Goin' the Extra..aaamile

…and if anyone forces you to go one mile, go also the second mile

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The ‘Single’ status

Sometimes I think of me and you and every now and then.. I think we’d never make it through we’d go thru some crazy times and every time I’d wonder if I’d be losing you Oh my friend you give me a reason to keep me believing; that we’ll always be together this way and you

“Good News”

What was the first thing that came to your mind when you read the title ‘Good News’? ..for those of you who know me personally or as a close friend, the first thought would be of me ‘getting married’ – coz that’s the kind of news people who are close to me want to hear

Harsh Reality

I don’t want to think about it.. but the thing is.. I can see it happening right in front of my very eyes and for every time I begin to wonder – What would life be in 10-15 years down the line? – I can come up with no correct answer! But the thought of

Women Drivers – aaaarrrrggghhhhhh!

This is an age old topic – but somehow the more people speak/write/discuss about it, the worse the situation gets! Now, don’t get me wrong – I am all for equality and stuff! But seriously – driving? I mean… Why!? I guess Women make better riders than drivers We all would agree that driving on

Love Stories

Mum and Dad celebrate 44 years of togetherness today.. ..and people ask why am I a fan of ‘love stories’. Nothing comes close to witnessing two people closest to you, share 44 years together, setting all the right examples.. I am 37 and yet to embark on my very own story, besides – how long am

What’s your percentage?

Two scenario’s in India that have the ‘age’ factor that Indian people are obsessed about. One of course is the exam PercentAGE‘, the other being MarriAGE.  The second of which I will write about some other time. The SSC (Xth Standard) results were out in my state, Goa, yesterday – and as expected, everyone wanted to

The Perfect Man?

Unless you’re Christian Grey, but unfortunately – he too is just a character in a movie. I am a guy and I know for a fact that there doesn’t exist the Perfect Man. A man is a man in all his imperfections and flaws. To actually write a blog post about it.. you’d know that

The Inside Stuff

“Yeh andar ki baat hai” It’s that time of the year to buy a new set of underwear, the current ones are on their way out.. general wear-n-tear. They don’t make underwear like they used to… any more! They tear way faster, that too…in places that stitching over-n-over DOES NOT really help! Yes! being Indian,

The First Date!

We’d always remember our first ever date… ..the awkwardness ..the wanting to be prim-n-proper but miserably fail at it ..the fuzzy feeling ..the nervousness ..where normally the conversation starter would be “what would you like to have?” ..and yes I’m talking about the time, when going out on dates were still in fashion It was

I hate you! – April & May

I HATE the Summer. I am a very cold breezy, low temperature – snow loving sort of person. Snow is probably the last thing I’d find here in the place I live – India.. but just the mention of it makes me feel happy – that’s the least I can do to make myself feel cooler..