Rhythms of Love

  •  3 love stories
  •  1 emotion: LOVE
  •  A man who stood against it – Mr. Narayan Shankar.
  • …and for anyone who stands against LOVE there is always a Mr. Raj Aryan, played by none other than Shahrukh Khan (the undisputed King of Romance) 

Yes! I am talking about the movie ‘Mohabbatein’, loosely translated to ‘Love’ in English. While I always believe that the story is important for any movie to be successful, in this movie personally I loved the background tunes… and when I listened to that tune after almost 17 years. the day before yesterday, it brought back that wide grin to my face to evoke some wonderful memories. 


Who was your favorite couple?

Who was your favorite couple?


C’mon, we all aspired to be the kind of lover, Shahrukh Khan posed to be in his movies… failing miserably of course. Not sure about the girls (and their favorites), but all the guys wanted to have SRK streaks in them. 

Listen to the below tune.. and tell me if it evokes a memory!

Why even google even mentions Shahrukh Khan as a synonym of love. Can’t believe me? Have a look for yourself below:


In the words of the man himself, he says “I sell dreams, and I peddle love to millions of people” Do watch his TED Talk, it’s interesting how he goes about speaking to an audience.

If for some reason, you are unable to watch the video, the link is HERE.

Where are our Prayers going?

What did you pray for Sunday mass today? Money, job, love, fame, world peace?

We’re living in the 21st century, God ought to at least have an email address if not WhatsApp! Even if he spamdid and some of us have that email address, how do we know that our prayers aren’t ending up as spam in his inbox?

Let’s be honest, we all pray, some make them short and crisp while others ramble on for hours on end. But what are we actually praying for? Do our desires and wishes count as a prayer? We all want luxuries in life and God is the only one who can grant it. Well, wasn’t it God who said: “So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you…” And boy! have we been asking ever since…

We all believe, there is God behind all those clouds in the blue sky, hopefully listening to us and make things better for us. But wait! I’ve been over the clouds, isn’t it above the clouds that airplanes fly? I recently did only in November last year, but I didn’t get a glimpse of God anywhere.. is he playing hide and seek with me? Oh, wait! It was a late night flight… I couldn’t even see the clouds clear.

We pour our hearts to HIM after which we feel lighter and feel better. That is the magic of praying to HIM.


We celebrated Holy Communion at our church today with young boys & girls would receive Jesus for the first time in their hearts.. what a wonderful day for them. We pray they keep the fire of Jesus burning in their hearts forever.

What did your prayer include today?


Do you wanna partner?

Finding your husband in a boss…?

I’m not sure if its a thing in the country you live in… but at least in the place I live in, it is quite a regular thing.
The office receptionist or the ‘office girl’ as they refer to it in India, could well turn out to be the boss’s wife in a few years down the line.

So how does it work?

A girl comes for an interview, if she’s lucky enough, she gets selected; hopefully more for her work ethics than her looks.

Her duties in the workplace (read as Internet cafe’s, bakeries, ice-cream joints, book-shops etc..) would include handling cash inflow, interacting with customers and keeping the business up and running, coz who are we kidding? We all know to run a successful business, an attractive/semi-attractive female is required to welcome its customers right?
(read: men [big spenders]) She gets the customers coming in, the boss is happy and the cash register is constantly ringing. “Jackpot”, the boss thinks.. his heart begins to get warmer for his ‘right selection’ and decides to give a promotion to his ‘once upon a time staff-girl’ to now ‘wife’ status – just like that.

Boss’s have hearts too… right? what if their approach is different?

The purpose of this post is not to objectify women or anything of that sort, but to make ‘YOU’ aware – that a simple job offer could land a girl an unwanted husband. Beware of the ‘single’ boss, or as some people put it… the word ‘Single’ is just a word… more times than not, it is the state of the mind of a man. If he’s extra nice to you… who knows! You may be unaware BUT you’re on his trial period on what he’s actually looking out for – ‘a future wife’.

A simple job may just turn out to be a future family business!

Talk of different ways to find your life partner. While finding love at the work-place is the most common way of meeting your true love, some people have other unconventional ways of finding their love-mates.

I think I’ve seen enough to know the lengths people would go to getting what they want.

I haven’t had the privilege of working under a woman boss.. but I would believe it’s a different & better situation there? Or if I have to go by the Bollywood movie I watched (namely Aitraaz) wherein the woman boss is portrayed as aggressive (Priyanka Chopra), would make me think that women are equal to men in that area? or is it just in the movies?

