Tying the ‘Knot’ – II

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Somewhere in the middle of the sky..

We are on the return flight back from Delhi to Mumbai, my cousin had married the love of her life, that too only after a year of dating. Sara and I were of the same age and I was truly happy to share her big day with her, she looked simply stunning standing next to Victor and not to mention – very much in love.

You know the fuzzy feeling you get at weddings? Yup I had that, if only I wasn’t so single. So much for finding eligible guys at a wedding, I couldn’t spot even one.

The thing with weddings is not so much the entertainment, of course I did have a lot of fun over the past week or so, but it was what was to follow, something that I wasn’t too keen looking forward to – ‘the post-marriage drama’ especially if you’re still single. I was a little too single for my mother; by this time she had expected to be playing with her grand-children.

I had expected the ‘after-attending-marriage-drama’ to begin soon after reaching home, but least of all did I expect it to begin on the flight itself.

“you must think of settling down now” Sara too is married.

“Like seriously mom!? We are in the middle of clouds and this is what you’re thinking about – my marriage? Why don’t I just elope with the pilot after touchdown?”

“Do you like someone? You can tell us. We’d like to meet him”

“Mom, how about we finish this conversation at home?” She surprisingly seemed okay with that. At least for now, I had bought a few hours of peace

After the rather very long discussion at home about me finding the right guy (mom promptly brought up the topic at home) the ‘settling down’, ‘you need to start looking out’ & ‘if you don’t.. then we will look out for you’ talk at home. I managed to convince my parents that – in the next 6 months, if I don’t fall in love or find someone suitable for myself – they could go ahead and fix my marriage.

At the back of my mind, I knew that would never happen – because in exactly 6 months from today, I would either have a boyfriend or an offer letter ready in my inbox for my joining date at a fashion house in New York city, a confirmation I received just a couple of days back.

The Marriage Bureau

There’s never quite the right way to say it… the fact that you’ve come to a marriage bureau, it states the obvious… But then I needed to admit it – I was here to find myself a groom. “This had to be my lowest point”

“Hi, I am Eden, I had called you a little earlier”

“Yes! Miss Mar- tiii- nii”

“It’s Martins actually; a simple error on the records”

“Sorry, Ms. Martins – our Marriage consultant will be with you in a minute”

“Cool… can’t wait. Wow!”

It wasn’t every day I had 20’s something coming to the office to find life partners for themselves, this was a refreshing change to the otherwise – more mature and run-out-of-luck-and-last-option people coming in.

“Your client is here” gestured Alexis through the glass.

The thing with working at ‘Tying the Knot’ was, though the USP of the company thrived on the emotion LOVE, the way matters were handled within the office were very professional and with every client came a different challenge.

Another thing you should know is, we have glass doors in the office, like everywhere. Every door is a glass door – the boss thinks it goes well with the image of ‘being transparent’ – besides it helps keep everyone on their toes; no one gets to snooze off.

I’ve always made it a point to practice my walk, it helps with the image and also my otherwise very dicey back.

There was my client – Number 224, sitting on the plush red sofa backing me. She looked too young to get married was my initial opinion, at least she seemed that way from the behind. Don’t ask me how I know, I just do – it comes with the experience of handling so many women inquiries.

I swear, she didn’t look a trace over sweet 16.


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  1. I think this is going to be an amazingly sweet story. It made me smile. When is the next part coming out? It is really good😃❤️

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Your comments are sweeter…it isnt a very long story. I tend to write short ones…the last part will happen tomorrow 😁
      ..n thanks again🤗

      1. Even I tend to write short ones. I will be waiting for the last part. Can’t wait to see what happens 😃❤️

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply

          Having been brought up in India…Ramyani…we suck at love stories don’t we? We all know what’s gonna happen…but we still wanna read it…and smile…and then remember a memory attached to it…get emotional…and then…MOVE ON 😂😂😂 to the next story
          The simple joy’s of writing I tell you..living different lives of various characters…

          1. Exactly. Writing is beautiful and even reading because we get to see the bigger world and live so many lives till we die. I remember a quote “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies” George R.R Martin. I know love stories are one of the top choices but I don’t usually read Indian love stories meaning Indian writers ☺️

          2. theextraaamile says:

            I need to do that more

  2. Very interesting! Can’t wait for the other part. 😀

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Thankyou, I linked the first part of the story onto the second-part post. Just 3 parts…actually..not a very long story😄

  3. Sweet beginning, Savio. When I opened this post, and went to part-1, I’d expected this to be a two-parter. This is a series, I now know.
    The characters are sweet and nice so far, and the excitement is building up. All the best for the next parts.

    Just one thing. It is difficult to differentiate between the parts that are narrated by Eden and those by you, the hero. 😉


    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      The last part – yes! I myself need to learn a few more things on how to write better. Looks like ‘short stories’ are the way to get my old followers back… first Pradita, now you…
      I’ve really lost touch of writing stories, but must get back to it now. Thanks buddy

      1. Cheers man!
        As for the readership, I can tell you that in my case it might not be your fault, as I’ve been away from WP for quite some time, and still haven’t got back to reading much. It was Pradita’s tweet about the first part which piqued my interest today, so credit to her. 🙂

  4. I can see where this story is going but I’m going to tamp down on my curiosity and just read the next part now.

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