Behind The Blog Who Are You Really?

In the words of Rory of some very important questions we need to ask ourselves 

“Who are we all …. really, behind the blog? Who are we in flesh, blood and soul – are we, you, me, l, myself, yourselves – are you the same identity, the same personality that writes or is the person behind the blog, very different to even you the reader?

I began this blog in the month of June 2011..and after many YES-&-NO’s – I finally published my first post on the 29th of June.

2011-2019 has been a journey from a rookie blogger to well.. a passionate one

In the process of writing on my blog and living the life in person, I have evolved into somewhat of a 3rd person – caught in between the two. From the social person I was before blogging happened to me and now, when I believe blogging is the better option, – selectively social – it has been a journey or re-discovering myself as a man who likes to be behind the scenes rather than in front of an audience. I however still remain, the profound thinker, the ponderer… and a little keeping to myself because after all, if I can hide behind my blog, then why not?

So am I ‘the blogger’ the same person as ‘the writer’? Wait! I just confused myself…

The best people to ask “what’s changed” (if at all) are the one’s who’ve known me pre-blog and post blog.. and NO, I am not the one asking – I already know the answers

June 2011 – September 2019 is 8 years and counting, that’s how long I have been blogging – with no expectations what-so-ever, so if you ‘the reader’ have read, appreciated and commented on the posts I have written over the years, YOU have been the REAL heroes. As I write this, the person you see read of what I write, is a collection of what I’ve seen, heard, felt and the things I’ve been witness to (which not all have been pretty)

My life has been a collection of ‘damn’ that could have been me and ‘Uh-oh’ I shouldn’t have done that… to put it down in one sentence

To many of the bloggers reading what I write, hopefully to them – I am still Savio Paes (the person behind the blog) and not just “Goin’ the Extra..aaamile” as the name of my blog goes – after all the blog does entail all the tales of the blogger himself… and if you must know, I do not always go the extra..aaamile in the real life, I’m somehow always falling way short


Are you up to revealing the true side of who you actually are!?

How about a post like this?

5 Replies to “Behind The Blog Who Are You Really?”

  1. Well… I don’t recollect for how less time I know you Sav, but it definitely feels like we have been friends since long. I think I know that Sav is a person who is cranky, forever irritated, always complaining BUT he is also a person who does that for a reason, not just to throw a fit. He is cheerful and makes great conversation and someone who believes in picking up and calling the person just to check on him/her (that’s rare but sweet in this era of whatsapp). And yes, Sav is someone (perhaps the only one) who doesn’t like Mumbai 😊 So i quite know the Savio Paes behind the extra mile!

    1. Wow~when Aditi comments, she does 100% justice to it. Thanks a bunch Adi, you’re the sweetest 😊 I may not like Mumbai but I’d still come there to meet you (and run back to Goa as soon as the earliest train)

  2. I have been reading your posts and I have to say that I like them. I don’t know you personally but through your posts I just want to say that you write ‘real’ and not something that we can’t relate to.

    1. Thank you Savitha, we hardly get a chance to meet fellow bloggers but we can still make connections..and that’s what I try to do through my writing.
      Thank you for reading and pls keep doing so.

      1. You’re welcome Savio. And I look forward to reading your posts always. Keep blogging. Have a nice day.

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