‘I think I need to..’ to ‘I must go now..’

To pee or not to pee or to pee later?

That is The Question.

The everyday decision, every passenger needs to make before boarding the Margao bound bus from Panjim, after work. It generally takes anything between 65-75 minutes of traveling time to reach the other side of Goa – the question to ask here is – do you want to have a comfortable journey or a bladder-stressed one?

Now when people travel up and down different places, they are bound to make friends (not the kinda friends where you invite them for birthdays and all.. but the ones you don’t mind sharing chips in the bus with) we see each other practically every day. Some of them of whom you meet walking in and out of toilets before they catch their buses. We’re like

‘going to the toilet?’
‘yeah me too’

Sometimes its totally fine, to not have that un-necessary conversation, to only meet once again on your way out, this time, however, both of us are now smiling. [did I just insert way too many commas?]

Some days, you are in so much of a hurry that you miss that ‘important thing you do’ and that’s when “maybe” in between the journey, in the bus… you’re not quite sure what to do when your bladder is asking questions of you, and just about the same time, the side passenger decides to strike up a conversation with you… and you’re like trying to make small talk, but he’s not quite satisfied with your short answers and wants something more substantial. Bad time for communication brother! Like seriously!

That said, I am proud of my bladder holding capacities, it has never let me down. Besides men are supposed to have bigger bladders than their female counterparts – that could be one reason. It can hold up for long periods with no toilets around. Of course as a male in “free” India, we really do not need a toilet per se… an open field or a wall is just as convenient. If our ministers can water plants in the open, we can do too. Now for ladies, it can be a tricky situation, that is why you’ll find queues outside women’s toilets. 

The Next Day: I catch my bus after work, I’m already late, the queue is long, after waiting what seemed like forever, I get into the bus. Mid-way… uh oh!


Proud to be a woman? Are you?

So yesterday was International Women’s Day. An answer I’ve always wanted to knowzzzz.jpg was, Do women actually feel proud to be women? Do they feel special on a day dedicated especially to them? Or is just like any another day? What’s it to be a woman? I needed answers not because it gives me chance to create another blog post (that too…) but more so because there could be no better topic for men to talk about than ‘women’, well ‘sex’ too… but then I guess in many ways, both of them are related.

As early as 6.30 I started sending out messages to all the girls/women I knew, wishing them on ‘their day’ with the following message…

Happy International Women’s Day, it must be pretty amazing being a woman ryt?

You know how sometimes a simple question like that can spark more than a few lines of a response… some did while others had to be asked an extra question “What does it feel to be a woman?” I must say the replies did make me smile, considering I know so many different kinds of women. While some of them replied in a few words, others went more the paragraph way. Brace yourself to reading some of the answers I got.

The very first of course was a total shocker! I was like 

“I wish I could be a boy, it’s stupid, bullshit to be a woman” – Yes ma’am, I’d like to know more… over a cup of coffee 😝

Another friend of mine… real ballsy character, she has to say “One word.. in India – Oppressed. The very fact that we have a special day to remember us, is saying a lot about the state of women. Not only here. All over the world” – I would say I agree with her.

“I feel proud of being reproduced, feel strong even after being judged, feel happy that we work equally to guys” – signs of the changing woman attitude? Bodes well for the future!

“Being a woman…
Growing up there wasn’t any difference thanks to my upbringing yes except my night outs were thoroughly interviewed b4 getting approved
Dating was fun all d attention
After marriage reality starts to sink in.
Husbands lifestyle friends and family is now mine. And my real family friends take d back seat…
after childbirth (the greatest responsibility of all) husband. Lifestyle. Family take d back seat and the ones on backseat go further. Except for the immediate family… who come back in the front seat to help out.
womens-stagesThere is always a choice but sometimes being a woman it’s best to accept and enjoy the privileges of being a woman…
You’re the ‘go-to’ person for your children just by giving birth to them. Whereas the fathers have to make a real effort to be on par with the mothers. Just the sound of mom’s heartbeat or the breath or even hearing my voice wud pacify my crying babies… what a blessing. And being a woman the amount of physical and mental and emotional strength u have surprises u. – Talk of a woman’s journey, beautifully expressed! I appreciate the time my friend took to type this all out, considering we’re living in such a busy world.

It must be pretty amazing being a woman right? “Not always…! But we have our perks😄” 

“I wouldn’t know if it’s being a woman or being alive. I haven’t experienced being alive as the other gender. It’s amazing being alive though! I’m not for all the gender stereotypes. I think men and women both have their roles to play and both genders have to overcome hurdles. Women don’t do anything great to have a day to celebrate.

