adult/ˈadʌlt,əˈdʌlt/ noun a person who is fully grown or developed. POINT NOTED: Hence ‘adulting’ – ‘present continuous’ Its funny how as children, we all wanted to grow big quickly! Looking at our parents, spending money buying a car or two, investing money in shares, purchasing land to build a bigger house.. traveling to foreign lands […]

Everyone has a different smell

Quoting a dialogue from the movie “Dear Zindagi” (translated to English) “I like people who smell nice” “I hate smelly people” “Really why?” “You like smelly people?” “Everyone has a different smell…that’s how people get attracted to each other..” When I heard the above dialogue, I had the same immediate reaction as Jackie did in […]


I’ve never understood FOOTBALL – That is a FACT.  I cannot understand the concept of 22 matured men running after one rolling ball for 90 minutes. I’m sure there are a few of my types out there. The Football World cup is almost at its end stages.. and besides knowing whose playing whom and the […]


What people look forward to in ‘Sanju’-the movie: 1. Ranbir Kapoor transformation as Sanjay Dutt, which is too good to be true. 2. Story Line 3. Anushka Sharma The first thing that you’d say, if someone asks you “How was the film” is ‘Good’, no doubt it is a good film, but it hides more […]

Is your ‘Speech Filter’ ON?

Imagine if people blurted out everything they had in their heart.. every l-i-t-t-l-e thing with absolutely no filter – nothing. Their innermost feelings towards you, the society and life in general, would you be able to take it all in? Yes? No? Surely, they’d be a time when you’ll say ENOUGH! One of our strongest […]