Morning’s with KISS

You just aren’t an RJ, you are an influencer… your voice can make or breaks someone’s day. Mark and Gem show you exactly how its done! 



KISS mornings with Mark & Gem

2 guys, absolute wacko’s unleashed on the Sri Lanka radio waves – 6 a.m to 10 a.m every weekday to give your mornings a jump start. They’ll keep you entertained, make you a little wiser, give you a chance to listen to your favorite tracks and if you’re lucky win a prize or two.

From taking you through the news in and around the country to the typical Sri Lanka voice modulation (the sing song way) and crazy imitations – they are the whole package!

But living in India, how do I get to listen in? It’s simple: Image result for radio garden app

I log into the Radio Garden App on my phone, and tune into Sri Lanka – KISS Fm or live streaming on their website
You wouldn’t want to miss out on this ossum show! I really wish more of India and Goa  gets a chance to listen in.

This is a pretty lame attempt (on my part) to getting more people to listen in… and no Mark and Gem aren’t paying me any Sri Lankan rupees to promote them. This is purely out of enjoyment, smiles and happiness I personally get – first up in the morning and wish the same for you too.. tune in… listen in… and you won’t regret it.

Here’s the link on the Radio Garden website:

They’re done for today, but they’ll be back tomorrow. Don’t forget to tune in!

While listening to the Radio may be something you associate as a tradition of our grandparents – with KISS 96.9, you will definitely re-consider!

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