..telephone woes

How to join two cable  - BSNL style
Joining 2 cablesBSNL ishtyle!

This is also known as ‘a joint’ 

…and BSNL’s tagline is ‘Connecting India’ 

If you’re in India, BSNL is a household name (the service provider for the age-old landline and now broadband-internet of course)

“Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited” We all love to hate.. and yet, we all want to hold on to it for some strange reason!

My dad’s argument is

“..but everybody knows the landline number, so it stays – as simple as that”

The Broadband is of course the only reason why (if not half of India’s population) is still holding on to the BSNL home landline. Complaining being the national past-time of the country, BSNL provides its citizens – with a reason to come together for a common cause – BSNL’s Telephone Service. What did I say about the company’s tagline? ‘Connecting India’ 

Patience is a virtue every Indian is supposed to possess from birth, for we all know.. getting work done in this BLESSED country happen at snail’s pace, more so if it is attached to the government, there’s no saying when service will be given.
No offense to the Indian government employees reading this, I mean c’mon! – you’ve got to side with me too, its plain #FACT. However, I would say of late, things might have improved a ‘wee bit’ – at least now government officials are willing to go one step more to ‘listen to’ and ‘attempt to help’ the consumer. Replacing the oldies (retirement) with young staff have helped to a great extent.

The past few weeks have been nightmarish as a BSNL service consumer. For one, the landline went dead (I wouldn’t haven’t minded much if it was only that) but along with that – the broadband went dead too. Now that put us all (as a family) in a pickle. While LOVE brings the family together, so does the WiFi Image result for wifi signals and so the past few weeks went into several visits to the telephone exchange and calls to the area linesman, who for some reason is suddenly the busiest man to track down.
A total of 8 visits to the telephone exchange (3 times dad, 4 times myself and once mum) did our BSNL landline finally come back to life and the little flickering green light on the modem that brought happiness back into the household.

What did I learn from the past few weeks?

1. Cultivating other habits other than the internet is essential
2. All the math you learnt in school is helpful (in times like these) in calculating how many megabytes are left with the mobile data pack
3. Get to know your phone better. Mobile phones have other features other than Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. 
4. More time to interact with family/alone time (whichever floats your boat)

I have a Jio backup, so it wasn’t that I was totally cut out from the world. (I could still manage to play Ludo on my smart phone and little else) #BeingSmart

Image result for bsnl connecting india logoAfter all the running around, it came down to the telephone wire being replaced. which apparently had joints all over and hence the problem of connectivity and loss of connection.

A new wire, a new lease of life for a dying service.. and back to doing things we do best – ignoring the people around us..making connections all around the world. 

Oh! and yes I forgot to mention, the BSNL girl (there are always girls in my stories) I might have got her name wrong.. but the eye to eye contact, smiles and conversation (even if it was phone regarding) – some enjoyable moments.  I think I’ll miss visiting her… but then again – with BSNL, I might be speaking too early!

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