..the impending downfall

Everybody needs a little time away
I heard her say
from each other
even lovers need a holiday
far away from each other


The unsuspecting husband
The vulnerable wife
The friendly neighbor
…feelings floating all around

It was the perfect SIN. What started as the friendly neighbor turned into pretty little dates, over cups of coffee and bowls of soup (especially during the winters) one was never quite enough. They even won the couple of the year for the most ‘frequented customer’ at the little restaurant, not too far away from the city.8989
Did I just say couple? Yes, in a way they were, at least it looked that way.

The thing with husbands –

..sometimes being the husband gets you caught in catch 22 situations – you want to confront the wife but at the same time you don’t want to be too over-possessive and would want to give her – her space.
It wasn’t that she was being unfaithful to him or anything, she did marry him for good times and bad – this certainly wasn’t one of those very good times. They needed to weather the storm TOGETHER
They had different ways in tackling it.
If being married to him wasn’t enough reason for him to trust her, she didn’t know what else she could do
She didn’t find the need to explain

Most of ‘today marriages’ explained

Boy & Girl fall in Love
Love grows, marriage happens
Life happens when you’re busy making plans


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