The ‘other side’

The other side color

The fascination behind the alter ego is in its secrecy, almost like a second identity – a different person but in the same body, a second self’ if you may refer to it that way. My other half

While others are going about finding their better halves, I’m perfecting my other half…making myself more awesome! 😉😉

For the people who know me, I come across as having a very vanilla personality, going about doing my own thing. Non interfering, non judgmental and a whole lot of ‘the Mr Nice Guy’ qualities. To give you a graphical representation of what I see myself as or as how people see me is… 😂

An Indian Coconut Chutney Sandwich 


When a character lives more than one life, having a secret identity or taking on more than one personality, that alternate personality is their alter ego

Imagine being someone like that – Super awesome! Of course I’m not referring to some Mr India invisible types helping the poor, or a superhero flying in the air fighting crime or anything …something more up my ally

Charming, charismatic and caddish. A selfish pleasure-seeker, and probably not a guy you’d want dating your sister or daughter. But somehow everything’s just more fun when he is around (suited up of course.. coz its super sexy and super awesome!) 

-borrowed from a character I love seeing been played on the small screen

More like an alternative ego I would like to have (a total opposite to what I am and more) Its not that I ain’t charming otherwise (may be in a more friendly sexless way) 😜 and considering not too many people read this blog and the chances of meeting the ones who do are next to impossible, my secret is safe here.

Surely everyone would want to have an alter ego if given an option.Burger

What are you like on the other side?

What are you waiting for? Do the upgrade from a chutney sandwich to a —- >>

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