Artificial Cooling


Can you count the number of a/c units in this picture?

If you come from a middle class family, you’d know how much it means to have an air-con in your home. Not necessarily because we need it.. but its more like a way of life’ [Everybody has it..why not Me?] It is just one of those gadgets that people must have in their households among others which include a television, desktop/laptop,  fridge and a washing machine.

We’re so done with natural breeze, BRING ON the artificial cooling system

We got our first air-conditioner 10 odd years back (if I remember correctly) I clearly recollect the day (It was ‘Milestone Day’ for the Paes household) – we had never been as excited as having cool breeze blow from a vent than anything else. Of course, an Air Conditioner wasn’t as new as to us as we saw it for the first time that day. We’ve all worked in air-conditioned work spaces before, but to have one in your own home and chill in the cool air is a different feeling all together.
The family came together, sat in one room and everyone shared their feelings or two on how they felt. It is after-all a Luxury.

*Milestone Day: A Day when some person/thing enters the home for the 1st time EVER

What ever happened to natural breeze? There was a time we actually went out to get a few minutes/hours of cool breeze, now of course all we have to do is shut the doors and windows and we can feel that within the comforts of our own room.

From the great outdoors to the confines of a 160 sq. ft. space (or more if you’re lucky)

Like many of the other things we take for granted, the a/c gradually became “just another thing” and as if it knew it wasn’t been given it’s due importance – it started acting up,  minor issues to major ones… it made its presence felt. Cool air couldn’t have been more the priority.. as we ran behind the servicing guys. 

We had gotten used to what it felt to be in Switzerland or Russia in our very own bedroom.

Now in India… the thing with us is – we believe ‘everything can be repaired’ (unlike countries abroad where they simply scrap it off and go for a new one)  we got it repaired/serviced but then again… repair work has its own limitations, its never going to be the same, it would never feel the same (however much we fool our mind to thinking so) …at best it will work to at least 50%-60% of how it was meant to work in the first place.

As a new day dawned today, the PAES household saw a new a/c installed, the old one had finally coughed out its last breath and it was finally time to say goodbye.

The excitement of the newly installed a/c isn’t quite the same.. we understand its a gadget after-all, hopefully this one can last longer than the last one. In a 2BHK apartment that we live in – we have the best of both worlds, one room has the a/c, the other perfectly ventilated with sliding windows facing what I would like to say is beach facing the nearest beach being 5kms away (much closer when we look from a birds view perspective)


  • What is your air-conditioning story?
  • How many is your house/apartment home to – 1? 2? or one in every room?

Just #beingNaughty: Don’t like the best things in a bedroom happen when you’re not necessarily all covered up? You know where I’m getting at right?  *wink* *wink*

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  1. Oh my first AC was when i got married. Mr Husband has introduced me to lot of luxaries and this is one of them. We never got used to it though. In fact, even though we stay in Mumbai – a pretty humid place, it got used so less that it died out of less usage 😄 then we never got a new one for next 4 years. However, we bpught one recently bcz of little Aarnav. But again, under usage story continues.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      oops! dying out due to under-usage? This is new – and ‘especially’ in Mumbai. Wow! How do you’ll do it? Gues you’ll appreciate the little things in life more – like a fan for example 😄😄

      1. Oh yes, fan is so important. And the fan that makes rattling sound is epic 😊

  2. LOL, Savio, your write-ups are always on point about the quirks of the middle-class Indian. Loved this one about the AC’s.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Thanks for the lovely comment, Pradita. Can’t be more middle class when it comes to my posts as well. Gotta keep up with the standard.

      1. Yo yo. Middle class is where all the dichotomy and the fun is, aint it?

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply


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