If there’s one insect that I cannot get myself to looking at or even being around is a cockroach. I mean, I’m yet to meet someone who is comfortable being around one, everyone I know runs behind them just to kill them. (all those cockroach killers, I am with you) It is the peak of […]

A cool Indian?

If someone told me Indians are cool, I’d probably laugh my arse out. Like seriously! How are we Indians cool? We may be smart – yes! We may be beautiful/handsome – acceptable We may be good in bed – debatable We may be romantic – I don’t know really! Heard this somewhere… We could be […]

– Those 4 Walls –

Q. How often do we sit at home and wish that someone would ring/call us and suggest… well anything better than ‘these 4 walls’?  Q. How many of us have had plans, coffee/beer with friends or a drive, but then suddenly “these 4 walls” seem the better option to be in, because at least here […]

A Game of Scrabble

Scrabble is one of the coolest board games one can play (minimum 2, maximum 4 players) I enjoy playing scrabble, simply because I can show off my vocabulary, not that I have a very expansive vocab.. but there are some words I use, which my opponents are generally not aware of – like for example the […]

I could care less!

If you’ve been on Facebook long enough, you’ll have seen this diagram (below) with the caption: Which color teacup will fill first? Seriously!? 🙄 There are more important things than this right? What’s with the above question? Like who friggin’ cares? Why do I need to know which cup/glass will get filled up first. Its not just that, […]

5 Days!

Sitting by the window, staring at nothing in particular, thinking of where she might have gone wrong.. replaying out all the events of the last 5 days repeatedly in her mind. She now had a secret, a secret she couldn’t share with anyone. It was only last Tuesday that.. She had discovered Love She, like […]

Who AM I?

At some point, each of us has most likely been asked to introduce ourselves. When asked to introduce yourself, what do you say? Perhaps you introduce yourself by stating what it is you do for a living, right? That is the normal thing to say. But this post isn’t quite about that. Have you ever […]

Living an ON-line life?

Are you switched on? If you are, well… you’re ONLINE then  There is a green dot next to you. Imagine, if while walking on the road/station/supermarket, people can recognize if you’re online or not – just by a presence of a green/red not next to you This is how it would look like: With the world moving […]