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If there’s one insect that I cannot get myself to looking at or even being around is a cockroach. I mean, I’m yet to meet someone who is comfortable being around one, everyone I know runs behind them just to kill them. (all those cockroach killers, I am with you)

It is the peak of summer (month of May) and I guess its not only us, human beings that are feeling hot but animals and well.. insects too, certainly that cockroach was…he decided to come out for a stroll and that’s when we locked eyes for a second.. as as a natural thing I would do in such a scenario – I screamed ‘cockroach…cockroach’ ..the bloody ballsy character that the cockroach was, didn’t move one bit and stood there, as if challenging me and saying “call anyone you want, I’m going nowhere” I called everyone possible at home, mum, dad, sister. There was no way I was going to kill it, I wanted to run away as far as possible…but I needed to keep an eye on its movements by the time someone else in the house came with a slipper.

Mom came, sister came too… and where was I? somewhere in the corner doling out instructions “there…there… behind the paper…. its running..kill…kill” etc.. Dad, by now used to these situations, didn’t react much and continued what he was doing.

End result, after a hot chase, slipper in hand, we (as in mom, sis combined and myself from the corner) caught the fellow and hit him thrice. Mission accomplished. I was a relived man. My sis looking at me said “you’re a scary pot” she could say anything she wanted really and I’d accept, as long as she got rid of the enemy.

Now you must know one thing about me, I’m not really scared of much in life, even if death came knocking at my doorstep, I’d accept it, but a cockroach-is a whole different story! My dad’s told me several times “Be a Man!” but when it comes to killing a cockroach, you can call me what you want… but I am not going anywhere close to it…eeks! I could gather some guts and kill a baby cockroach..but that’s the best I can do-nothing more. Don’t even talk about flying ones..

I believe there are a couple of movies made in Hollywood that have cockroach (es) as the main theme…eww! Who does that? Its just gross. I know there are definitely two films I’d never watch, ‘Cockraoch’ and ‘Joe’s Apartment’ (however funny they might make it) It is so NOT COOL, the latter of which I have downloaded but can’t get myself to watching.. it just creeps me out.

There is a good reason I haven’t put up an actual color picture of a cockroach here, a drawing is the best I could come up with (courtesy:Google). Yes, not even a picture.

Choosing the right ‘Adjective’

We all know the primary function of an adjective is to describe or clarify a noun, anyone who has learnt English Grammar would tell you that.

But back in the 90’s, an adjective meant much much more, it was more about finding the right word to put as a prefix to our names to give us the perfect email address’, or so we thought at that time. Remember the days where we thought, adding an adjective to our names would make our email sound so much cooler? Even better if the adjective started with the same letter as our name.




Below are my first 4 email ID’s (that I can remember) I created: (not in the correct order)




and of course ‘’, which I use till date (functional now more at gmail instead of Yahoo)

What was YOUR first email ID? I bet it said a lot about you…

Raazi – All about the ‘Spy’

Not the kind of movie, I would generally go and watch… but the reviews were just too good to ignore. I needed to see for myself, and of course there was Alia Bhatt 😍 I knew for one, she wouldn’t be romancing anyone in this movie, but would be playing a more serious kind of role. I don’t think I could spot her dimple even once.. but that’s not what I went to watch the movie for, so it was okay even if I missed out on it.

The movie really surprised me, Alia didn’t – I’ve always been a fan of her acting. The movie overall was really well done. I enjoyed watching it considering the movie revolved around my country, India. Sometimes, the patriotic side of a citizen does need to come out, even if it is for a few hours in a theater 😜

I had no idea about this story at all.. well it happened in 1971, I wasn’t born then, I don’t think I was even thought of way back then 😉 (I was born 12 years later) so I thought , why not watch the movie, I’d get to know something about India and in the process get to watch one of my favorite actresses Alia Bhatt enact the main lead in the film (as Sehmat)

If you’ve already watched the movie, how good was the song ‘Ae Watan’? My word! It’s a patriotic song for starts and the fact that that the song is operating at 2 different levels, she’s (Sehmat) taught the song to the children and their singing it for their country while she is singing it for hers.. the emotion there! to be felt

A film worth watching 👍 and Alia, be it in the role of Ananya (2 states) Kaira (Dear Zindagi) Veera (Highway) or Sehmat (Raazi) she is a born actress. She blends into character perfectly 👍

Wow! is all I can say about the movie. Besides how long was I going to watch the same old sappy romantic Bollywood films? I need variety in the kind of movies I watch too… but that said, if tomorrow there’s an Alia all out and out romance film, I’m still going to watch it.

