At the Hospital (II)

HOSPITAL – The Next morning: I returned to consciousness when bright sunlight hit my eyes. He drew open the curtains in the room “Good morning” he said, “how are you feeling this morning? Hope you had a good night’s sleep” “I am good, Am I in a hospital?” “Yes, I am afraid you are but […]

A Situation

Chandigarh, November 29th 2014 on a cold winters night. At 3 am, the mobile phone rings..after 8 rings. “Hello, is this Savio?” “Hello..this is savio.. yes” “I’m calling from Health Care Hospital, Mangalore” “Sorry, where?” “HEALTH CARE HOSPITAL, Mangalore” (Sitting on the bed) “Mangalore? Who is this?” “This is Doctor Sunil, There is a patient […]

the final visit

Today is the 4th day…we are all here with Savio, Rosie has bought apples along with her today, savio always loved eating apples, he always said ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ how she wished that would happen today as well, Julia brought some biscuits and Shawn with Savio’s favorite chocolate swiss roll […]

Later that day…

Spending time with Fedora were some of the happiest times in the otherwise very boring life Philipe was leading. When at office, he drowned himself in work to avoid thinking about the problems he faced outside the four walls of his office, his socializing skills were not the greatest but somehow whenever he was around Fedora, […]