“the 3 flowers”

Part I.

“Do you think dad’s lonely? It has been a long time since mum passed away” Candice said

The 3 daughters were seated at the roundtable, discussing their most prized possession – their dad. The three daughters loved their dad a lot and would do anything to see him happy.

Patrick (or Uncle Patu-as the friendly neighbours called him) was a cheerful man and not many things bothered him (tho’ at times it was evident that he missed Rita [his wife] a lot especially when he went for various functions around the village) but with every passing day, it was a delight to see how well, almost single-handedly brought up his three daughters, after his wife passed away to cancer 3 years after their third daughter, Blossom was born. Rita was only 39 then.

He had rightly named his humble abode “the 3 flowers each flower represented by 1 daughter, Candice (the eldest), Cheryl and the youngest Blossom. Candy, Cherry & Blossy (lovingly referred by the villagers) were seen together accompanying their dad for his evening strolls around the village. On other days just the two of them, while Candice would be busy in the kitchen baking or cooking up some mouth-watering dishes for the family – Jaggery pancakes and rum cakes – being her 2 specialties. While Cherry gorged upon her sister’s rum cake, Blossy was content on nibbling on the lone pancake. Candice would cut a thin slice of cake along with 3 pancakes for her dad. Though it wasn’t as tasty as the ones her mom used to make, her dad ate them with the same relish.

“I’ve seen it in his eyes too… whenever we talk about mum. It’s all because of Blossy..she keeps asking all these questions” Cheryl replied

“I don’t mean to hurt daddy but  I never got to spend enough time with mom, like you and Candy did …and there is so much I want to know about mom” 

“I didn’t mean to blame you blossy” giving her little sister a tight hug

“It’s okay sissie” she smiled

Come what may, whatever the situation, the 3 daughters would always stand by each other and for the one thing that joined them together, they had made up their mind that it was now up to them to bring back the smile on their dad’s face. 

“But how?” asked Blossy very innocently. After a lot of thinking, she said;

“I can give my teddy to daddy, my teddy always keeps me happy, it will keep daddy happy too” she beamed at her idea considering that she always slept with her teddy at night and now to part with it – but for daddy, she was willing to do it.

There is a limited no of ideas that a 9-year-old can come up with. Candy & Cherry had to come up with a better idea.. they knew Blossy’s teddy bear idea, though very cute, wouldn’t work.

“The Photo albums” shouted Cherry

…to be continued

Happy Birthday to ME

So its no 36 for me. I am young, though growing older. Well! We’re all growing older, aren’t we!? It’s not that we can do anything about it. It is a privilege many don’t get, so I guess I got to thank God for making me a year older wiser (I’m not sure of that either) today.
Well, looking back at 35 years, I have memories to be thankful for, the fears & worries, also for the little joys, happiness, and laughs. While the past has given me things to remember, the future has mysteries that I am yet to discover.
I did let go of many chances and missed some important moments. While some friends left me, others I have walked away from – as I move on…
Another year of my life – to do better, to learn more, to live and love to the fullest. I’ll try not to let myself down…44
For you ‘the reader’ thank You for being the part of the beginning of another year in my life. We may have not met, spoken or even have a clue of who the other is.. You still matter.
And for the people who read this and remember me today – Say a prayer for me, that would be the best gift you could ever give.
I am blessed.

Life’s all about making the RIGHT choices…

One Life and many chances to get it right, chances to start over again… but unfortunately, when we do decide to.. we make that turn very late in life.
A few wrong decisions and you end up living a miserable life, however short or long it may be.

While today morning, reading the obituary of someone I knew, met up, had a few laughs and shared many a conversation with – is now no more. It doesn’t come as a surprise to hear of the news, having spoken to him for the last time on the 19th of December, he didn’t have anything positive to say.. he knew he had messed up big time and ranted for a while on phone of all the mistakes that he made in the course of his life until that day. For the first time if I can remember clearly, blamed himself. 

It wasn’t something that anyone else could help him with, but a turn he HAD to make. He did say – he was willing to make that turn, even though very late.

23rd of December 2017 – the MAN IS DEAD. How? & Why? no one knows!
7th of January 2018 (today) the obituary notice is in the newspaper for everyone to read – a good 16 days later. 

