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Does a follow on WordPress warrant a follow back? Just wondering 🤔 I’ve just hit 50 followers today on (that’s in addition to the 1.5k following me back on the WordPress platform) so yes, people do read my stuff, which is always good to know.

But one thing that concerns me is that ‘Do people follow my blog just because I follow theirs’? If that’s the case, that isn’t good news. UntitledUntitled

When I follow a certain blog/blogger, it’s because I find their content really good and wish to read more of what they write. I’m not much of a follow-4-follow principle. There are some really talented bloggers out there who I don’t follow (by clicking on the follow tab on their page), which does not mean I don’t like the stuff they write, its just that the theme of their blog doesn’t appeal to me (for eg: fashion/beauty/blogs written in regional language etc..) but a few posts here-n-there on their blog which are really good.

A piece of Advice:

Let blogging not be about numbers or mine v/s yours. Leave blogging at least out of the competition, we’re already competing in other fields. Let us do something we love for a change without bothering who reads and how many people follow us.

Write because that is what makes you happy. 😀😀

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A Bollywood movie that involves students, a defective student/teacher/system or management is bound to be interesting (defective may be too harsh a word to use – Excuse me for that!) – and why not? Schools & Education are a big deal in India and anything associated with it.. be it stories told in movies like Rockford, Taare Zameen Par, Hindi Medium, Paathshaala, Stanley ka dabba or the recent Hichki. I haven’t watched the movie ‘Chalk n Duster’ as yet (another school centric movie), don’t think it would be any different though.

It doesn’t take much for a film to work in India.

Make a film regarding Education or Women and India being the emotional country it is, Indians will throng to theaters to watch it, but in the real life – would never dream of doing anything to help the country or even a fellow citizen for that matter. It is easy to walk out of a theater and say “it was a wonderful movie”.. what after that? Don’t people take a lesson out from these movies?

Every (almost every) movie made in Bollywood teaches us something new, some of which come to mind are Pink, Jolly LLB, Rang de Basanti, English Vinglish to name a few, there are so many more.

Hichki too is one such movie like that. Imagine a situation like this in real life. Someone applying for a teacher’s position with a condition of Tourette’s syndrome. Will she ever get a chance to teach? Forget that, would she clear the interview stage? C’mon! Be realistic. No way its ever going to happen! Who wants a defective teacher? While the movie may show that life is good and good things do happen, the chances of it happening in the REAL life is ZERO 😏

So while you are watching the movie, the story has moved you and there were different emotions running inside of you at that time – agreed, but just for that time (the duration of the movie) you come out and it becomes ‘just another movie’. Walk a few kms away and you see someone like that on the road, making weird sounds or making strange movements, will you not laugh, will you not mock? Isn’t that people’s default action? 🤔

So whether is it a Naina Mathur (Hichki) or a Rahul Prakash Udyavar (Paathshaala) Shashi (from English Vinglish) or a Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Taare Zameen Par) – these kind of people do not exist in the real life, they simply don’t.

I loved the movie Hichki and the other above mentioned movies too. But if I didn’t take a lesson from every movie I watched, it would be a total waste spending time (and in some cases money too) watching these movies. Yes, I have mentioned somewhere in a blog sometime back, that movies to me are for entertainment purposes but then how can you not miss out on a lesson? How about entertainment and you get to learn something too. That makes it a paisa vasool movie right? 😉

Taking nothing away from the work that film producers put in nowadays to make a movie worth watching for its audiences, it was a well made film – was Hichki. I thought Rani Mukerjee’s performance was awesome, and it must have taken some work to get into the character she played. 👍

A month late to watch it, as usual. Glad I didn’t miss out on it.

This is NOT a review.

When a ‘bye’ is mandatory

1We all have that one person (minimum) who we know never ends his/her telephone conversation with a bye. He will call, say something really quickly and before you know it, you hear the click of the disconnection button… and you’re like hello…helloo… hellooooo? only to realize that the phone call has been cut. You call the number back just in case may be there was something left out that was unsaid or unheard.. he picks up the call and says haan bol’ (or in literal2 English translation… ‘yes tell’) like as if he’s doing you a favor by picking up your call 

This is definitely not something that works with people in my circle, as much as the Hello is important at the beginning of the call, more important is the Bye because otherwise how else would I know you’ve finished what you called to say – right? Makes sense no? 🤔

In our family, mum is easily the fastest speaker on telephone at least (even otherwise) she can go 180-200 words a minute or even more, idk, she says what she has to say and.. you aren’t really sure if there’s more to come or not.. there’s a silence after that. Dad on the other hand is more organized on phone (like he is in life generally – always to the ‘T’) –   he starts with a hello, very articulately gives out the message an ends with a bye. Of the above two examples, which call was more effective?.. of course the second one you’ll say – but then in extreme cases of where things need to be done fast and quick, then one needs someone like mom on phone, fast, to-the-point and reaction time is almost immediate.. STOP EVERYTHING AND ACT, its like almost she transfers the anxiety onto you via the phone call.. and suddenly everything gets busy around.

