“Don’t Worry” What is that?

..and my instant reply is

“I am not worried”

And I’m not just saying it to make myself feel better, I am really not worried. I don’t play theworry thingy’ very well. A whole lot of stuff may not be going my way, but there is a different kind of calm that I go through at the worst of times.

If things are not going your way, they’re not.. its as simple as that, it’ll pass and life will get better eventually.

There’s a saying “If you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.”

Why would someone tell me not to worry?56

Why would you say something like that to me? Do I EVER look worried? I agree, I am not very expressive when it comes to my feelings and not many can read through my facial expressions (but for obvious ones like boredom or anger) There are extensive periods I do like to withdraw and don’t feel like talking too much – my silence to some people is taken as a sign of worry.

Really! Oh C’mon, get a life! I live my life on my terms and not on how people make me feel. I am least affected by what people say to me.

I am a very realistic person. I don’t live in a fantasy world. I do not use words like “I wish” or “If only” – I am more like – I will, I won’t, I can or it cannot be donewhy dwell into the unknown?
I know I’m dangerously close to bordering between being tolerated and called arrogant. A few people actually care to see beyond all that and want to know the real person. For me, those few people are ENOUGH. For the rest, take a HIKE!

That said, along with not worrying too much, I also do not find myself too unhappy with things around me. I keep very low expectations of what life has to offer or for that matter what people have to offer in terms of relationships, friendships or Love for that matter. So when somebody goes out of the way to do something for me (while it may be an everyday thing to do for them) I find that extra-ordinary and it surprises me, at times I’d even doubt their good intentions.

It doesn’t take much effort to make me happy-no frills, no fancy. Be simple, Be genuineyou will win my heart over and leave your ego a mile before you approach me, I can smell it and I can tell you it stinks!

but yes! I don’t really worry too much (you need not worry too) of how my life is panning out, I can definitely do much better but I’m far from done. As I always tell myself, I am work in Progress.

Does this qualify as a RANT? The heart does feel much lighter.


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