Tying the ‘Knot’ – I


It is a familiar setting, a fairly large table in front of me and if I can say, a totally disproportionate size of chair considering the magnitude of table in front of me. It was neither centrally aligned nor towards one side, it was well… let say I could never get to move the chair. I never quite understood why my chair was bolted to the floor.

A smile on my face with appropriate men’s cologne was mandatory at work. I apparently needed to smell my best, and that did not involve the natural scent that we are all blessed with. I was to be the most cheerful person in my office. What I otherwise am, is nothing what I pose to be, and is a totally different story. The perk of doing what I do is that – I get my own space to work with and I work alone in my department. The A/c works all the time and my surroundings have flowers. I’ve never liked flowers around me, but the boss says flowers seem to work their magic on woman. There are times I feel I am doing a woman’s job, but then again my boss thinks otherwise, so I put my best foot forward.

I am the ‘marriage consultant’ at ‘Tying the Knot’; people consult me on who I think they would like to choose as an ideal choice of partner in marriage. I’ve never felt so important in my life before. With tons of photographs in specially designed albums kept on display on the table and their life stories in their corresponding files, I am to make people fall in love or at least try! In the few of the hundred’s I’ve managed to bring together, I’d like to say I’ve done a pretty decent job so far, and considering I’m still doing the job that I do, it means the BOSS is happy the way things have been going.

The company I work for goes by the name of ‘Tying the Knot’, the surprising fact being that I know nothing about ‘the knot’ besides the ones I learnt in my scouting days back in school, not that I was ever good at that either. That said, I have always been an advocate of true love, though I hadn’t found it myself till date.

Until the day, I met Eden of course. What in the right mind would a pretty 27 year old girl want to come to my office to find herself a groom, when she had a line of boys who crushed on her in school. I did think she’d be happily married by now.

Eden was my school mate, actually more than my school mate, she was my bench mate. I studied in a co-ed school, not many get a chance to – I was one of the few lucky ones. Eden Martini – that was her name. I would forget my own name from time to time, but not Eden’s. And besides, wasn’t that the name of the garden that life actually began in? It was the wish of every single boy in our class and school to be friends with her, and here I was, who sat next to her on the same bench and all we did was exchange a smile in the morning and a bye at the final bell, we studied in-between.

But that was back in school and I was a slow learner. I was just the bench mate and everyone around me wanted to be in my position – I never understood why.

Until she sat opposite me 12 years later



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  1. Awesome start to a series, unless I’m mistaken about the series. When is the next part coming out?

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Hellooooo! So nice to see you here. What has the mommy been busy with? The next part is up. Always loved writing fiction, Pradita.

      1. Hi…glad to know that it is up now. Eager to read it. Really liked the first part. I’ve been busy being mommy. How have you been?

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply

          I thought so…just glad to hear from you, Pradita. They don’t make bloggers like u anymore…we’re a rare breed 😄😄

          1. Correction, they dont make bloggers like us anymore 😉. Always a pleasure to hear from you 😊

          2. theextraaamile says:

            Oh yes! Thanks for the correction there 😜

          3. Pleasure. BTW, I read both the parts of the story on your blog; left comments too but for some reason my comments didn’t get published. Did you read any comments from me today?

          4. theextraaamile says:

            Oh yes! I read all of them..lemme check and see if they’ve gone to spam

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  3. I love the story actually. It’s fiction right? It is a very nice job, trying to make people fall in love. I can’t wait to read what happens next

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Yes ofcourse Ramyani…it is fiction. I’d probably explore a job like that if I come across one, sound fun😂🤣 thanks for the appreciation dear.

      1. That job must be so much fun. I think observing people and analysing them can be really amazing😂 Good luck with you story 🙂

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply

          Yes..nothing like it. Sometimes I’d just sit on a bench at a railway station platform and watch people…people do strange things…which if they later think about..are really silly. I love observing people…stations and airports are my favorites…other places normally people are very conscious about making trigger movements…😂🤣😅

          1. Yes. I love it. Being an introvert, I get a lot of time watching people and I usually make my own theories 😂

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