Traits should be celebrated instead. Determination day- Share a story or 2 of your friend showing applaudable determination. Wouldn’t that encourage people to get aligned rather than just celebrating women’s day?

There are so many women that feel great on this day just to be women. Such a false sense of satisfaction to nothing achieved. I don’t think these days are planned right at all.😋

  Something to think about I guess. Now that’s my kind of woman! Such strong thoughts. Pity that she’s married already 😝 

“Don’t know Sav.. never been anything else before” – She’s got a point there! 😝🤪😂🤣 What she said next just floored me “If I have to put it in one line I’d say to feel like a woman is to feel every adjective that’s ever written on every language across the world at any given point in time or maybe sometimes at a single point” – I really didn’t know what to say to that.. that is probably the best sentence I’ve read to date, easily!

“Wo+ men combination of the two makes a complete word ..the latter, of course, follows the former …n that’s what being a woman is, let the men literally follow you as an example!

klWoo +man is a complete another example when a man is wooed by you…he should be wooed by a what a rockstar you are in yourself, a spectacular example of simple yet with a great sense of style, enveloping the true virtues n values which in my terms mean fire in heart n sparkle in the eyes ,all set on your goals like the fisheye for lord Arjuna ,that is what the essence of a modern women is in this free country .. where are woes of man are much more than they woo a woman in terms of the personality she carries..a woman can fly but fly as long as she is flying equal to them ..the moment she rises higher, above n over ..the woes begin and the wooing ends there!

Being a women is empowering in itself..
a creator of life ,a nurturer, a boon balancing artist all her life in the ways she juggles with life…she is a true juggler ,we keeping everything safe even when its up in the air she knows she is gonna catch it right there…that’s the fire, that’s the assurance, that’s the confidence, a sense of security, a sense of freedom when things fly high ..yet the balance is the true essence of being a woman” – Well!! that was long but yes, excellent thoughts! I did tell her that I’ll need a day to let this message to sink in.. I still have a few hours left

For me being a woman makes me feel the power . I’ve got control of so many things in life. It makes me feel strong, beautiful and sexy. – You go, girl! That’s short & crisp!

I feel proud to be a woman because a few things come naturally to women as compared to men. Like the power to empathize, the giving nature and a relatively high emotional quotient. Not that men do not have it… but it comes to women more naturally. The biggest blessing of being a woman is able to give birth. This is so unique that no man would ever be able to do it. My advice to women is that do not get into gender fights. No gender is superior or inferior. If you feel women are strong then don’t crave for mercies from men. Secondly.. do not wait for a single day to celebrate womanhood. Celebrate every day. Be good, do good. Pamper urself. Love urself. Every single day!! – Nice. I liked the reference to the men made, well said. Another thing that women possess.. the right words – at the right time. Thank you for answering.

“…well I feel so proud being a woman … to be said its also pretty tough to be a woman”  something I guess, we guys could never even begin to understand.

That was a handful of responses I got to whom I sent out the question to.. thank you, girls/women, for your co-operation, it was wonderful to know your views.

We, men, will never understand what it means to be wooed, whistled or ogled at… and if we look at it at a more superficial level.. as Joey Tribianni puts it across in an episode of friends;

You know what blows my mind? Women can see breasts any time they want. You just look down and there they are. How you get any work done is beyond me. Beyond me too bro!

Mood swings to being the center of attraction, sexy-confident & vulnerable at the same time – wow! Facing pain with a smile on their face. We’d never know how they do it. I’m not sure if men really want to know too… guess we’re happy with the issues we have, that is if we can really call it issues.

As much as it took me a long time to compile this blog post, the longest one I’ve done till date I guess – but with women, things are bound to get extended. I enjoyed putting this together. It was fun. Hope you enjoy reading this, male, female irrespective.

So what did I learn from the little interactions I’ve had with all the above women…? I’m truly blessed to have so many friends who are girls, especially the one’s I’ve mentioned in this post. You women are simply super! …and also I’m happy being a guy, I’d do terrible as a girl – PERIOD!


A female for company

I have had horrible luck with people sitting next to me in buses and trains.. either I would have another man or worst scenario, an uncle who has lost his zest for life or an oversized aunty who might be taking a little more space, than what is allocated to one normal butt size – clearly invading into my space too. I may adjust a lot in life but a seat… No way! – I paid for it! Savio DOES NOT share his seat.

