On the Toilet

That moment when you’re on the pot busy doing your stuff and your legs decide to fall asleep.

Earlier today morning, my left leg decided to doze off.. it went numb, making it difficult to stand up. Now, there aren’t many activities for your legs in the toilet that one can do… unless maybe draw circles with your toes counts for one kind of activity.. which gets boring after a little while

So after I got out, I googled “things to do when bored on the toilet”, I thought I’d make my next ‘sitting on’ a better experience. I was amazed that firstly people do google things like this and secondly some of the suggestions are quite helpful 

+ Talk to yourself (this was a no-brainer) everybody does that I guess.. well, I don’t. I don’t have many interesting things to talk to myself about.

+ Tap out a beat on your lap or maybe on the wall besides you, you never know it might hurry things along.

+ Try a puzzle or a crossword. Not sure how straight your thoughts would be in there.. but worth a try I guess

+ Brainstorming time, not a bad place considering it is very quiet in there. Time for some new ideas, like this one for a blog post…

+ Poke your nose. Classic! You’re alone, time for some daily/weekly cleaning. No one sees you and you’ll get to wash your hands afterwards

..and of course letting those farts rrriiiipppppp!! + + + 

So there you go.. nothing fancy! and here’s some  on the way out 

..a little more fight left?

You’re breathing your last few breaths on the operation table with doctors doing their best to save you.. but its not really in their hands..

Do you have a little more of a fight left in you to see it through… back to life?

Its not that he’s never done it before..and surely for him and his girlfriend who are in two separate rooms with doctors working hard to save their lives, He knew he had to fight doubly hard for the both of them to make it alive. It didn’t look good.

He did promise her parents, he would bring their daughter back before nightfall and he was not one to go back on his word – of course there was just one problem, he didn’t know how long this would take.

What would it feel if you could overlook everything’s that’s been happening… from the outside but can do nothing about it?

Fighting between life and death, would time be on their side this time round? It was already more than a couple of hours in surgery by the time the families got to the hospital. It wasn’t really the time to know how it all happened but more the time to pray and hope for the best.
How could I let go, there were so many people here at the hospital who were praying for us.. as I whispered into my baby’s ears;

“we need to hold on Debra, we need to hang on for the people who love us”

It was after what seemed like the longest 3 and a half hours of surgery, did the doctor finally come out and say,

“You’re son’s heart is beating but with the help of a machine, the next 24 hours is critical”.

What did he care? What about Debra? How was she doing?

Every passing hour seemed liked forever, Debra’s mum and dad hadn’t moved from their seats, I needed to assure them that everything would be alright, their Debra would be fine – she would come back home. It was all out of a sudden when we heard on the intercom;

Paging Dr. Dennis, ITS AN EMERGENCY, Dr Dennis – Room No 411.

It was me.. the body that lay on the bed was not responding and the heart rate had steadily kept decreasing at a fast pace…did it mean??? My vision was getting blurrier, why couldn’t I see anything clearly any more? ..they were trying to keep me alive but I didn’t have any fight in me left.. but Debra.. I struggled to get to her room, I held her hands tight, closing my eyes –

“you’re going home Debra, you’re going back home”.

As a straight line showed on the monitor, the doctor turned around and said, 

“I’m sorry, he didn’t make it..”

Down the hallway in room 402, there seemed to be activity happening there too – the patient was responding, so was her heart rate improving gradually.

For that mini second, heartbeat it was an ‘all Allan-Debra moment’ there! 

Welcome back Debra! 


This was a dream I got, a few weeks ago.. I didn’t know what to make of it, so I thought the best thing to do, would be to convert it into a blog post. It lay in my drafts, until I finally decided to post it. The best part of it was, I woke up smiling.. 

Life’s happening…

You’re going to screw up! You’re going to mess up things around you.. shout, be shouted at.. think, act, react, over-react sometimes, feel sad, frustrated, happy, emotional, hug people, be hugged, kiss, (be kissed if you’re lucky), fight, compete etc etc, all this while going through a simple day! life

Aren’t we a bunch of very busy people? Multi-tasking and doing so many things..

Life’s happening .. and however much we want to control the things we do around us, we are unlikely to even come close to fulfilling it.

