Does a follow on WordPress warrant a follow back? Just wondering 🤔 I’ve just hit 50 followers today on (that’s in addition to the 1.5k following me back on the WordPress platform) so yes, people do read my stuff, which is always good to know. But one thing that concerns me is that ‘Do people follow my […]


A Bollywood movie that involves students, a defective student/teacher/system or management is bound to be interesting (defective may be too harsh a word to use – Excuse me for that!) – and why not? Schools & Education are a big deal in India and anything associated with it.. be it stories told in movies like […]

When a ‘bye’ is mandatory

We all have that one person (minimum) who we know never ends his/her telephone conversation with a bye. He will call, say something really quickly and before you know it, you hear the click of the disconnection button… and you’re like hello…helloo… hellooooo? only to realize that the phone call has been cut. You call […]

A Sign

“The baby kicked” she excitedly told Sarah, her best friend after the relatively longish dance session she had.. “not once but at least 5 times, it was like my baby wanted to dance too…” “Wow! that’s so awesome babe! Am so happy for you” “Actually the baby kicked while I was dancing with Barry” “Barry-ex boyfriend […]

Scared of Love?

For everyone has met a monster who ruined the idea of Love, forever Everyone has a scar, which doesn’t let them smile again in love. Everyone has heard so many lies that even the truth sounds fake now. Everyone is too scared to be broken again #TruthOfLife  

Not my cup of tea?

This world is filled with people who… no matter what you do, what you say or what you try, will simply not like you. And you know what – THAT IS PERFECTLY OKAY!   Then you have the flip side, the world being filled with those people who will love you no matter what. Be […]

One Indian Girl

Now I understand why it took me so long to pick up this book and give it a read. Read ahead to know what I thought of it… As a reader of novels written by Indian authors, you’re bound to pick up one or two (if not more) shitty book along the way. For me, […]

Re-think your text…

When you aren’t sure of what message you want to type out… Pause… Think… Type… and then Send. That’s the way it should be done. What is ‘This message was deleted’ supposed to mean?. You either  send a message or not.. why the second thought? The above image was an actual conversation which took place. […]