Sometimes when you cry, no one sees your tears… Sometimes when you are in pain, no one sees your hurt… Sometimes when you are worried, no one sees your stress… Sometimes when you’re happy, no one sees your smile… BUT FART Just One Time… Everybody suddenly starts to take notice ..while the next few seconds […]

‘Lights Out’

The name of the latest English play I went to watch yesterday evening. English plays come far in between and to witness one is pure delight. Although there is a limited audience who actually come out to witness and appreciate good theater, there is a sense of excitement and at the same time an apprehension-of-sorts […]

Snifty Pens – ‘arrival’

…and it has finally arrived! My own set of Snifty Pens, send with kind regards from Rory all the way from the USA. The little story about the pens can be found HERE What’s special about these Pens? Well.. they’re scented, isn’t that pretty special? The scents of which include strawberry, vanilla cupcake, chocolate chip […]

Telephone conversations!

..to anyone. At anytime. For any reason Phone Calls, Texts Or Email? In the order of personal preference, I’d say 1. Text 2. Email 3. Phone Calls Talking on phone nowadays just isn’t cool anymore… I’ll explain For 1. People don’t have long messages to share with one another (which otherwise can also be texted) […]

Premature …wait for it!..

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Kempegowda International Airport. Local time is 2 pm and the temperature is 33 degrees. For your safety and comfort, please remain seated with your seat belt fastened until the Captain turns off the Fasten Seat Belt sign. This will indicate that we have parked at the gate and that it […]

..the impending downfall

Everybody needs a little time away I heard her say from each other even lovers need a holiday far away from each other   The unsuspecting husband The vulnerable wife The friendly neighbor …feelings floating all around It was the perfect SIN. What started as the friendly neighbor turned into pretty little dates, over cups […]