A cool Indian?

If someone told me Indians are cool, I’d probably laugh my arse out. Like seriously! How are we Indians cool?

We may be smart – yes!

We may be beautiful/handsome – acceptable

We may be good in bed – debatablemain-qimg-2afdbb5a8e64640a693fc179862cd2ea-c

We may be romantic – I don’t know really! Heard this somewhere…

We could be a whole lot of different things.. but the one thing we are not… is cool. Indians aren’t cool, we’re so not, but like all Indian’s do well is.. we try! I’m not sure by wearing a chain that has letters C O O L makes you cool…as Sharukh Khan displayed in K2H2.

I was at the beach today morning and well… even though with a head set on my head, loud music blasting into my ears, no where near people, splashing my legs in the water, having my morning walk, I was stopped… an Indian adult student I had taught some time ago

“Hi” he said, in some really weird accent and of course hung around a minute or two more to talk. I thought I’d ask him what had happened to his accent, which I did;

“What happened to your accent?”

“Why what’s wrong?” he sounded concerned

“It doesn’t sound like you at all.. not Indian definitely” to which he laughed it off and replied “then it’s okay, I went to Europe for a month and just got back”

It was needless to ask where he picked up that accent from or whatever it was that came out of his mouth. Did he think he was being cool by trying to speak in a different accent? I think he just made a fool of himself. He barely knows to string a correct grammatical sentence together, maybe he thinks saying it in a different accent might cover up for his lack of grammar – I don’t know really! To top that he was wearing these floral blue shorts (the kind they wear on beaches in Miami) like seriously!? Some more points on the cool factor!?

I kept walking after the brief encounter and a little ahead I see an Indian girl playing in the water with a shower cap on, yes, a shower cap on. My understanding is if you don’t want your hair to get wet, just don’t enter the water at the deep level, stay in shallow water where the sea water comes up to your waist and not higher…but I guess a shower cap, at a goan beach, in the sea water.. looks way cooler.

The third observation of the morning walk… was a mother-daughter duo playing kabaddi with the waves. Goodness Gracious Me! If you don’t know what playing kabaddi with the waves mean, please watch the movie Dear Zindagi, SRK (Shahrukh Khan) explains it all.

All in all, it was a good walk of 80 minutes. More observations next time.


– Those 4 Walls –

Q. How often do we sit at home and wish that someone would ring/call us and suggest… well anything better than ‘these 4 walls’? 

Q. How many of us have had plans, coffee/beer with friends or a drive, but then suddenly “these 4 walls” seem the better option to be in, because at least here you don’t have to pretend to be okay, and you can be yourself. It is tiring to act all the time.

Or when we are invited for an outing, we tell them how terribly sorry we are that we are “really busy” and that we can’t make it, but actually all we are doing is fiddling with the TV remote or staring at our laptop and playing Ludo online with total strangers.

Sooner or later, you realize people/friends stop calling you because they think you’re always busy, and the fact that you excuse yourself that you are always occupied, becomes your life’s biggest lie. We all have that one person (if not more) and if you can’t think of one, then in all probability YOU are that person.

We shouldn’t give up on such people, ring them, go give them surprise visits, bug them till they say okay and come out – even if they don’t want to, because somewhere deep down they actually do, they only don’t know how to say it – say a simple YES. Yes! some people need to be taught how to say YES, because its always the easier option to say NO. But, do we take the trouble to know what is the reason behind the ‘NO’? Are people really busy that they claim to be? Or do they really want to be by themselves?

We all say “If you need anything or simply want to talk, I’m there for you” but are we really there? Or is that like all other promises we make and don’t keep.. Hence we all go back within “those 4 walls” – familiar surrounding, familiar people ‘Our Comfort Zone’. There may be more than one reason why the family is who we all come back to eventually.