Then we have my sister who is a whole different story, leaving aside the Hello & Bye, its what goes on between those two words and lastly there’s me, I can talk slow, medium or fast, adjusting to the caller on the other side. I use the hello and bye too (I used to not use the bye part earlier (for my special get it ryt!?)… when I heard SRK [Shahrukh Khan] say it in one of his dialogues ‘Kabhi alvida na kehna’) I took that dialogue to a whole new level.. but soon realized.. who was I kiddin’? That was really silly! 😏

A Hello & a Bye may be simple words, but the way one says it to another… sets the whole conversation on a whole different level, so depending on who you talk, change your tone and see the difference for yourself 

Youngsters of today have screwed up the whole meaning of what it means to talk over the phone – for one they prefer texting over talking… the language used over telephonic conversations is atrocious to say the least and then I don’t know for some reason, some feel that is not fashionable to talk any more but texting is cooler. phone

When was the last time you had a decent conversation over the phone with a long distance friend maybe? Back in the day there was a style that one had while speaking on the phone – the way he held the phone, the way he stood, the way he made those funny faces… now people are all about LOL.. sheesh!!! 🤦‍♂️

Can the Landline phone re-invent itself and make it the in-thing once again? Screw these mobile phones! Put it in your shirt pocket and its too close to the heart-not good, put it in your pant pocket and its a risk to fertility. 🙄 Where on earth can it be kept then?




Not-so-Incredible India?

1235Different states in India have already had their candle light march for justice for the heinous crime committed (rape) on an 8 year old, namely Asifa. My state [Goa] has had one over the weekend gone by. But that’s nothing new in India, is it?
Haven’t we had these so called marches or protests before – for Nirbhaya? Did it change anything?
My question is “What purpose does it serve?” Its not that the govt would do anything? Are they? There are petitions going around on social media.. how is that going to help? Its not that the life of that poor kid will come back. Just one of those things – people talk about and forget over the weekend.

Yes! as a nation we can do NOTHING. As ordinary citizens we can do NOTHING. India took 4 years to hang Kasab after he killed so many people in a terrorist attack in Mumbai. The Nirbhaya rape case, that took a lot of time for the supreme court to get to its decision. What does India need to think about so much?

India will never change – unless they put a law down on paper stating ‘immediate death penalty’ for rapists. But the country wouldn’t do it.. and you know why? Because the rapists are none other than ministers themselves, top police officers and public servants raping women and the govt feels the need to protect such asses. Hence nothing of this is ever gonna happen.

As an Indian, we are doomed.. forget the sex and age, male, women, children, babies senior citizens, animals to an extent… no one is going to be spared. The longer we stay in this god forsaken country [Yes God forsaken country], the more our lives are gonna be a mess. The situation is getting murkier and murkier with every passing day.

Keeping gang rapes and political murders aside for a moment etc.. India as a country, have they provided the basic needs to its  people? Have jobs being provided to the unemployed? [those are promises these useless politicians just make at speeches]… what about Education? Good health services? Clean air, clean water and affordable food? Are we as Indians provided that?

WINSTON CHURCHILL once said that if British were to leave India, the country would be in the hands of goons

..and boy! was he spot on! Looking back, maybe if we were still being run by the British, things might have been better, at least things would be better than what we are facing in these times by the goons running this country. No country is perfect, I understand. But a start has got to be made somewhere.

  • What is the use of having bullet trains in India when people are dying in stampedes at railways stations? 
  • What is the use of the PM of the country visiting country after country if he can’t take ideas from other countries how to better his own – in terms of judiciary, management and finance? …other than thinking about new trains?

We are doomed guys, we as Indians are doomed. We have to live through this mess. Not everyone has the opportunity to make a Portuguese passport and get out of the country. India, as a country is beyond saving now. 