While I always had my friends narrating exciting stories back in the days of college, about how sexy or cute or whatever other adjectives they could find in the English dictionary to describe the girl sitting next to them, I would have no such luck in saying ‘me too’. They might have made it all up for all I know, still, they made it sound so exciting.



Kadamba A/c Bus – Pretty Fancy!


As I type this, I’m thrilled to say that there’s a pretty cute girl sitting next to me… Yes, like for real!! While cute would be a way too kind word to use for her, she was more the hot types. She was HOT a.f – there I said it. Everything of hers seems well rounded in appropriate sizes, not too big, not too small. Our legs and shoulders are brushing each other and it doesn’t seem to bother either her or me. Guess its the a/c bus that’s doing the magic…we are perfect strangers, but on some level, we look good together sitting next to each other, I’m already imagining what our babies would look like 😆😆

Having a girl sit next to you in a bus, always makes people around you, envy you-you of course are sitting next to the hottie. We’re both busy on our phones but I’m sure at some level she wants to know what I’m frantically typing into the notepad… (girls are curious by nature) She’s browsing through her FB feed, maybe I can have a peek and see if I can note down her FB ID. 

While in my younger days, I wasn’t really lucky with the girls, I seemed to have gotten better with age, and have a girl for company, almost everytime I travel, not to mention the ones I work with, students and friends.

Earlier today I told a friend of mine I work with… “there’s something different about you today…did you do your eyebrows?” and she was like “Oh my God, Savio” ..yeah, I know, not something guys would normally pay attention to… but I speak their language and I understand them a little better than many of my male counterparts… (what a wonderful gift to have and I can’t believe how am I still single – life’s a BITCH) so much for having many girlfriends (to be read as friends who are girls) over the years.

..well the girl peeked into my phone just now, yup and thanks to my tiny font, she couldn’t quite gather what was being typed, not that she would have minded much. I did call her HOT! that’s supposed to be a compliment.

My fingers are really paining now.. I’m gonna end this, I could go on.. but I have to listen to some music too, else it won’t feel right- traveling in a bus with a headset on my head and no music playing. Switching to Ananya Birla’s latest song – Hold on…

She peaked again.. that’s 2 peeks in 2 minutes.

Wait! My last entry before I get down from the bus, I have a good look at her… probably the last look, unless we sit together again in another journey from Panjim to Margao. 

The following was typed out on my phone while sitting in the bus back from work, from Panjim to Margao. Re-created via a computer screen back home.

Some days are just worth it, I tell you.

My next blog post..

My last post was on the 20th of February, that makes it 10 days of silence until this post – today the 2nd of March.

I hate it when I have these long gaps between two posts. It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about – I have a lot! Trust me… like the stuff I see, hear or find myself in the midst of – not all of it is as interesting though. However, the ones that are, need to be edited, refined, be of acceptable language and only then can I post it on my blog, i.e if I choose to do so. That takes patience, effort and more importantly Time, which I would like to believe, is the one thing I have in abundance, even with the things that I do in a day.

Well, coming to the week gone by, it can clearly be said, it’s been one of shock, sorrow and a lot of babble everywhere – none more than about Sridevi (the Indian actress who passed away on the 24th of February)  
You, as much as I would have been fed with so much of information over the past few days, that we have reached a point of saying – ‘Enough is Enough’. Though for me it was just news, there were people around me who seemed to talk on and on about the subject – at work, in buses, on phones and of course social media.

In one week so much has happened that…
On Sunday – suddenly all of India became Sridevi fans, followed by the whole of India turning into a discussion board and then into detectives.

I’m sure many bloggers might have covered a lot of different angles of the ‘Sridevi’s death Story’, however, I am not here to write about that. But a definite mention must be made, that she was one of Bollywood’s best and it is indeed a big loss…

If that was not enough, she having a state funeral, got more people talking. To be frank, I was surprised too.. but then what the heck! This is India…we really can’t question anything that happens in the country. Just watch the drama and remain quiet, unless you want to be caught, questioned and in extreme cases thrown into jail for having your opinion. 

…and Yes, we’ve entered into March, the third month of 2018. Didn’t we just enter into 2018? We’re already in March. 

A Year On…


…since I moved out from the WordPress platform to my own domain.

While that was a welcome change, a start right from scratch had to be made. Having blogged from the WordPress platform for 3 years before that, it helped me maintain the writing frequency that I cultivated over the years – while it took time initially for google to index my site, visitors were far in between but picked up in 5-6 months down the line.

