Guess by now, you know my name
..and no it’s not the ‘theextraaamile’, it’s Savio (it’s weird being addressed as ‘Hello theextramile’

I AM INDIAN GOAN. For the record, being called INDIAN and GOAN are two totally different things.

Being INDIAN is well..there are a billion of us.. but being GOAN is different. It is a celebration, a connection..a feeling of home when you’re on Goan shores.

susegad-rau-ani-konkani-uloiPeople living in Goa are called ‘Goans’ in English and ‘Goenkar/ गोंयकार in Konkani.

~ We are peaceful, friendly and fun loving people who LOVE rest. If you didn’t get it, read again. Please don’t visit us in the afternoon, we are sleeping/resting or call it what you want. DO NOT DISTURB us between 2.00-4.30 pm.

~ We speak Konkani in Goa. When as a tourist and you learn and speak a few lines of konkani to speak to the shopkeepers to get a discount..you ain’t getting any..don’t bother.

Foreigners trying to speak konkani in Goa deserve to be buried under the ground.

~ We have 2 wheeler taxi’s in Goa, they are called ‘Pilots..and they operatepilot on goan roads 🙂 It is a very popular means of transport for the ladies to roam around to the markets. (My mother is the President of the Pilot Association.. just kiddin’ 😀 she knows all the pilots and she’s always seen on one)

~ We love our music. Music streams through the blood of every Goan and our love for music can be heard both day and night, not only in the houses but also at social occasions.

~ We are very proud of our state of Goa and in order to protect it we are aFootball_Club_Goalways well prepared to fight.

..and Goans love their football too. We now have an FC GOA team that we cheer for in the ISL 🙂

Consider yourself lucky to be friends with a goan. Not everybody has a goan friend. Feel privileged 🙂 It does not mean I’m your tour-guide..at most I’ll give you a map 🙂