We earn..to spend and save a little (if we can)
We fight..and make up (to only fight again)
We make mistakes …to be corrected & learn from them (for there are always new mistakes to be made)

So where am I getting with all this… nowhere really!

All I just wanna say is.. no matter what life throws at you, Embrace it…its not all going to be good, its not all going to be bad either, there are going to be moments where you want to pull your hair out too.. but then again life has a way of balancing itself out.. enjoy the good, learn from the bad BUT prepare for the worst.

The ‘Now’ is where we live.. so its okay sometimes if you want to stop everything you’re doing, close your eyes and just well.. breathe? Our minds are working non-stop, the least we can do for it, is to give it a little time off maybe.. for a few seconds everyday?

  • We’re busy filling our pockets.. making money
  • We’re busy filling our minds ..with constant thoughts
  • We’re busy filling people’s ears ..with gossip
  • We’re busy filling our stomach’s ..with food

Are we giving ourselves any time? How about dedicating time for yourself everyday Surely we can, if we only want to.. (..and that does not include coffee/bathroom breaks)

Yes! We’re a busy bunch of people and we’re only getting busier..

The morning after..

He was finally married. wedding-rings1

The night had passed, it wasn’t as eventful as he had imagined it would be, considering they were both tired after the late end to the wedding reception.


However, the morning was here. He woke up with a smile, his now-wife Rekha was still sleeping next to him. Not sure whether to wake her up or not, he walked towards the kitchen, obviously very hungry (everybody knows the wedded couple eats the least at their wedding), he expected his wife to prepare a modest breakfast for him, but seeing her sleeping he realized, she must have been really tired herself.

He looked around the kitchen (probably the first time ever he entered one with the intention of making something) after a quick analysis of the resources available, he decided on scrambled eggs, a few slices of toast and a maggi preparation of  the single maggi packet lying in the cupboard (to be shared obviously) The effort wasn’t bad considering it was his first time, the toast came out a little burnt (he preferred to refer to them as crispy) the eggs could have been scrambled better. The one thing that really came out good was the maggi preparation, he knew that very well. He put it all on a flowery quarter plate on a tray and took it to his wife.

He had never made breakfast for himself before, let alone make and serve another person on the bed.. (unsure what endearing word to use to wake her up.. he settled on her name) he woke her up gently,  when she opened her eyes & saw that he had made breakfast for her, she shuffled around quickly and got off the bed. She had remembered the words she told her mom only a week before

“how romantic would it be if my husband made breakfast for me in bed” she smiled to herself at the memory and said

“You made breakfast? wow!” breaking out into a sheepish grin

She was still getting used to the fact that she was now married.. to her benefit, it was ONLY their first morning together and she had woken up late – Shit!
While she joined him in what was her first breakfast in bed with him, she bit into the crispy toast.. he looked at her seeking her approval on his efforts, she looked at him ..and they both laughed.

It might have not been the perfect start, it certainly was a crispy one.. as they both laughed their hearts out ..somebody still needed to finish the toast. 

What’s your market Value?

You know how there are certain items in a shop that are never purchased, its not because there is anything wrong with it, it’s just that people refuse to buy it because maybe no one else is buying it. So in context to the above line, it seems that the value people assign to a particular item depends on the value that other people place on it.

To bring it into context of an individual- if you hear about a man or a woman over a certain age (eg: 30yrs), not married as yet, automatically people assume there is something wrong with this person and since he/she has had no takers till now – is STILL single, does his/her market value then.. go down?

Does anyone know the math to find out one’s market value? Oh wait! I just found a link where you actually can.. check it out HERE
I am apparently worth $1.27 million to round up (or $1,266,016 million to be exact) Not much I know.. but in 10 years I’ll check again, I might be worth a few more millions 😀😀 Go ahead and check yours, You know you want to do it…

I am 35 now, never been married. Reasons for that – maybe I am not interested in getting married OR haven’t found the right person as yet.

Who cares?!!! I’m still worth $1.27 million emojiemojiemoji

If we have sporting leagues around the world that can buy players for ‘x’ amount of money for local teams/franchises, we’d do well to know how much we’re worth too right? Who knows.. in the days to come – we might just be recognized by a number and its price. price

Anything is possible! That said – for every Indian.. linkage to the Aadhaar card is necessary 😂😂😂

Sarcasm is an ART

Not many people have it, but I guess it would be pretty cool to hang around people who do. Well.. as long as it isn’t targeted at you.. cool or even if it was, if you can dish it out, I’m sure you can take it well right!?