44 years of life. Messed up, Confused and Short lived.

Could he have lived a better life? Probably he could – if only he was willing to make that TURN earlier.

Hearing of people die is never good, especially if you know the individual personally.

He’s gone now! He didn’t get to see a New Year. Rightly so! His TIME was up! His work could be far from done on Earth.. but it didn’t seem it was good enough.

May his soul rest in peace.

We weren’t friends – more like two individuals who shared a few things in common. The one line he’d always say to me… “You’re a good guy Savio… but he’d never complete that sentence. Guess I’ll never know now what he always wanted to say, but never did.

I couldn’t stress more on MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICES

– the right company/friends
– the right life partner
and of course the right path.



Is it still ‘A Happy New Year?’


Okay! So we’re in a new year. People are still wishing each other ‘A Happy New Year’. While all this Happy New Year thing is nice and all, it does get old pretty quickly.. as quickly as the first week of January.

So when do people STOP wishing each other a ‘Happy New Year’? My thinking would be by the 6th of January [the 3 Kings Feast (The Epiphany) – which signals the end of the Christmas season]. While that is all cool..what if someone comes up and wishes you a week after that? I’m gonna say Mid January would be the last I’m entertaining new year wishes… I don’t want to be reminded that its a new year after that.

I’m still receiving Merry Christmas messages from friends…on the 6th of January. 

So, as the Christmas season comes to an end a little under 2 hours from now, I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2018 – for the FINAL time. Have a great one ahead! Cheers!

When humanity won!

  • A pigeon was stuck, entangled in a wire and struggled to set herself free in a building opposite the one I work in..
  • 3 girls working in the office saw it struggling and made them visibly upset..

I wasn’t even aware of what was happening… until I was taken to the window to see the bird that was stuck. To make matters worse I could not even spot the bird. To my benefit, the two building were quite far apart, across a busy street in the city. I strained to look, even then I could not spot it.

After a while, I said, “Yes I can see it…” I lied, I didn’t want it to seem like I was the only one in the office who couldn’t spot the bird, which was true. Everyone saw it but me, and that too after wearing glasses – wow!

The pigeon was stuck on a wire in another building and here in the office I work in, were 3 girls who were very very upset.

After a while, I happen to look out in that direction through the window and I see a familiar face trying to rescue a bird… Yesss!! I can finally see the pigeon now (I was totally looking in a different direction) Its the guy from the office, who has gone to the other building, climbing over a balcony and rescues the bird.

He’s got a smile on his face – he’s happy, the bird is happy and the girls in the office are excited. The guy’s a HERO.

He comes back to the office to loud claps and cheers, the girls are obviously excited.

Humanity won! All I said was ‘Good Job Ralph!’ 

I could care less if someone told me that a bird was stuck somewhere, I mean who has the time to rescue a bird, right? Why only me? Anyone would have reacted that way – it was only a bird after all.

But NO! That pigeon mattered to those girls… it mattered to that guy. It is good to know that people actually have time to leave their work and look out for a bird stuck somewhere on another building… (being a Saturday did help)

I’m sure if the bird hadn’t been rescued, that girl would have remained upset all day… I guess that’s how a woman’s heart is… 

Humanity doesn’t come from wearing t-shirts that say ‘Being Human’ but it is in the little acts like these..

Dedicated to… for 2017

This post is dedicated to some of the nicest people I’ve met.. in 2017 

1. Tejal(We first made contact in the December of 2016) but I’ll include her in this list of ’17, simply because it was over the course of this year, that we actually got acquainted more with each other, over some memorable hours of simply speaking English along with 3 other equally fun people, one of which makes my no 2 on this list.

2. Anjali – There are not many people like Anjali I’ve come across. She makes great company and a whole package in a little under 5’4” inches. She’s full of life and quite the fire-brand (if I may add) – A female version of me in more ways than one. English brought us under one roof.

3. Neharika & Sumati – Again, I’ll have to say it was language that got me a chance to get in touch with them. Genuinely soft-spoken English Trainers who I had the good fortune of meeting and interacting, especially Neharika who I trained under, for a few hours of TOEFL lessons.

4. Ashwini –  ‘Right person at the Right time… that’s what I’m gonna refer to her as. A genuinely good person at heart and ever willing to go out of her way to help. Simplicity is her middle name. She’s someone I can call a friend definitely!

