The ‘Single’ status

Sometimes I think of me and you
and every now and then..

I think we’d never make it through

we’d go thru some crazy times
and every time I’d wonder if I’d be losing you

Oh my friend
you give me a reason to keep me believing;
that we’ll always be together this way
and you know…you give me a reason to stay every time
even through the longest time.. the feeling still survives


I’m never gonna get married! Like seriously! Ever! 

I do hope I can prove myself wrong for once though…

I am sooooo single, that even I’ve started to believe that I am my best company. No offense, I do make good company – but for a lifetime? I think that’s asking too much from myself, I do need a break from myself sometimes. So where does all this point to…? I need to find someone – its simple!

As of this PRESENT DAY – Is who I have and what I have in my life enough? 

I am 37 years, 5 months and 164 days old to this day

And part of me – is moving on auto-play

There are people getting married left, right & center.. all around me. I attend some of these weddings, and with every wedding I attend, I am to believe more that marriages are more about the 1 day where the world gets to see you change status from ‘Single’ to ‘Married’, the rest is all left to chance.  

By no means am I not aware that I am Single. Even if I forget it, there are always people to remind me.

I am happy within myself, I have never believed that another person can ever make me happier that I already am. Yes, it is always good to call someone your very own.. but it would take a whole lot of convincing that there is ever going to be a ‘live happy ever after’ with THE ONE. 

I also know the above thinking, will get me no where.. at least no further than to my work place and back home. Isn’t this how the Millennial think?

– I am good enough by myself, why do I need someone to complete me? I earn, I spend and that keeps me happy.

I’m so confused! There are times that I believe being single can be the best thing in life.. and yet there are times when I think damn! Being single sucks! I wish I had someone.. an all exclusively mine.

5 Replies to “The ‘Single’ status”

  1. I believe you have to be happy for yourself before you can be anyone else’s happy! Great to be introduced to your blog. Thank you for visiting my page, too.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Yes, agree. Thanks for the visit back.
      Have a wonderful day ahead

  2. My friend, are u really the same friend of mine who is always sure about what he wants? See, keep it simple dude, marriage is not a necessity but do not rule out the idea completely. You never know when that angel will arrive in front of you and you’d feel she is the one… but if u remain in current confused state of mind then u will never be able to recognize that angel even if she is dancing in front of you. Enjoy life dude, go with the flow. Best is yet to come!

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      😂🤣😅 most probably I won’t recognize her😜😜

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