“Marriage” A sense-less decision?

Before you all jump on me based on the choice of topic I chose to write on – read me out! I know why I am writing this.. and yes, it is a life altering decision, but are people (read as men) READY to take that BIG decision? Like seriously?

Women dream about their wedding day from childhood on.. however, the same can’t be said about Men. All they need is a suit, shoes to match and well combed hair and they’re ready. How will they ever then – be ready for what is the biggest DAY in their life (or is it?) or just a day to be done with?

For those on the other side of the fence, my hats off to you! (if you can last the distance that is…)

Marriage made a lot of sense “once upon a time”, it doesn’t anymore. People come together in Union for different reasons – and ‘Love‘ seems like one of the last of those reasons. In a materialistic world, where worldly possessions are more important than people.

  • Sex over Emotion
  • Land property over Space in one’s heart
  • Filling Instagram with pictures over making memories

Welcome to the ‘Millennial Marriage’

We’ve come a long way. The women of today have equal rights and roles in the workplace, they do not need financial security anymore. While people might still be interested in reproduction, is marriage needed for that? I guess in a way marriage does makes sense with kids or a plan around having them

..and then of course comes curious case of ‘the Husband’. A girl isn’t just marrying a boy who is clueless about marriage (besides basic knowledge of sex), but if I have to put it brutally honest – a well trained mama’s boy now on the loose.
If you ask me, that’s a “Shit” deal. That’s a lot of un-training and re-training to do.

If you’re confused if this post is written by a male or a female. May I make it clear that I am a MAN and yes! I am writing this.

So why suddenly the married-man bashing?

..and that too from someone who is as single as can be? Trust me, being on the other side helps. We have our sources, most of them voluntary. A Man’s job is no longer to provide for the family, the woman can do that too… and they’ll probably be better at it.
So married men, save your woman the tears, heartbreak and whatever else you are good at… they deserve better. Consider yourself lucky that they’ve even chosen you in the first place!

Every post I write has a reason behind it. I received disturbing news earlier today and it just makes me think… “Why join together when you want to pull apart?” Is it just another toy to play with?


Marriages are no longer made in Heaven..as I once heard a toast masters claim at a wedding

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  1. Thanks for being brutally honest

    1. My pleasure!

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