On No! Not another HEARTBREAK!

123The morning after:

New Zealand have taught us so many things in the final, but the most important lesson they taught us – how to be graceful in defeat and in crunch situations. I shudder to think what would have happened if it was any other team when that unfortunate overthrow took place in the last over which completely changed the outcome of the game.

Kane Williamson showed why he is the best leader in the world of cricket today.

Well done Kane.

..not again. New Zealand – not AGAIN!

How could God be this cruel?

I know it is just a game of Cricket, but seriously – which team wins on the maximum count of boundaries in the match – that’s simply ridiculous. What the FUCK ICC!
If the scores are level – its a TIE, it’s as simple as that.

Yes, It was very disappointing to see India lose the semis against New Zealand, but then Team India had their own issues coming into the world cup (top heavy, unsettled middle order and an ageing finisher) and an all round New Zealand got the better of India. The Final however, the result of which is absolutely devastating to a Cricket fan, let alone a New Zealand fan or admirers of the team.

What can one expect from the arrogant English, it took a guy from Barbados to help them win a major tournament (..that too England won by maximum boundary count)

“The day England can win a World Cup with ‘English’ players, is the day they can boast and call themselves World Champions..and not with immigrants from other countries”
The English are a fuckin’ disgrace!

Of all the discussions that happened pre – n -during the World Cup, it came down to the 612th ball to decide on who should lift the trophy. In my opinion that shouldn’t have happened. One can understand the T20 WC having a super over – but a 50 overs game being decided by a super over? Totally not done! .. and worse still the Suoper Over going into a Tie and being decided on number of boundaries hit by both teams.

Why not play “book cricket” and declare a winner in that case? Easier! 

To conclude, It just makes me sick to see a World Cup final winner decided on number of boundaries. Well played New Zealand.
Screw you bloody English farts!




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  1. Same feeling. New Zealand deserved to win.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      New Zealand are the true ambassadors of the sport. The class they show even after a heart wrenching loss…admirable! Hats off..to the best.
      If it was India instead of NZ…oh boy! I can only imagine the chaos

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