….. Have you seen the cab drivers drive? They are totally insane. I have been driving since many many years and have been a witness to some crazy driving by men too. Its absolutely unfair to point fingers only at women. In fact I would say that women drivers get some sanity to the chaotic traffic on our roads.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      ..that’s an interesting take ‘women drivers bringing sanity to traffic ‘…not sure how but well, not all are bad..some have some exemplary driving skills..while others are well….🤦‍♂️ goes with men too. We’re one of the better drivers surely😁

  4. Being a feminist, the title made me little sick. I came to read this post just to fire you at the end but after reading the full post, I am thinking you are not completely wrong. However, exceptions exist.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Phew! That was a close call….

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