“Good News”

What was the first thing that came to your mind when you read the title ‘Good News’?

..for those of you who know me personally or as a close friend, the first thought would be of me ‘getting married’ – coz that’s the kind of news people who are close to me want to hear – me getting married.

If it was a random blogger visiting my blog, the good news could mean a ‘1000 followers’ or something BLOG related. I guess place & situation plays a part too of where the news is announced.
I could be promoted in my company to Manager or I could be traveling abroad or even have bought a new car, passed a competitive exam – all of which also qualify as good news – but NO.

Don’t even talk about Women. The simple two words ‘Good News’ could mean absolutely anything. The possibilities are endless…

So basically ‘good news’ is news that people expect to hear from you, as they judge you as per that one quality that you lack in your life or if I have to put it in a milder way – it is the thing that they expect of you as your next immediate step in life that will add more value to their lives if that particular blank space is filled with xyz.

Pay attention!

We can learn a lot from people of what they think of us.. by just paying attention to the little things.

Likewise with Good news, is the other side of the spectrum – Sad News.

To cite an example, yesterday one of my dad’s colleagues husband expired, so as the message has to reach the masses a.s.a.p – I overheard him talking to a friend of his on his mobile phone, who was also known to the deceased person. He begins his conversation like this;

“I have some sad news for you…..”

If I were to receive a call with a beginning like that, it would totally freak me out…because it said “for you”… and that means, whatever is the news, it is directly connected to me.

Now if you look at the above sentence, how can one presume it is sad news for that person as it is to the person telling it to you? I admit death is sad news… but was the ‘for you’ necessary? Yes, I understand people don’t pay attention to words, but the message as a whole – but did you notice there is so much of a difference, with a totally different meaning.

Why not take out the ‘good’, ‘bad’ and ‘sad’ words from news.

News is News! Why don’t we let people decide how the news makes them feel and attach the appropriate emotion to it? Makes sense?

I am a words person, and I understand just not the words spoken but the meaning behind it as well. So unless you want to tell me something that I need to understand, process and give you a feedback – you can be pretty much straightforward with me.

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  1. Oh yes, a justified post coming from English language coach 😜

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Coach nahi…Aditi 😊 ..but thanks for reading

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