Each one of us are fighting a battle out there…while some are able to fight back strong, others are just trampled upon. That said, take a little time to be Kind.. it isn’t always about competition and coming first in life, but sometimes..just sometimes, we could think about taking that one step back, and see someone else happy too.

A Game of Scrabble

Scrabble is one of the coolest board games one can play (minimum 2, maximum 4 players) I enjoy playing scrabble, simply because I can show off my vocabulary, not that I have a very expansive vocab.. but there are some words I use, which my opponents are generally not aware of – like for example the pic below. down, emoji, finger pointing down, gesture, hand, hand gesture, pointing down icon


BONKS – a common word you’d think, but not used frequently used in India, they use more common alternatives to the word.


Of course I knew the only one meaning of the word (the more interesting one)

So when I put up the word on the board, my opponent was like

“hey! that’s not a word” 🤨 I smiled 😀 (fully knowing it was.. but was a bit unsure of whether it could be used in the present tense) I had myself playing out all possible examples in my head – while the verb could be used in the past tense (BONKED) or even in the present continuous tense (BONKING) but simple present tense? Yes, Language teachers often have that issue.. its completely normal. 

🤔 he bonks her? 
🤔 she bonks him?

Anyways I decided to go ahead and play it. Looking at my ‘I-am-sure-about-the-word’ look, she didn’t challenge but vowed to check up on the word after we finished the game

I couldn’t stop laughing 😂😂😂 at myself for making that word… I mean, what was I thinking? ‘Bonks’? 😂😜 You’d probably want to know how I got to know about the word… considering I haven’t quite played out the practical lesson of the word, it was through one of the many sitcoms I download and watch on my computer.

People read newspapers, books and gather new vocabulary, I have my own innovative ways… 😜 and it works for me. I am still learning  right!? and as long as I can use it in everyday conversation – great! that said ‘bonks’ might not be a word I can use that frequently 🤨

Just in case you’re interested, there’s the American and British version of the word too… something like Bonk in American and Boinks in British… or vice versa, something like that. Proper usage of the word in the proper place makes a big difference. However, in India it shouldn’t make a difference, either way – people are doing it 😉😉

I do try to make one new word every game I play, tiles and proper letter position on the board permitting. Scrabble is such a fun game, of course minus the scrabble words, that just pisses me off no end – just normal English words is good enough. 👍

Needless to say I won the above scrabble game… even after my sister got a bingo [FLEECER] right at the beginning with her very first word… yes I know!  I may be a slow starter but I’ll find my way to the top eventually.

The best part of playing for me is, I don’t play to win, I play to enjoy the game. It isn’t so much for the game but for my time that I chose to spend with another person that is more important.

Besides, it’s just a game and someone’s got to win, the other is the unfortunate loser. 🙏

My Favorite letter: ‘S’ [I love making words plural]

My Least favorite letter: ‘Q’ [I normally hate waiting for ‘U’]

Most challenging letter: ‘J’ [Makes you think where to fit it in]

I could care less!

If you’ve been on Facebook long enough, you’ll have seen this diagram (below)


with the caption: Which color teacup will fill first?

Seriously!? 🙄 There are more important things than this right? What’s with the above question? Like who friggin’ cares? Why do I need to know which cup/glass will get filled up first. Its not just that, this is what I see at least once a day I open Facebook, and its almost like I felt a self built up pressure.. I succumbed and answered it. Not that I won any prize for guessing the correct answer, I somehow felt relieved I attempted it. I am so over it now 😜😛

You won’t even believe how many people attempted answering it, a few thousands or so.. I mean how free are Indian people? 🤔 There are some seriously unemployed people in the country, and all of them are on Facebook. 😂😂

Feel free to solve the above quiz.. though its not that difficult. For all those with the correct answer, I’ll offer a cup of tea with 5 Parle-G biscuits 😋 (like in the picture)

5 Days!

Sitting by the window, staring at nothing in particular, thinking of where she might have gone wrong.. replaying out all the events of the last 5 days repeatedly in her mind. She now had a secret, a secret she couldn’t share with anyone.

