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…and if anyone forces you to go one mile, go also the second mile

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Team INDIA… 3 more games from lifting the World Cup

Just 3 more games from lifting the World Cup… #TeamIndia. Can we do it again!? Business end of the tournament now, one loss and you’re OUT! 6 out of 6…great stuff from Team India! It’s time now to start again. The Quarter, Semi’s and the Finals are here… 3 more games. How far can we

..so what does my Sunday look like tomorrow!?

Hmmm, now let’s see…for starters there will be no electricity for 4 hours (8.00 in the morning till noon), that means I need to keep my movies to download tonight, hopefully they get downloaded (all 3 of ’em) Am planning to watch the ‘BEFORE SUNRISE, SUNSET AND MIDNIGHT Trilogy. Watched a trailer of it on

Just looking…

Boxer shorts, thongs and brassieres, worn out from frequent washing among others which looked like they were just purchased from the store, hanging from a clothesline 3 storeys in the air.  This was the view I had every morning from my balcony, you would have to hand it to the girl, she had a good

What is with 2015 and Deaths?

It was just 4 days ago, I attended a funeral…well not exactly but yes, paid my visit to the dead relative. Not exactly my relative, more of my mom’s relative. Now the wife is critical…and as the family puts it ‘could go any time’…well that’s another funeral probably in a week or 2. Today we

I cannot take it anymore!

24th July 2013 “NO DAD NO! Enough is enough!!  I’m not willing to listen to you. All I have done till this day is listen to you and mom, don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t say this, don’t say that, try and understand your sister. Have you ever thought about me, and what may

6 Intimate Details You Can Tell Just By Looking At Someone

Something interesting I came across on the Internet… thought I would share it with my friends. I just realized there is so much I didn’t know. #6. Is She Interested In You? Look at Her Feet. How? Tell Me! Experts will tell you it’s all in the body language, but you know better. People —

What? Why? How?

Why does my plane have to leave at this ungodly hour? Like there was no other air plane available at a better suited time. I am totally pissed off. I opened my little pocket notebook and scribbled ‘Steve I am gonna kill you’. Steven Roberts is the travel guy at Escrow Innovations. What kind of

Pearls of wisdom from a little girl

Pearls of Wisdom

The First Part – A.B

It was the perfect moment, she passed by my side…went further, turned back. Our eyes met for the first time…there was a connection, it felt special…and the current went off. The next moment she was gone, and yet again the lights played spoilsport. The current in Pune, I tell you!! At a distance it was

“India’s Daughter” BBC Documentary

“it is the fact that what those people said is what we need to concentrate on…” referring to the documentary It’s all over the news channels, everybody is talking about it. My Question is; Why is the Indian Government against the BBC Documentary being released in India. Why the Ban!!?? What is the reason? It