The ‘thumbs-down’ – dislike

Browsing through YouTube videos and you find a video, not to your liking – what do you do?yt

Hit on ‘dislike’ or ignore and move on?


What does it takes for you guys to dislike/down-vote a video? Surely the video isn’t bad to warranty a dislike, no you-tuber uploads a ‘dislike me’ video

Personally, it takes a lot for me to dislike a video. If I have to really give a video a thumbs down, it has to be really really bad or something very obnoxious. I simply move on if the video is not to my taste, but wouldn’t give it a thumbs down – No Way! It takes a lot of guts to put content out there… to be appreciated, criticized and what not. Being a blogger myself, (blogging is a lot different) I know every negative comment I’d get would affect me, de-motivate me to an extent… and the fact that videos/vlogs get so many dislikes, is beyond my understanding and to add to that – the harsh comments. NOT DONE!

UntitledThere isn’t a popular video on YouTube without any dislikes. I guess it happens simply because when people press a thumbs up or a thumbs down button, it has nothing to do with the video itself, but a memory associated with it, which may have had a positive or negative impact in the viewers lives. It has to do more with their own personality and what they experience and feel when they see that particular video.

I enjoy watching YouTube videos, performances by first-time artists and season artists too, vlogs included. Some may not be up to the mark – understandable, but that does not mean it deserves a thumbs down… move on.. to the next video. I do not think I’ve ever disliked a YouTube video as yet, I simply don’t enjoy doing something like that.

What about you? Are you a serial video-disliker on YouTube? If you ask me, I think YouTube ought to totally take away the thumbs down option. You don’t like it…. MOVE ON! The world could do with a lot more appreciation..

3 Replies to “The ‘thumbs-down’ – dislike”

  1. Yeah… no thumbs down from me either. I just move on…

  2. I just move on. I appreciate the efforts they would have taken to put up a video. I can never click that ‘dislike’ button for sure.

    1. Well, I guess they are nice people like us afterall…

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