And then there is also another part of me that thinks, in spite of everything, I repeat, in spite of everything India will survive. It will grow and it will flourish [how and in which direction not sure] It will lead [in corruption? who knows] There will be chaos, there will be riots, there will be killings ..but it will survive [of course screwing its citizens along the way]

I remember in class once when I put the sentence on the board ‘Advantages of being an Indian’ and turned back to look at my students for answers. I didn’t get a single one. Needless to say-that class didn’t go too well.


A Sign

“The baby kicked” she excitedly told Sarah, her best friend after the relatively longish dance session she had.. “not once but at least 5 times, it was like my baby wanted to dance too…”babe

“Wow! that’s so awesome babe! Am so happy for you”

“Actually the baby kicked while I was dancing with Barry”

“Barry-ex boyfriend Perry? What were you doing dancing with Barry? Where was Adam”?

“We’re friends and he asked me for a dance, I couldn’t say no.. and besides the baby has never kicked when I’m with Adam. The baby doesn’t seem very connected to him.. this wasn’t the first time the baby has kicked, it happened last week too”

“Tell me you were with Adam then..”

“Nopes, actually had met Barry last week for something that he needed to talk to me about, and he felt it too..I think my baby likes Barry too”

“What do you mean “too”, do you still like him? Wake up woman..what are you doing? Do you even know where you’re going with all of this”

“Don’t you think it is a sign..”

“What kind of sign Cynthia? You’re married and pregnant with your husband’s baby and what signs are you looking for?.. there is nothing out there”

——– silence ———–

“Ouch!..the baby kicked again see…”

“..but Barry isn’t here”

“yaaaa but we’re talking about him…see?? A sign…

Scared of Love?


For everyone has met a monster who ruined the idea of Love, forever

Everyone has a scar, which doesn’t let them smile again in love. Everyone has heard so many lies that even the truth sounds fake now. Everyone is too scared to be broken again



When am I gonna ‘take off’?

Sometimes you read a post by a fellow blogger and after you’re done reading, it makes you think Image result for whatsapp thinking emoticon This is exactly what happened this morning when I read a post from a fellow blogger, Rekha. [Click HERE to read her post] … and you tell yourself “Shit! I understand this stuff…”
I could not help but comment on the post.. but then I thought that wasn’t enough, so I am here to make a post out of it…

My story…though not on the exact same lines but nevertheless has been a struggle of sorts. Who hasn’t struggled? Everyone did, everyone does.. and everyone will.. its the whole ‘shit-process’ that people have to go through in life.
That said, my life can be easily compared to a journey by flight. My plane has taken off the runway way too many times for my comfort.. but that isn’t the issue-it’s more the times it has landed faster that I’ve expected or in some cases has had crash landings. Now in such a scenario, you’d think its better to be travelling alone on that flight right? So that puts to rest the answer as to ‘why till now I have been a solo passenger’? If I have to crash, I crash alone…

When people hire you to work for them, it is but natural for them to make you feel you are lesser than them…that they are paying you to do a certain job. But not in my case! I’m hired because you think I can do the job ‘best’ according to your company requirements. I am NOT the passenger – I am the co-pilot. So what if you’r paying me? I am still doing ‘the job’ right? That’s where management feels threatened by my existence… and this is not something that has happened once or twice… its happened many times. A company’s name means nothing to me, my job does. I love the work I do. 

People recognize passion over someone just turning up to work and doing work allocated to you. I am very passionate when it comes to the work I do. There’s a difference when you’re out to make money v/s working with passion. The two don’t go hand-in-hand, it never can. How can you serve two masters simultaneously? In this case Money & Passion.

There are people who want cushioned lives, may it be by earning a fast buck by cheating people or working for the government (which is termed as relaxing by many) or simply other illegal means that we have seen and heard of. I don’t belong to that category of people, I never will.

If I have to struggle and that is the path I have to follow – SO BE IT!

I had… I still do have dreams and aspirations, but in the way I see it, no matter what I have done or what I do.. its all going up in smoke! I don’t have the ‘golden glove’ that some people roam around with, I’m the aam aadmi (common man) doing the common things in life and like other common people, finding and chalking out paths that will lead me to prosperity and happiness. People say life is harsh, I don’t think its the Life we live that we should blame all the time.. its the situations that we find ourselves in, due to different experiences we have to face with one another, that puts us in situations we find ourselves in today. Yes I made mistakes and continue making them…I’m HUMAN after all… but when the end result is the same – time after time, you would want to ask yourself – Is it really my fault?

