Re-think your text…

When you aren’t sure of what message you want to type out… Pause… Think… Type… and then Send. That’s the way it should be done.


What is ‘This message was deleted’ supposed to mean?. You either  send a message or not.. why the second thought? The above image was an actual conversation which took place.

There would have to be a very good reason that the messages were deleted before I could read them, the best part being it just wasn’t one but 6 messages. Like seriously!? She has gotta be one dumb female! Or surely an indecisive one.  

This has got to be the worst new feature that whatsapp could have come out with.

Witness to ‘Love’

There’s nothing more satisfying then see people smile… 2 consenting adults and their families…

For the first time, I was asked to be a witness for a civil marriage [yes another FIRST] Stand witness to Love Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes on WhatsApp 2.17

While the whole process took much… much longer than what I expected it would take, it still gave me immense satisfaction to see the smile on the faces of the boy & girl who were finally married under the Indian law… after 4 hours of sticking it out in the heat, sweat dropping off their foreheads [For the benefit of those who may not know, Goa is going through one of its worst heat waves! Its never been this way as long as I remember]  and visibly excited family members. Happily Married – Step 1.  Relieved Face on WhatsApp 2.17Untitled

I may have played a very measly part in all of it.. yet I felt happy I could contribute to something so beautiful – a union of two people in love. I live for happy moments like these. The travel from the South of Goa to the North of Goa was totally worth it. 

My hats go off to any guy wanting & willing to take the plunge into the big ‘M’, because its something I have still not yet ventured into, rather not made up my mind to. So my hats off to you bro!

..if that was not all, the hugging, the wishing in the midst of a fairly crowded government civil and sub registrar’s office, was well… nice, considering everybody was breathing into each other literally. [Okay! I am exaggerating, it wasn’t all that bad.. but it was STILL frikkin’ HOT]

Seeing the smiling faces and the joy it brings the couple and their family members, after a mere few signatures of the couple and their witnesses, I have decided – the next time I lend my signature for something as beautiful as bringing two people/families together, I’ll do it at my own marriage registration – nothing would be more satisfying. While ‘when-that-would-happen’ is debatable, for now I’ll keep myself satisfied by thinking, ‘it will happen someday surely’ .

I didn’t look at any one single girl surprisingly… 4 hours and it was just fleeting glances all around, but for the only beautiful girl standing right there – standing  in front of me, in whichever angle I stood in – the groom’s single-still sister Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes on WhatsApp 2.17


The Modern Woman!

The modern women behave very much like men – and its pretty disgusting!

What has happened to the women who act like women, or at least woman-like? What happened to being a strong, yet feminine, woman? Women don’t really understand the dynamics of masculine and feminine anymore. Has the female gender suddenly taken a turn for the worst? The woman of today is a slap on the face of humanity!

You got to be ashamed to call yourself a woman!

I don’t even want to get started on what women do, how they act and what they speak nowadays. Plain Disgusting! 

I can’t see the difference between men and women in today’s world. Who is bad? Who is worse of the two? The only way to look at it is.. that we’re living in a world of some highly undisciplined people, be it at work places, while traveling or simply the everyday interactions we have with different people.

That said, I can’t put all women in that category. At least out of every 10 I personally meet and get to know, there is always that 1 rotten apple amongst them. 

So if you count yourself to be among one of the 10 most recent women to have entered my social circle in the last couple months or so… and you’re asking yourself;

could he be referring to me?”

You bet! You are definitely the one! 


Hopes for my Blog – Day 10

Coming to the end of the 10-day challenge (took me 14 days actually) and my last task/question is “What are my hopes for my Blog?” Image result for blogging

Like every blogger would want…his Blog to be read by people spread across the country and world, I am no different

  • Increasing its reach far and wide through various blogging mediums
  • To bring a sense of belongingness when a reader reading my posts – has the feeling of “me too…”
  • Keep writing posts that are relatable to everyday situations and make for simple reading.
  • …and obviously, when the blog is read by more people, the Blog gains popularity and simultaneously the number of followers would automatically increase

Never been a number person, but considering I come from the background of being followed by more than a few thousand fellow bloggers when my blog was hosted on the WordPress platform, I do have big expectations – that said the good things in life always take time.

