Welcome to my small little world @ theextraaamile

I blog because I believe I have a lot of stuff to say and I can’t keep all of them to myself 🙂 this platform gives me a chance to express and do something I love, which is writing. I put everything I wanna say in the form of stories, every story has a little bit of me in reality..it’s up to you to find out ‘which part’.

Meeting different people from various places in India/abroad is another thing I love, blogging again helps me with that. I have done different things, from receiving calls  sitting in a cubicle in a call center to selling houses as a realtor and more recently (6yrs or so) teaching students in schools. I’m still searching for ‘my thing’, while all that goes on, writing is one passion that will always BE…the stuff I write comes, all straight out from the heart.


I am just one tiny member of this huge blogging community, trying to carve my own little space I call the ‘theextraaamile’ which you are on…

What prompted the name..? I have absolutely no idea, I might have heard the word somewhere and it just stuck 🙂

Christmas CheersAnyways, here’s to blogging, meeting new people and keeping it simple.
This blog is open and functional 🙂

Looking forward to your association on theextraaamile