There! I’ve gone ahead and admitted it. 

..and I’m not just echoing the words of young Sheldon Cooper from the series Young Sheldon, I truly agree with him, a 100% – of course I didn’t think Missy Cooper (his sister in the show) was all that bad.

“I wish I was the only child”

If this thought (as a sibling) hasn’t crossed your mind at least once, you are definitely lying. The constant battle of who gets more, the need to share the constant argument of sharing parents love and of course the most irritating part of all – the comparisons that siblings get between each others.

Now other’s sistersthat’s more like it.

How do we end up with the worst siblings ever? 

Is it the lack of appreciation that we show to our very own and appreciate more what we cannot have? but the fact remains, that they’ll always be around, and whether that’s a good thing or not – personally – only time will tell.

And for the fact that I cannot find the right words to type out the remaining of this post – simply because there is nothing RIGHT about it. I write a lot of things on my blog, topics I feel very strongly about – people or things – good or bad, this one seems like the worst of the lot. Just being


If you, the reader are blessed with a sibling who you can relate to, have had good times with, shared a good bonding with when younger and still do… I wanna know what that is all about – I don’t think I know any of that stuff, please do tell me. 

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3 Replies to “SCIENTIFIC FACT: Sisters are the WORST!”

  1. I can pretty much relate to this. I have a youger brother who behaves like an older one. The struggle is real to keep him in control. #sibilingsgoal

    1. I am the younger sibling n i wish I was the older one…

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