Today, 1 year and 3 days later, life on my blog seems to have come back to normal, the odd comment here and there, the growing number of views and increasing no of followers. It can, however, do still better and I’m sure it will into its second year of existence.

A couple of things I have learned since moving out on my own (own domain)

*~* Visitors won’t find you unless you put your blog out there for people to notice

*~* People need a good enough reason to visit your site. Else they aren’t going to visit. Focus on content.

*~* People tend to not comment too much when a blog is hosted on a website (unlike a blogging platform where people don’t hesitate to comment) but you’ll still notice growth in the no of hits your website gets in a day. 

If you understand the above 3 points, your website will do just fine. That said, a website needs a whole lot more work (in terms of getting noticed by fellow bloggers – Indiblogger does well that way) A lot of people monetize their blog, write for companies, get paid and that’s how the blog pays for itself. I do nothing of that sort. I don’t prefer to. Blogging is something personal to me and I keep the commercialization aspect of it as far as I can. Maybe in a few years when I get a bit more famous and let my work speak for myself… I’d have a website which does that… but not this one, this one is special in more ways that one.

When you visit my blog (on the computer) the first thing you’ll see is.. a request which asks you “Can you turn on the light please”


only after which you enter my BLOG. The “Turn on the light thing” is something that has impressed many who have visited the site, and something I am eternally grateful to my cousin for getting it done, which if it was for real, I would have to pay a really high electricity bill every day.

My blog saw the light of day, thanks to my cousin. Cheers to him! And to those who visit the site, besides adding one number to the ‘website hits’, you become an integral part of the every growing family of the extra…aaamile.

A ‘Me’ post

One of those random posts that I just decide to talk write about myself


What is it for you?

Do you fall into the group of people who dresses up in the morning to work, for you simply have to, you don’t have much of a choice? or the second group where you wake up to a possibility of having a new day to look forward to and having fun at the work you do?

In the first instance, you’re just existing by doing what you’re supposed to do while in the second you have a new challenge to look forward to. If you’ve known me long enough, you’d probably know which group I’d fit in perfectly.

I’m different, a total misfit in most cases… but then again, with me – you will probably see more of the unconventional than ‘the-right-thing-do-to’ approach, which works more times than not. I’m a firm believer of the phrase “Expect the Unexpected”

Could I actually Love what I do? Most definitely! otherwise, I would never do it. .Simple. Let me tell you something that I love to do – which is teaching or training or simply interacting with a group of people. I know I’d do well because I am blessed with a good skill set in that particular field and I can keep doing it in a loop. They’ve been times I’ve even lost my voice at the end of a day/week, for that’s how much I love to do what I do.
My dad recently told me, that even when I talk to different people in everyday conversations (outside of a teaching/training environment) I talk using all kinds of intonation, stressing on certain words (which is not necessarily required) just to make myself understood better and put the RIGHT message across. [no wonder why I stress on voice modulation and Intonation in all my training and teaching sessions] People might not find the difference, but that’s just me… being Me.

nmnI love being myself. I’m the biggest fan of myself and I could care less what others think. That’s how I’ve cultivated the ‘I Don’t care’ attitude in my life. There was a time in my life I got affected a whole lot by what people said and tried changing myself to suit them, I only ended up hurting myself because I wasn’t being true to my own identity. Lesson learned the hard way, lesson learned nevertheless.

I might have been around on the earth for only 35 years so far but I’ve learnt a lot in the time I’ve been around, I’ve tried a few different things, failed in some, done well in others – however life is one big mystery, that I’ve still not been able to solve and I’m not sure if I’d ever be able to solve it EVER! That said, wherever I go, whatever I do, there are always stories to be told, emotions to be expressed and situations that need to be handled – and this blog gives me that space to do all of that.

While not everything can be spoken out these days, writing is the next best option. No wonder there are so many of us bloggers out there! If given a choice to speak or write, I’d probably chose speaking over writing. And I’d do it with every bit of what I have inside of me, Intonation, modulation and all of that… for who are we kidding, talking in a dead tone is equal to not talking at all.

There are times that I feel, after writing a blog post like this;

Why did I write it?

Was it to let other people an insight into my life? Not really! A few lines written here aren’t really going to make a world of a difference. However, sometimes it works as a reminder to myself about the little things that do matter to me, that just needs to be written down. Nothing like reading it a few years down the line… and asking myself “Was I really like that back then?”


