Harsh Reality

I don’t want to think about it.. but the thing is.. I can see it happening right in front of my very eyes and for every time I begin to wonder –

What would life be in 10-15 years down the line? – I can come up with no correct answer!

But the thought of ‘I’d like to have my parents around then too, they’d probably know better – they always do, don’t they!?


When movements around the house get slower, ..lunch and dinner meals reduce to a handful ..things need to be repeated because memory power is weak.. wrinkles that are more noticeable with every passing day – proves only one thing: Old Age is for real and that we are Mortal

“Growing old must suck” – some of them would say!

As children we have always seen our parents as these invincible adults. We see our dads as these big strong men who work hard, protect us, and look after our wants. We see our moms as our caretakers who are always there to make sure our every need is attended to and that we always know we are loved.

When I look at my dad today – Yes, the years gone by have worn him out slowly but surely.. he’s grown older.. still has the Fight in him, his never give up attitude, his thirst for knowledge, his sweet smile and his ever so accommodating nature – still has so much more to offer to his family in terms of knowledge, support and goodies. My mom, a cute little version of her heyday – fragile yet unbreakable, a gradual slow-down… a pause here-n-there but in no way finished
Both of them, very much in the twilight of their personal lives (I pray that there’s a lot of gas still left in them to continue) – and yet continue to be pillars of strength.

Sometimes, I sit to wonder – What did I do to deserve such wonderful parents?

All I can say is that God’s been kind

No matter where we go or what we do in life, there will always be one constant obligation: going home, going home to ‘mom – n – dad and while the perception of how we see our parents change as we grow older, it doesn’t mean that we love them any less
..and sometimes – yes! there will be times we would need to be “their” parents.

For after all we are all flawed, life will continue to throw up new challenges, teaching us new lessons along the way. It takes 2 people we call our parents to guide us and show us the way ahead…but it takes the family together to move forward
Cheers to mine! Overcoming fights, arguments… and the odd misunderstanding, at the end of the day, we stand as ONE

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