5. Rozzlin – Well, I’ve not really met her personally but have had the good fortune of exchanging more than a few Whatsapp msgs with her. For her, I may just be one of her followers on her Youtube channel, but for me, she is someone who I’d look up to for the sheer talent she possesses, in bringing joy into people’s lives (in character). I am sure she is as wonderful & genuine a person in real life, as she is as A. Maggy. 

…and for some of the virtual friends I have, who I have interaction with, either through social media, Whatsapp, calls or email. Big shout-outs to Pradita, Aditi & Sasha.

2017 in many ways hasn’t been a year I would want to remember too much for, but even when there’s nothing special I can find in 2017, there will always be these little twinkling starts shining for the year that’s going by…

While many of these people come from different walks of life… they all have one thing in common and that’s their simplicity, and that is probably why they make it to my list of ‘The Nicest people I’ve met in 2017″

Year-end TAG

I’ve not done for a very very long time.. so here’s one for the year-end 2017

Let’s call it the Year-end Appreciation-Tag’

1. If God grants you an instant wish.. what would you ask for?

A one way trip!

2. How well do you know yourself?


3. What do you think about a bloggers meet up?

Why not!? Would love that.. 

4. If you could transform into any animal what would it be?

For a Day? – maybe a DOG.

5. Favorite book.

Yet to read a lot more to answer this!

6. Do you think true love exists?

Yes! I’d like to think so at least

7. Ego or anger? Which one damages the most?

Anger, I suppose. People can handle EGO

8. What do you want to become?

someone worth remembered

9. Do you believe that there would be a third part in the movie Bahubali?

I could care less..

10. Name one thing you do that always feels right.

Speaking my heart out! No matter how many people get hurt along the way. I’ve suppressed enough!!

11. Where do you draw the most inspiration from your blog?

  • Everyday encounters & life in general.

12. Favorite country?

The one I live in, India.

13. What is a relationship breaker for you?

Not experienced much! But I’d say ‘distrust’

14. Would you ever take back someone who cheated?


15. If you’re in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or have someone cheer you up?

Left alone, I’ll come around eventually in an hour or 2

16. Are you confidential?

Yes! In certain departments of my life

17. What’s the one thing people always misunderstand about you?

That I am a proud person, but you’ll know the real me only once we’re friends and that takes time normally.

18. What did your past relationship teach you?

I’ve just had one..it taught me good beginnings can often have the worst endings. That said, I’d still take it coz no one’s perfect! 😜

19. What job would you be terrible at?

An Accountant. Seriously! What the ‘F’ is that?

20. If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance of winning a medal for?

Pen Fight or Carrom. I was a pro at it.. once upon a time. I am still very nimble on the fingers 😂

21. What would be your first question after waking up from being cryogenically frozen for 100 years?

I’d be surprised if I make it out alive!! 😜

22. What have you only recently formed an opinion about?

That the world we live in, is nothing but an Illusion

23. What is the most annoying question people ask you?

‘How are You?’ I mean..what do they really wanna know?

24. What is something a ton of people are obsessed with but you just don’t get the point of?

Selfies.. its insane! Everywhere!!!! Why??

25. What one thing do you really want but can’t afford?

Travel around the world

26. What did you think you would grow out of but haven’t?

Forgiving! I’m working on that.. 

27. What do you wish your brain was better at doing?

Staying out of the ‘heart’ issues, it interferes too much 😜

28. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

I’ve got a pretty cool name, so I’m good

29. What would be the most annoying thing to someone who has you as a roommate?

I am a little strict when it comes to rules.. and boy! Do I have lots of rules

30. Have you ever saved someone’s life?

Would walking out of someone’s life count? 

30 Questions sounds like too much? Oh c’mon, don’t be a baby! You have 12 days to complete the tag.  I nominate..

Pradita, I know you don’t like tooting your own horn.. but I’ve not tagged you in 1 for ages!

Aditi, make your comeback on WP with this post.. you posted last in June! That’s like ages ago!

Carol, how can I forget Carol-that too in the Christmas season.. Carol – Christmas Carols.. get it??

Janice, Let’s get back in touch..! Its been a while, hasn’t it!?

and Radhika, I’m not sure if you do Tags, but it would mean a lot to have your outlook towards some of the questions. Special offer for you, Pick the best 2 according to you and answer them 😛

 And for anyone else who wants to try it out – go ahead!