Fancy a journey on the Tejas Express?

Everyone’s talking of the latest train on the scene in India “TheTejas Express” (to ply between Mumbai and Goa [Upto Karmali station as of now]) but what do you know – even before the train could start it’s maiden journey, it was damaged..the glass window of which was found cracked.

It definitely isn’t a common man’s train – check out the fares below:

Tejas Express’s executive class fare is Rs 2,940 (with food) and Rs 2,540 (without food), and for AC chair car the fare has been fixed at Rs 1,850 (with food) and Rs 1,220 (without food)

Isn’t that a little too much to spend on a trip – per person? That way the Jan Shatabdi is much cheaper and takes around the same time or an hour or more to reach Goa (i.e Madgaon station instead of Karmali)

Automatic sliding windows, a coffee vending machine, an LCD screen and WiFi..Indians don’t need luxuries, basic cleanliness will do. So, No Thank You, I’d rather take a flight.. at least there we’d get to see some pretty air-hostesses if nothing more.

It is simple..The Railways..logo ko chutiya bana rahe hai…

Find some of the comments below, that Indians have made on various platforms regarding the new train.

— >”govt is doing more than enough for people.. It’s just people need to cooperate and maintain the cleanliness and wealth of train.. I think to achieve this, strict rule need to be made. Otherwise people will litter all around [well said]

— > [referring to the LCD screens behind each seat] “kya is screen pe modiji ki speech chalegi?”

— >”Give it a week, All the fancy stuff will get stolen, bathrooms clogged, seats ripped, Touchscreens damaged. Everyone knows what happened to the Gatimaan Express. Its not that the Govt is not doing anything, its the public who think they have the right to deface public property and then blame the govt. My advice to the railways: Impose unconditional hefty fine or even jail for violators” [the harsh reality]

— > [during the journey] “sirf ek announcement hoga, train ki WiFi service uplablad nahi hai kripya agli bar try kare

— >”Aaj kaal ke chutiye Modi ko baadnam hi karne me lage hai. Kuch kiya to bhi kyu kiya ,nahi kiya to kyu nahi kiya .Mr modi ko 5 Saal to pm rahne do, saalo adhi jindagi khatam ho gayi kuch naya iss desh me hua nahi abhi ho raha hai to uspe bhi ungli karte ho” [clearly a PM Modi fan]

As we all have an opinion about everything that happens in our country, people will talk and then forget and life will go on. I hope to write a similar post on the ‘Tejas Express’, 2/3 years down the line, when the train is not so new anymore. At least one thing we can expect is, considering the route the train is plying on – we can hope the train remains clean.

I love travelling by train, but even for me.. the fare of the journey is a little too much. I’m yet to travel on the 11085||Mumbai LTT-Madgaon AC Double Decker train, so a journey on the Tejas isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

P.S: Expect a few selfies to be taken with the train on social media..

Applicable to the Indian Law Maker

Dear Sir,

Two questions for the lawmakers of our country:

1. If the legal age of a Man to get Sexually active is 18 years and the legal age for him to get married is 21… then what are we actually suggesting he should do these 3 years?

2. Now if the legal age for a Man to get married is 21 years and the legal age for him to start drinking is 25 years… then how do you suggest he survives the first 4 years of marriage???

Any information will be appreciated 🙂 confused-man


One liners about India that are absolutely TRUE:

If you want to know how divided we are, just look at matrimonial page of our newspaper

India is running the software of tomorrow on the hardware of yesterday

If the mobile gets spoiled blame the child, if the child gets spoiled blame the mobile

If someone is asking for dirty cloth to clean something, then you know you’re in India

An incredible country where actors are playing cricket, cricketers are playing politics, politicians are watching porn and porn stars are becoming actors

and yeah ‘sarcasm’ is like electricity, half of India doesn’t get it 🙂 so if you don’t get it, I can totally understand

Cheers! Have a great day!

