Fancy a journey on the Tejas Express?

Everyone’s talking of the latest train on the scene in India “TheTejas Express” (to ply between Mumbai and Goa [Upto Karmali station as of now]) but what do you know – even before the train could start it’s maiden journey, it was damaged..the glass window of which was found cracked. It definitely isn’t a common man’s […]

Noooooooo..Not Again!!

Now there is one thing you should know before reading ahead is that ‘every journey I have undertaken, there has ALWAYS been a ‘something-will-go-wrong-moment’ that screws up the entire journey which puts a dampener on what would be a wonderful trip/holiday, until that point of course Every single time..every single freaking time I travel, something […]

HUBLI 12.15 – 23.00

Day 01: I’ll start with a question… Q. What do passengers normally do first when they get down from the train onto the platform? I’ll answer that 😛 A. Most people go to the loo/toilet…yes they have toilets in the train but then u know the platform toilets will be cleaner…so people hold their pee […]

The travelling bug…

In the middle of nowhere, I’ll pick up dates from the calender and tell myself ‘I’m going on a holiday’. I am an impulsive traveler I just know when I need to get away. Hill Stations have been my targets… visited Ooty, Lonavala, KodaiKanal is my next trip in exactly 13 days from now. There […]


Train journeys, meeting people, enjoying the weather, discovering a new place…travelling…wow!!   So I am finally on a travel-holiday again, 10 days… Goa – Hubli -Bangalore – Kodaikanal – Madurai and back. Got my tickets booked and quickly googled ‘whats the weather like in Kodaikanal’, it gives me a detailed weather report. If going by what […]