Day 09 – Words that speak to me..

Day 9: Post some words of wisdom that speak to you

2 01

1 02

Yes! Absolutely true and I totally resonate with both of the above words. I have literally become this person over the years.

From someone who used to really talk a lot & fast to now someone who measures every word that comes out of his mouth.. my responses are full of intermittent pauses coupled with the odd Idiom/Phrase. 

I was once asked by an on-line friend while talking over Skype “What’s with the Pregnant Pauses?” I didn’t quite have an answer to that “That’s just ME” I lied. No! I wasn’t being me at all, I was never like that. I would just say what I thought at that moment and never had to think of the right thing to say for the question.

Of course if you’ve known me long enough, you’ll notice the small changes. Not really forced changes but happened by default…in course of life’s journey


– A Distinction – A First –


In the world I live in, the word Distinction had only one meaning – as google defines it “a difference or contrast between similar things or people” and while another meaning of it also meant “a grade in an examination denoting excellence”, something, I probably never had a chance of achieving in my lifetime. Besides being a person who liked doing different things, I could never imagine seeing the word DISTINCTION on any piece of paper or certificate with my name next to it – UNTIL of course yesterday when I held the certificate in my hand to see my name and the grade together on that same thick page.

Did it call for a celebration? Not really! It did make me very very happy though. It was like a reminder to myself – that I still had it in me, if I WANTED IT. To be examined by a foreigner, and for them to give you an ‘A’ grade (which means that the examiner felt I [the candidate] am really up there with the best speakers in the language) is in itself is a BIG ACHIEVEMENT, at least for me. It is a Big Deal.

How long did it take for that day to be a reality? 36 years and 3 months.

I might have hit many a good’s and ‘excellent’s’ in my life, but this was a first.

I am thankful that God still thinks I am ‘work in progress’ and silently whispers in my ear ‘I’ve not finished with you as yet… there are going to be many more First’s in your life.

I might not emote at all on the outside when people say good things to me.. hell, I might not even smile.. but I know my soul does light up from the inside. Like yesterday night for example at 10 pm, out of nowhere an ex colleague calls up to say “I remembered you, I learnt so much from you… you’re such a wonderful person, Savio” Now, isn’t that something wonderful to hear? 

I don’t solely live on this Earth to earn money, its all about the little things – a kind word, a helping hand or a gentle smile. Everybody can earn money! That’s easy!

How many of us have a good word to say to another person? We’re busy saying mean stuff to each other , I do too sometimes…but like many other aspects of my life, I’m working on this too.

When do we get a certificate to Life? How have we fared? Was I good? Was I bad? Maybe a ‘B’ grade? Or a ‘C’ grade at best?

The Proudest Moment – Day 8

Coming close to the end of the 10-day challenge, I am here on Day 8, and my task for today is to mention ‘My Proudest Moment’

I’ve never had really one proud/proudest moment in my life, but for several memorable moments that I have been humble enough to have had. Days when I scored full marks on class tests & projects in schools or securing ‘A’s in assignments in college (just did once for the subject O.C.) For all the little things that I do, not necessarily to be thanked for – but things that make someone else’s day better, and in turn makes me feel good about myself.

Can I really point THE proudest moment out of the 36 years of my life so far? I don’t think so! Even if I did, it would be very selfish of me to ignore all the other such moments. More than having one proudest moment, I’d say I’ve had several memorable moments to which I am eternally grateful for. God’s been kind, with the talents that he has bestowed upon me, of which I have been able to use for the betterment of those who need it.
Its never the feeling of being proud of what I do or have done, but more a feeling of being blessed.

What do I want…? Day 7

Question for the DAY: What do I want?

I’d like to believe I don’t have just one item on the list of things I want… but if I were to think of something really wacky, something I’ve never done before – then…

“One day where I leave my brains and all sense of logic locked up in a trunk somewhere and have the craziest day ever!”