I was introduced to sarcasm only after watching a certain F.R.I.E.N.D.S character Chandler Bing ..and boy! was he really good at it! I don’t think anybody can actually be as cool as him! At least I haven’t come across any one as yet in the real world-who comes close!

While many people think that being sarcastic is a bad thing and it hurts people’s feelings, (whatever!) it can also be seen as fun (a few laughs maybe!)– if viewed in the positive sense, though people are unlikely to take it in that sense, at least not in India (for those who get it) There are large portions of Indians in India, who have probably heard the word and still do not know what it is or recognize it. CB

Being Sarcastic is a talent/ an art, a skill that very few people possess. It is the ability to insult/make fun of someone or something without the other end realizing it. (Well, at least most of the time)

Whatever is said or defined about people who are sarcastic – According to me – it could be a mechanism that people use, to hide themselves behind (more like a giant wall) because if not otherwise, people would see the real us, the ‘us’ we’re afraid that people may not like. 

I’ve really toned down a lot on the levels of sarcasm I use in conversation nowadays, may be I should beef that up a bit. It does give me a whole different outlook.. a whole different side of me comes out. While I use diplomacy more often, sarcasm seems more like fun. 

Be it Chandler Bing or the more recent Sheldon Cooper.. they make wonderful viewing when in full flow.. that is if of course you get what they are saying. 

A collection of Chandler’s best! 

Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma – married FINALLY!

So far they were unofficially married.. NOW they are (secretly) officially married..

With all the talk of the much awaited marriage of India Cricket Captain Virat Kohli with Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, they chose to travel 7 hours to Italy from India, to exchange their wedding vows in front of family and close friends.

So much for the Indian media, that even had TIMES NOW (Indian news channel) dedicating a special segment to discuss the whole Virat & Anushka marriage as Breaking News.dd
So, it’s finally happened and we couldn’t be happier.  The last thing that got so much attention in India was the Demonetization, I think. With the Virat-Anushka marriage making headlines on almost every Google search page, and on news channels.. I can only imagine the chaos when the couple get back from Italy. That said, they make a wonderful couple.

So here goes my wish to the couple:

Congratulations to the both of you & the families! Wishing you a Happy married life guyz! Stay in  always!

Chances are that this post will be lost among the various hashtags dedicated to Virat Kohli.. but that doesn’t stop me from getting myself involved in what will be the biggest talking topic in India, for the next one week or at least till they decide to come back to India and make an official announcement.

On a more serious note, Can we now have VK fly back for the 2nd ODI vs SL? India just got butchered yesterday at the hands of Sri Lanka and it isn’t looking too good going ahead. The team looks like a bunch of lost sheep without its shepherd (though Shepherd may not be quite the right term to use)

So its finally official!!!! 


The smiles & laughter say it all… 


Why I’m done trying to be “man enough”

I watched this really wonderful talk by Justin Baldoni (TED Talks) where he talks about Men and redefining masculinity. In course of his talk he also asks of serious questions that maybe every man should ask himself:

Are you brave enough to be vulnerable?

Are you strong enough to be sensitive?

Are you confident enough to listen to the women in your life?

In a 14 minutes, 43 seconds talk, he shares his personal story, while at the same time appealing to Men to look at themselves again.. and not only be a good man, but be also a good human.

Probably, you and I can learn something new. If you’re a woman watching it, share the same with your brother, colleague, boyfriend, husband etc.

Give them the gift of seeing the other side of what a man can also be.. I could relate to it and I’m sure every other man would too..

