You make me ‘HOT’

red n green mirchi

When Life throws you ingredients.. what do you do?

You simply cook up a dish…

4 members of the family, each of them representing an ingredient in them-self


He called himselfthe Chilly

Known to be feisty in taste but adds the zing to an otherwise ordinary meal.. we can all do with a Chillin our lives. So if you find yourself as ‘the Chilly‘ in your family, be proud of yourself, you’re doing an excellent job, you’re keeping everyone on their toes.

While the debate will continue, which one – the green or the red? Red chillies are nothing but aged green chillies.  Loaded with essential minerals and vitamins, chillies are a must-have addition in our day-to-day diet and so also in life. Imagine having all sugar-n-spice and everything nice around – that’s gotta be sickening, we all need the right balance in our life and the Chillprovides just that.

Though personally the chilly bursts my insides on instant consumption, with rashes, allergies and all sorts of stuff showing up on my skin – it isn’t an ideal option for me.. hence I’ve decided why not be the chilly myself?

Also known as hari mirch, finger chillies or simply mirchi, we are the life and soul of a hearty Indian meal. In life too, we aren’t necessarily required but we’re just found everywhere and life does seem incomplete without us


Life as a chilly is pretty good, I must say. Plenty of friends to hang around with and we’re comfortable here in the a/c (fridge) almost all the time. I’m more of a homely person. Life goes at a slower pace in Goa than some of the other places my friends have traveled to – they say. I’m free to hang out and chat all day with my mirchi

But there’s one thing that disturbs me – People are a bit afraid to talk about it I think, not sure why!? Even as I speak to you now, I am being parceled up to be taken somewhere. My friends Sandy and Ashwini moved to the side of the pile and did not picked (they are the shy kinds)

I’ll have to be honest with you, we’re a hot bunch of friends. I like being called HOT, it makes me feel special – irrespective of color or size.

I hope to make someone very happy soon, after all that is my purpose of life. Who knows, I may find myself in your stomach for your lunch today.

And if you see Sandy and Ashwini, tell them I missed them.. we could have made an excellent meal together.

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