Telephone conversations! anyone. At anytime. For any reason

Phone Calls, Texts Or Email?

In the order of personal preference, I’d say
1. Text
2. Email
3. Phone Calls

Talking on phone nowadays just isn’t cool anymore… I’ll explain

For 1. People don’t have long messages to share with one another (which otherwise can also be texted)

2. The so called millennial doesn’t have time for small talk. That can happen at social events 

~ Phones aren’t used to make phone calls anymore ~

3. This generation has grown up with the gradual introduction of instant messaging, texting, email, and other forms of written communication. Hence, talking seems like the longer and boring option (Unless of course you have nothing else better to do with your time)

4. Writing provides us the ability to think over our words, they’re more comfortable and precise communication forms (textual or via email)

1I am a 90’s product (born in the 80’s and actually *lived the life* in the 90’s) A landline was then, the coolest gadget in the house to communicate with friends, family and others.. the thing is, back then we also had lots to talk about. We felt talking was really cool because no one would judge us on what we said and sharing one’s life with another seemed like a connection of sorts. We actually ‘felt’ for others (good & bad times)

Times change of course – its been a little more than 10 years now, the swap has been made – talking to now messaging. Needless to say mobile phones have become a ‘body piece’ to everybody. The phone may be right there next to you..but you could care less to pick it up (lest it be some telemarketer or worse still a friend who wants to pull you out for an outing) Phones have become smart (they are called smartphones for a reason right?) You can do various things on a smart phone.

What initially life brought to an individual, now a phone does.. albeit in the virtual world.

* Play games
* Talking to people (instant messages) over visiting them
* Ordering food (home delivery) than spending time eating out
* Online shopping v/s exercising those legs to go to the shop to purchase goods
* Chat rooms (some anonymous) v/s making friends in the real world

In a way, young people can still see the value of a phone call, perhaps understand it as something serious and significant, but to be used in specific contexts (I would include *Emergencies* in that list) There are only a certain few people I’d actually like to talk to, for everyone else they’ll have to make do with a message.

That said, people really need to work on their communication skills or should I say telephone speaking skills. You can’t call a person not having something to talk about.. and then use fillers like “what else?” or have awkward silence between sentences.
I used to remember when I was younger and had to make a call to someone I didn’t know personally or a distant aunt/uncle, I would actually jot down points (bullet form) and keep it in front of me as I spoke and checked the list of one-by-one. That way at least there wasn’t a break in communication.2

Why would you make a call to someone if you didn’t have anything important to say? Making a call is not that efficient, and it will keep getting less and less efficient in the next few years.

Probably some would say, the inception of Whatsapp. Facebook messenger or snap-chat has screwed it up for communication, but if there’s a way to communicate with people without having to talk, I’d say it is still an option worth investing in.

It is Getting the work done v/s Lengthy discussion – as simple as that.

Talking on the phone in India of course is a whole different experience. It is more like a “gossip tool” to talk, discuss or even condemn a third party.

Homework: Call up a friend of yours tonight, engage in a conversation – see how long it lasts before it starts to fade out. Record the time and let me know. My guess is not more than 12 minutes max, 5 minutes minimum.

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