Our Support system…

You may not always feel the need for a support system or someone to turn to when things get hard, but there will be a point in your life when that’s all you need.

Extremely touched by the few words spoken by the Indian Captain Virat Kohli about his wife, at the post-match interview after winning the series 5-1 vs South Africa.

He says:

“My wife who keeps me motivated deserves a lot of credit. I want to thank my wife. She has been a huge factor. She deserves a lot of appreciation for it. She has been criticized a lot, but she is one person who kept pushing me”

Class act Mr. Virat Kohli, well said, very classy and he couldn’t have got any better platform than to say in on television for the whole world to watch. It got the whole world talking, within seconds of which it was trending on twitter like crazy!

Thanking his wife and pointing out that she often gets (unnecessarily) criticised when things get tough. Having a strong support system is important for everyone. We all need to know someone has our back. Happy that he has finally found his.

2018 in a hurry!

Some of the things I’ve noticed over the past couple of months this year so far…

..time is flying like nobody’s business. Morning and Evenings pass like a blink of an eye!
..babies are growing rapidly
..clocks are running fast
..people are hardly spending more than 5 minutes to eat food
..driving speeds exceeding 80 and 100kph endangering lives
..telephone conversations are restricted to hello & the message, no pleasantries exchanged coz there is apparently no time to do so. 

January’s gone, we’re already more than halfway through to February. March is around the corner… that’s 3 months passing by fairly quickly. Time is literally flying.. so are people’s lives getting busier. I go weeks and sometimes months without speaking to my best friend.

Life needs to seriously slow down. Too much is happening in little time. 

Life’s getting very monotonous, people doing the same things day in and day out…

There’s more to life than the ‘wake-up – work – eat – sleep – repeat’ routine right? Tell me there is! In Goa, life’s a bit better though, we still make time to do different things, but that too is changing slowly.

Does anyone think like me, that time is just going by so fast lately? I don’t know why! but it does feel that as I grow older.. time’s speeding up. When we’re small, we want to grow older and now that we’re all this grown-up version of ourselves.. it feels like I wanna be a kid again.
I don’t believe I’ve changed much over the years, but I do miss (at times) the more careless me, the more carefree version that I was, the limited things that were available and the fun times we had when younger and now.. its like There’s just too..much of everything. I wish I were a kid again.

PADMAN – The movie

I needn’t write the synopsis of the movie here, the publicity of the movie has been spread far and wide, or wait! It makes more sense I do…

Lakshmi is a newly married welder who causes a stir in his East Indian village when he tries to revolutionize the manufacturing of sanitary napkins for women.

What I’ll say though is; It is a good movie. Let gender not come in the way, for you to find your way to the nearest theatre to watch PADMAN


Akshay Kumar may be the hero on all the posters displayed in cinema halls and billboards, but the real hero in the movie was Sonam Kapoor.

It takes a man to come up with a brilliant idea but a woman to make it happen. (I’m not sure if that is what happened in real life too – was it?

Time for some reading up I guess.

..through the 👀 of Bollywood

We’ve always associated ourselves with the hero/heroine of a movie when we watch it… “I was him/her once upon a time…”

Let me then take you through some of the characters in some of the Bollywood movies, I closest resemble to – Bollywood ishstyle!

I am Karan (2nd part of the movie) from Hum Tum, the understanding and the good friend to Rhea, yet at the same time, not quite there with his illogical thinking…

I am Sameer Sharma of Mohabbatein, carry the picture of the girl I love, in my heart (not in my wallet) and bumping into her often yet unable to say anything 😛

I am definitely (at times) Aditya Kashyap in Jab We Met, waiting to hop on a train, leaving all my problems behind

The closest character I have practically lived would be Rahul Prakash Udyavar (Shahid Kapoor) & Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir Khan) in Paatshala & Taare Zameen Par [both roles being teachers – minus the music and dance of course] 😛😛

I am Sameer in Dil Chahta hai, a genial, well-meaning, desperately romantic, but confused guy who is prone to romantic infatuations and believes to have found true love whenever he gets attracted to a girl (s)

I am Sunil from Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, a happy-go-lucky scamp and yet everything he wants he doesn’t get…from his results to the girl he loves (which he eventually doesn’t get)

While I have watched so many Bollywood movies over the years, there’s a little something in every movie I’d relate to in the characters.

How about you mention the top 5 characters in Bollywood movies that resembles the closest you in real life? C’mon, give it a try! It’s fun… Aditi? Sonali? Pradita? Rekha?