In amidst all the chaos that goes on inside and outside of my head… I’m still alive and mentally sane – which is a blessing. [Have you seen the people sitting in psychiatrist’s clinics these days?] I have 3 amazing friends who will never seize in believing that I’d be ‘someone great’ someday and they would need to take an appointment to meet me. A family who makes me feel important, even though I am the youngest. I still eat three square meals per day and have a roof over my head. That’s still a pretty amazing life I lead…even though my plane hasn’t really taken off!

Yes! Dreams change! People change and nothing is permanent.

As of now.. I am enjoying the madness that the IPL brings to us for 6 weeks through my television set, the team I support RCB, hasn’t started off too well either… their plane hasn’t taken off as well…

Many of us are still on the runways of our life…

Can this post be qualified as a ‘rant? I don’t know and I could care less… I just needed to write this! Thank you Rekha, you just awoke a part of me which was sleeping.


That’s my plane… see the runway? mnmn Waiting for take off…

Not my cup of tea?

This world is filled with people who… no matter what you do, what you say or what you try, will simply not like you. And you know what – THAT IS PERFECTLY OKAY!Untitled


Then you have the flip side, the world being filled with those people who will love you no matter what. Be around these people, they are only going to lift you higher and higher, let the others go.
There’s no point in wasting time and precious energy to convince people who are just there to make numbers in your life.. they won’t buy what you are selling – simple! Don’t try convincing them to walk your path with you – it will only further waste your time and emotional good health.


Be YOU, be YOURSELF, after all we aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some like em’ cold, some like em’ hot. 
but what if I told you I like coffee over tea? Cold coffee to be precise! 

One Indian Girl

Now I understand why it took me so long to pick up this book and give it a read. Read ahead to know what I thought of it…

One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat

As a reader of novels written by Indian authors, you’re bound to pick up one or two (if not more) shitty book along the way.

For me, it was ‘One Indian Girl’ – Poorly written.. no idea what Mr Chetan Bhagat was trying to pull out when he thought of a concept for the book.
Absolutely Rubbish!!

Every writer is bound to hit his lowest point sometime in his writing journey, this is probably C.B’s. Unless of course he does something drastically different in his next novel (if he plans to write more) will he be able to hold on to his popularity as an Indian fictional story writer. His books come more under a ‘Hormonal’ category (if there was anything like that) rather than fiction. Except for hormonal teenagers, I don’t see others picking up his books. His past novels were at least readable but definitely not this. Even cringeworthy would be too good a word to describe this book.

Warning: Read the book at your own RISK

Below is what the book is basically about:

Yes please read the below bullets. Save yourself a few Indian rupees or spend it on something better (Copied the following text from a review I read by a reader (I couldn’t agree more-hence reproduced the same here)

Ambitious studious over-achiever middle class Delhi based girl gets a high paying job at Goldman Sachs NYC.

  • Has sex with the 1st guy she meets there.
  • After 2 years of relationship, both act like dicks.
  • Girl waves feminism flag.
  • Guy doesn’t let go of ego.
  • Breakup.
  • Girl cries , throws her phone away, transfers to Hong Kong.
  • Girl moves to Hong Kong.
  • Has sex on the beach (literally) with her married boss.
  • After 1 year of extramarital affair, guy is cool with it. Girl thinks it isn’t.
  • Girl waves feminism flag.
  • Guy doesn’t let go of ego.
  • Breakup.
  • Girl cries, transfers to London.

Ad break for a commercial. Seriously!

  • Girl plans marriage (arranged) in Goa with a silicon valley IT guy.
  • Stereotype engineer jokes.
  • Exes show up at the wedding with marriage proposal.
  • Girl considers, goes nuts.
  • Drama.
  • Cancels the wedding.
  • Drama.
  • IT guy understands her feelings, lets her go.
  • Girl goes on a world tour.
  • Keeps in touch with the same IT guy with whom she had cancelled her wedding.
  • Starts falling for the IT guy.

The End. 

A terrible… terrible waste of time!!

Mr Chetan Bhagat, do India a favor and stop writing please? 

Re-think your text…

When you aren’t sure of what message you want to type out… Pause… Think… Type… and then Send. That’s the way it should be done.


What is ‘This message was deleted’ supposed to mean?. You either  send a message or not.. why the second thought? The above image was an actual conversation which took place.

There would have to be a very good reason that the messages were deleted before I could read them, the best part being it just wasn’t one but 6 messages. Like seriously!? She has gotta be one dumb female! Or surely an indecisive one.  

This has got to be the worst new feature that whatsapp could have come out with.