SBI – Saare Bhikari Idhar

sbiSBI…better or worse I don’t know…but known by people by the full form of State Bank Of India or should I say ‘saare bhikari idhar’
…some of India’s frustrated people work in branches of State Bank all over India. I need not say much about this bank…everyone knows how the staff operate…the service dished out and of late it resembles scenes of railway stations across India with chairs kept and tokens given to people to await their turns…and I’m not talking of 1 and 2 people…loads of them. It’s like 1 in every 5 people of India have accounts open in State Bank. Unfortunately I have an account too…not because of choice but by force, my salary goes into that account.

They have machines installed, one for passbook updation and another for cash deposit. Half the time, the deposit machine doesn’t work…today was one such day. All I had was a 500 rupees note to deposit…the line was long, the machine conked off and the people were restless… and it was hot too. It was crazy and chaotic… things could not get any worse.
I went into the ATM just outside the bank to check my balance…on a hot day like it was, the A/c inside wasn’t working… Wow! that was the height!

Even if one wants to raise their voice in the bank to tell of some officer on what pathetic jobs they are doing…its of no use, they are all thick skinned. Doesn’t affect them…

I should have a taken a picture or two when I was there…you would have understood better! An opportunity missed 🙁 Tomorrow surely, I need to go there again…and I am already dreading it….arrrrrgggghhhhhh 🙁

A different place, a different situation

Scenario 1:

Two guys are fighting and a third guy comes along, sees them and walks on.


Scenario 2:

Two guys are fighting. Both of them take time out and call their friends on their mobiles. Now 50 guys are fighting.

You are definitely in PUNJAB !!!

Scenario 3:

Two guys are fighting and a third guy comes along and tries to make peace. The first two get together and beat him up.

That’s DELHI

Scenario 4:

Two guys are fighting. A crowd gathers to watch. A guy comes along and quietly opens a Chai-stall. That’s AHMEDABAD

Scenario 5: Two guys are fighting and a third guy comes. He writes a software program to stop the fight. But the fight doesn’t stop because of a virus in the program.


Scenario 6: Two guys are fighting. A crowd gathers to watch. A guy comes along and quietly says that “AMMA” doesn’t like all this nonsense.. Peace settles in…


Scenario 7: Two guys are fighting and a third guy comes along, then a fourth and they start arguing about who’s right.

You are in KOLKATA

Scenario 8: Two guys are fighting. Third guy comes from nearby house and says, “don’t fight in front of my place, go zumwhere else and keep fighting”.

That’s KERALA !

Scenario 9:

Two guys are fighting. Third guy comes along with a carton of beer. All sit together drinking beer and abusing each other and all go home as friends.

You are in ????!!!GUESS

Yes!! You are in Goa…..!!

Live, Laugh & Enjoy.

Things people do!


This happened in Goa 2 weeks ago. The picture is self-explanatory. I need not say much. My question is Why? What is the need? Show? Entertainment…seriously!!?  Could they even be having sex? (if that was the attempt). Sad! Pathethic. How can people stoop so low?

This couple on their bike was captured by a passer-by on Panaji’s Mandovi bridge. The pictures went viral within seconds’ courtesy whatsapp and facebook. The police even saw them on the road and did nothing. Why wait for it to become an issue and then act?

It did become an issue, the police acted…as usual (always late) and fined them a Rs. 1000/- . That’s it!? I would have thrown them in jail for at least a couple of days.

A news article read:

A loved-up couple who were photographed having sex on a motorbike were caught after the picture went viral

Police tracked down the pair after a shocked passer by spotted them travelling along a public highway in Goa, India.

Photographs of the couple showed the man driving the bike, while his female partner, wearing a skirt, lying sprawled in front of him on the motorcycle tank, straddling the rider with her hips and the man dressed only in a T-shirt and a pair of socks

“Not a single policeman on the way to stop them. A passer-by happened to click this picture.

But after the picture went viral, police swung into action to track down the owner of the bike, which turned out to be a rental firm that said it had rented it to a couple from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

When questioned by police, they admitted to riding indecently on the bike in the southern Indian state of Goa, a beach destination popular with tourists.

The couple were fined 1,000 Rs (£10) by the Goa police.