It was only last Tuesday that..
She had discovered Love
She, like all her friends, now had someone she could call her very own
She found the man she was going to marry
Life had given her a reason to finally live

‘Love With All You’ve Got’ she had read this line somewhere…

“Didn’t I do that…? Where did I go wrong then?” she kept questioning herself

Call after call went unanswered… he wasn’t even willing to talk to her

In the background somewhere played Bryan Adam’s song.. it wasn’t the first time she had heard that song, it was today that she listened to its lyrics.

When you love someone, you’ll do anything
You’ll do all the crazy things, that you can’t explain
You’ll shoot the moon, put out the sun
When you love someone

You’ll deny the truth, believe a lie
There’ll be times that you’ll believe, you could really fly
But your lonely nights, have just begun

When you love someone
When you love someone, you’ll feel it deep inside
And nothin else, could ever change your mind
When you want someone, when you need someone

When you love someone
When you love someone, you’ll sacrifice
You’d give it everything you got and you won’t think twice
You’d risk it all, no matter what may come
When you love someone
You’ll shoot the moon, put out the sun
When you love someone

Who AM I?

UntitledAt some point, each of us has most likely been asked to introduce ourselves. When asked to introduce yourself, what do you say?

Perhaps you introduce yourself by stating what it is you do for a living, right? That is the normal thing to say. But this post isn’t quite about that.

Have you ever asked yourself this Question? (If I am your teacher/trainer-you can be sure that I’ll ask you this question, and it will NOT be rhetorical) 

Who AM I?

Imagine standing all by yourself, no strings attached – minus family, job, wealth, religion, status etc. and then you ask yourself the same question.

What is the best answer you came up with?

Besides of course your own name, which is really the ONLY thing that you can truly call your own. Nothing, absolutely nothing else is what we can justify as part of us.

This makes me come to the second part of this post, which is – If there’s nothing else besides our name that we carry along with us, what then? Where does that leave us? The obvious next thing to see of a person is, what kind of a life are we leading?

Are we honest in our dealings? Are we merciful to the less fortunate? Are we caring towards the sick? Are we forgiving to people who hate us? Aren’t these some of the things that are more important in today’s world – rather than gathering fame, money and success?

Society has taught us NOTHING, but compete with each other over things that don’t even matter that much in life. Who cares if my neighbor is richer than me? Whether Catholicism is a better religion than Hinduism, I own a bigger car than my friend or that my friend earns more than me etc etc etc.. Do these things really matter?

You may be a doctor, teacher, Engineer, footballer or the Chief Minister for all I care. Do this one thing for me and…

Ask yourself this – If not for me the ”                     “ (enter the appropriate job profile) then who am I?

Something to think about maybe?


Living an ON-line life?

Are you switched on? If you are, well… you’re ONLINE then on There is a green dot next to you.

Imagine, if while walking on the road/station/supermarket, people can recognize if you’re online or not – just by a presence of a green/red not next to you

This is how it would look like:


With the world moving at a frantic pace, we’re all practically living our lives online. We hardly meet people. With phones and social network available, who needs/has the time to physically meet(s) another person?

  1. We have online friends and maintain online relationships (much more than actual physical ones)
  2. Most of our work is done online
  3. Payments are made online (no need of standing in queues)
  4. We shop online (why exercise our legs and go to a supermarket?)
  5. We order food online (don’t feel like cooking… no worries.. just order in…there’s something called a swiggy app)
  6. We can entertain ourselves online, movies, games etc (who needs actual people to play/watch movies with?)
  7. One can educate yourself online, you don’t really need to go to school
  8. Who needs to visit relatives in another country when you can Skype or video call them through a simple gadget called a phone?

What’s left are only small things like eating, walking, bathing, breathing, pro-creating (while that may not exactly be a small thing) etc… but I’m sure the world will find an online substitute to that too soon enough.

You’ve got to pity the youngsters being born in this day and age…they’d never know the actual meaning of what it is ‘to live life to its fullest’ 
You can say, life’s getting easier, but do we really need everything so easy and at the click of a finger? People are getting lazier, eating rubbish food and dying way to earlier than normal. But then who cares, live life King Size they say! or Queen Size.

Nobody really cares for a tomorrow… you wake up – its fine and if you don’t… well no one is really gonna miss you, are they?