Are you Happy?

Everybody always asks if you have a career, if you’re married, if you have children. Like as if life is some kind of grocery list, but no one ever asks us if we are happy…

So true! Isn’t it? We aren’t trained to ask people if they’re happy. We just assume they are, or at least we think we can read it by their expressions. 

Think of it.. it would be a weird question to ask “Are you happy?” besides being a totally inappropriate question to ask someone randomly, it also stands as an incomplete question. happy with/doing what? Have you tried asking someone? 

We are born to be happy and that is all we focus on as a baby, a child and a teenager growing up. After that, we somehow lose the plot and happiness tends to elude us. But does it really? or are we now focusing on a different way of looking at what happiness means to us? Maybe now it means owning the latest iPhone or riding a car?

There is no logical explanation as to why some people are always happy while others are in constant search of it.

Happiness should be our default state of mind but we mess it up by becoming unhappy for silly reasons (best known to us) not realizing that happiness is within us and a conscious choice. It is a choice we have to make everyday when we wake up in the morning.. and it would help if we remember these facts..

We can’t really control everything

Our lives might turn out differently from what we planned or expected and that’s totally fine!

There will always be someone whose life is better than yours, that’s OKAY too.

We need to accept that our life is working out exactly how it’s meant to.

I’ve made some mistakes and I’ll probably make some more. It’s called BEING HUMAN

and of course most importantly

We can’t keep everyone happy



You do know we all have happy hormones right? Like it’s said, its all in the mind – Brain to be particular.



Half Year Resolution

…Its June, I wasn’t able to fulfill the Half Year Resolution, though I must admit…I didn’t try too hard. Maybe a little more effort and I would have surely at least gotten close.
In January 2015 my weight recorded 85 kgs, yes definitely over weight, I couldn’t help it. I had just returned from a Sri Lankan trip and yes I absolutely loved the food! It was like wow…I did tell myself that I would shed all those calories once I got back to India, I guess some things are easier said than done…
Yes, so my resolution for half the year was to come down to 60 kgs or thereabouts which I was told was ideal for my height and age.


Walkers and Joggers-Fatorda

6 months into the year…the good news is that I have restarted my evening walk/light jog. It felt good, really really good…though I found myself initially puffing and panting after walking just a few meters, I managed to continue and complete a good 3 rounds of the entire ‘walkers & joggers track’ at Fatorda which is approximately 2.5 kms from my house.
3 full rounds of the jogging track + 5 kms up and down to my house…now that’s a more than decent walk, especially after 6 months. Untitled

I checked my weight, the last time being at the airport in Sri Lanka which recorded 85 kgs, today when I stood on a weighing machine, it recorded a more healthy 78 kgs…so I did lose a little weight after all. 7 kgs down is good…a little over a kg a month 🙂 Though I haven’t come even close to my target… I have pushed for another 6 months…by December, I’ll try to touch the late 60’s…being realistic here! 69 kgs is what i’m aiming for.

If you look at me, I don’t look 78 kgs…or maybe I would need to sit on you for you to actually feel the weight…
Today’s jog was a good one tho’, a little tiring but the weather was awesome, dark clouds hovering in the the time I finished, the clouds burst into a healthy wet..still walked, didn’t take the bus. Walked all the way home…

I am thinking of an early morning walk/jog tomorrow, the gates open at 5.00. Let’s see if I can make it by 5.30 at least. Maybe a jog on the beach…now that’s not a bad idea…