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Signs to catch in MEN when they are Emotionally broken

He will never share his problems with you

He will always try to handle things on his own

He will never express his feelings easily

He tries to look happy by forcing a smile

He will not accept if anything is wrong in his life

He will stay alone

He might appear cold & affectionate because he is cautious

All of this is because He has been taught that REAL MEN are STRONG

When friends meet…

11 years may not be very long, when you talk of two friends meeting up.. one very much Goa/India based (myself) and the other, traveled half way around the world, now settled in Thailand.
Meeting him over lunch after 11 years, I thought I’d meet this sophisticated version, heavily perfumed, different accented, money loaded, proud of his success person (as most Indians act when they work a few years in a foreign country) but to my pleasant surprise, it was nothing like that. He was the same, nothing had changed and he was the same friend who well.. we shared secrets that would go to the grave with us. It was more like meeting after a slightly longish break.. we had lots to catch up on though, that we would end up sharing in the next couple of hours over lunch.

Sitting on the front seat, he got in the car.. and as if it was an involuntary action, he decided to strap himself up with the seat belt. Of course I told him

“You’re in India.. its totally fine” which he laughed and unbuckled himself free. I guess when you live long enough in countries abroad you get used to certain things.. 

It wouldn’t be hard to imagine what two guys would end up talking about.. Yes! – that and much more and our voices got louder, so did our laughter to secrets only we had shared as friends. I can’t remember how long it has been since I actually enjoyed myself in good company. Conversation took precedence over food and we ended up eating half the food cold (the a/c didn’t help either)
From stories of past crushes to present relationship status’s (of course I didn’t have much to share there, he did) but with friends, you’re never really short of stuff to talk about ‘the girls’ (6 of them who were chatting away happily on the table behind us..and as boys would have it, we took our turns looking at them) I’m not sure he did as much – the happily committed guy that he is now, I surely did.

If meeting up one friend wasn’t enough, we bumped into another on the road which led us to meeting up with a third (she now being based in Australia) Greeted by her cute daughter at the door, she looked at the two strangers asking for her mamma.. and she was like

“mama’s in the kitchen” 

and I went like “can you call your mama from the kitchen?” 😀


She was surprised to see us, I would want to believe, she was happy too.. (though no one likes guests un-announced) that too around lunch time (I know-bad timing!)
I did manage to catch what she was trying to tell her daughter, introducing us as “see, these are mama’s friends” ..she saw, I smiled, received no response.. I further said ‘Hi’.. no response there too… I did not know what else to say so I shifted my attention back to her klmother 😀 It was wonderful meeting Zeenia, after about the same time gap (of 11 years)

While girls look prettier as they age, we were looking pretty average in comparison.

So in all, it was a good day. I knew December was always going to be the month to meet and bump into people. I met 3 in one day and it was a pure pleasure doing so! Knowing me well, my friends would admit to the fact that “It isn’t always that Savio is available to meet..but when he is, he needs to be captured – in a picture at least”

Mobile Phones: A Curse to Humanity!

It was all good while we had Land Phones.. Cordless phones at max and then some wise guy went many steps further and invented the Mobile/Cell Phone and life has never been the same again.

People cannot live without Mobile phones (Androids & Smart phones to be precise).. be it when sitting on the pot reading the news early morning or listening to music for an evening walk, the phone has become now a part of man’s daily life.

It is the first thing people check in the morning, it is the last thing people check in the night and God only knows only how many times during the day it is checked.

So my question is, what is it in that gadget, that holds so much importance in a man’s life? ..that we are willing to give up quality time with people around us, to be communicating with someone sitting in another part of the country or the world? or simply be entertained by looking at it.Untitlednm

There are already a handful of things that an Android/Smart phone has replaced in our lives.. 1. Camera.. why carry a special 1 when you can capture memories from your phone itself? 2. Walkmans/DiscMan/Mp3 players/Ipod’s are all out of the window. Every phone comes with a built in music player. 3.Alarm Clock.. Not as effective as the traditional alarm clocks but does the job. 4. Books: This has really got to hurt all genuine book lovers. Reading from your phone? It has got to be the worst thing ever! 5. Flashlight – Who needs an actual torch..and do people actually sell torches nowadays? The LED flash on the back of your phone is good enough I suppose!

.. and add to that the various apps available to do absolutely anything and everything from an android phone.

Can life get any easier? I’m sure very soon, they’ll be no physical offices for people to work from, but work done via a phone or a tab, sitting in the comforts of your home. Even a computer might end up being a show piece at home soon.

Life is getting a little too comfortable for my liking. 

That said;

I think the Mobile phone has got to be the worst invention in the world. It has literally torn people, relationships and families apart.