Sounds like something I would want to try. I use the word ‘day’ because I can’t see myself doing the same thing again.

Having known to be a person with a firm head on my shoulders, always doing the correct/right thing and being the logical thinker that I am – I would like to gift myself ‘one day’ wherein I just have the time of my life and being the craziest version of myself – I certainly know I possess that side – it only takes the right time and perhaps the right person to bring it out, something along the lines of the movie Hangover – yup that was some insane stuff!

Of course, the only way I see something like that happening is if I’m in a state of total inebriation, which the chances are 1 in a million really!

Still, I would want that… just to know how it feels to be on the other side for a change

The Question:

The most terrifying question a woman can ask a man is: 

“Notice anything different?”

Do not look at the obvious places. I repeat, DO NOT LOOK in the obvious places. She hasn’t done anything there 😝😂

For all you know, it might be the tiniest thing she has done and something we would never notice.

“Where do I look?” “What do I say?” 

…she’s looking towards you looking for an answer, time is running out and you start the guessing game – hoping you get one answer correct

“You got a haircut”      …… she hasn’t emo

“You did your nails”       ……..she’s pissed now. You’re not paying attention

“You bought a new skirt”     ……..she starts accusing you how an insensitive man you can be.

She knows you’ll never get it and finally says “I did my eyebrows, how could you not notice!?” 

Damn! I was so close! 😝


A Letter…Day 6

A new day, a new task. My task for today is to write a letter to someone… anyone.

Can’t remember when I actually wrote an actual letter to someone, it has been such a long time. With emails..and now WhatsApp along with other faster ways of sending messages to one another, letters have taken a backseat.

The letter below might not qualify to be a letter…letter types but I’ll try to do justice to let the emotion flow like I would otherwise do on a normal letter.

I’m gonna write a letter to one of my best friends…15 years and counting. 2 different states, speak different languages (English being the common one) love different things, and yet we always find things that bring us together – Love for Goa, Ice-cream, chouris pau, chops and conversation and the fact that I secretly like her too – and she knows that 😉 Women sense these things very quickly 😉



Dear Best Friend,

I love you so much. Probably the bravest sentence I’ve ever written to you, to start a letter with. We’ve practically known each other for half of our lives and though we talk to each other once in a while and communicate on WhatsApp, it’s never quite enough.  So yeah writing a letter to you here, one friend to another.

15 years it has been knowing you… that has been some length of time, how aren’t we married to each other by now? You must be thinking.. not again, another one of Savio’s cheesy letters. I’m going to try to keep it as normal as it can get-I promise. But wait! that wouldn’t be me, it wouldn’t be ‘my’ letter, now would it? My letters always have extra cheese toppings on it. 

Talking about toppings, ordered an extra large pizza for the family yesterday, I’d have kept you a piece but pizza needs to be finished at the earliest, considering Pune is 8 hours away, I couldn’t take that risk. When you’re down next we’ll have one pizza all for ourselves, the way you like it. Also, I have been reading Chetan Bhagat’s ‘One Indian Girl’, I know how much you hate the guy and his novels… will send you my personal copy for you to read, its only one Indian girl after all. 

I’m just sitting here and I’m like what to write next – WhatsApp has really screwed up my ability to write longer sentences and extend sentences to paragraphs. I’m gonna wrap this up now, apply gum on it and get it to the nearest post office to find its way over to you…and since you know, I always do my writing with music on, the current song playing on the computer is ‘Hold On’ by Ananya Birla… 

I’m no longer holding on to this letter though… will message you soon (considering we would have messaged a few hundred messages by the time this letter reaches you) lol.

Miss you,



I used to write little letters to my mum, dad, and sister when I was small. While I might have started writing very early in age, it was more of writing the way I talk, than actually writing a letter, which demands a different format (or at least that is what my teachers told me back in school) To me writing a letter was always about creating a connection between the one writing and the one reading… that is how I go about writing letters. Its all about the reader imagining me standing there in front of her and speaking directly.