How good does it actually feel to be immersed in a book/novel? You’ll never know unless you experience it yourself. Don’t feel bad when people tell you “You don’t have a life” it may be out of ignorance they say things, they’ve not experienced what you have.. and besides what do they even know about reading a […]

Spending money on..?

Books obviously! Books are food for the mind                              ..like you didn’t know that!!? Though, I still haven’t read too many books by International authors (something my sister keeps on telling me to do) some of the upcoming Indian authors have really stepped up, in terms of their language skills and story telling abilities to […]


Reading was never my thing..until one evening in Thrissur (A town in Kerala) I walked into a book shop as I was going for my evening walk. I never looked back..I started with reading books from Indian authors, I still read them..but I now read the likes of Paulo Coelho, Nicholas Sparks and others… Below, […]