Snifty Pens – ‘arrival’

…and it has finally arrived!
My own set of Snifty Pens, send with kind regards from Rory all the way from the USA. The little story about the pens can be found HERE


What’s special about these Pens? Well.. they’re scented, isn’t that pretty special? The scents of which include strawberry, vanilla cupcake, chocolate chip cookie, coffee & tropical fruit punch.

..and the way Rory puts it, “The scent lives longer than the ink”
I can actually smell them for myself, the scent is indeed strong! My mum’s already made her pick from the lot – strawberry it is. That leaves me with 4.

I believe as a kid, we had scented pens in India too – for some strange reason they stopped production of it. So it does feel good..

…and besides what’s better than a pen that writes well, looks good and has scent too? We’re always looking for extra…aren’t we?

Now all I need is to find something to write..

Thanks to Rory once again!

that’s my parcel..RECEIVED with thanks!



5 Replies to “Snifty Pens – ‘arrival’”

  1. I remember scented pens. I used to love them. These pens are cute, send one for me

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Sure Aditi. WhatsApp me your address n I’ll send it to you 😜

  2. Lovely, but I always want to eat them!

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      I’m sure they aren’t edible…😁

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