Jail Break needed!

I haven’t been a fan of myself of late – that is a fact. And I couldn’t be more frustrated about what’s been going on. But like everyone says “its one of those things…” “Really?” Some people have it far worse. I find myself in a self made jail, the bunch of keys which lies with […]

..to think about!

My biggest fear is that eventually you will see me the way I see myself, and you won’t like it. . . It’s like – I’m drowning and you’re standing three feet away screaming – “learn how to swim” Extract from https://finallyunchained.blog – Pia Majumdar Very thought provoking! Don’t many of us feel this way? […]

Unlimited calling!

With telecom companies coming out with various packs for unlimited calling all over the country, we suddenly find ourselves in a dilemma on who to call…. what to talk… and how long to talk… considering we have all the freedom to go on n on n on.. with unlimited calling. Remember the days when limited […]


There’s nothing more hilarious these days than watching some of the videos of the #KikiChallenge happening in an around the country and the world.. like seriously! People will do anything for a minute of fame! 😆🤦‍♂️ Stepping out of a movie car and breaking into a dance does seem something only a freak would do.. but […]

Looking back!

Looking back 36 years of my life lived, could I have done.. ..something different? ..been someone different? ..done things differently? ..approached life more seriously? During a conversation with an absolute stranger, he asked me a strange question “Considering you have been single all your life..are you Happy?” You’d gotta think what kind of a dumb […]

A Matrimonial AD

Here’s a fun challenge! If you could put an honest matrimonial ad for yourself, what would it be? I’ve joined this group on Facebook ‘Indian Singles – Let’s Discuss’ and boy! Its been so much fun.. to have views of different single people on varied subjects. But the above fun challenge was something I would […]

The Malayalee Stretch

Whoever said only elastic stretches.. hasn’t been to Kerala. In this state of India, ‘people’s names’ are stretched. It is not like a few extraaaaaaa vowels will really make a difference. Let’s take the word ‘Chalakudy’. Chalakudy is a municipal town in Thrissur district, in Kerala. Now for an average person like you or me.. […]