Someone smiled…

Someone smiled at me today.
I do not know who she is or where she came from
She must have been new in town,
I don’t remember seeing her face before.
What an amazing woman!
She smiled at ME.

Someone smiled at me today.
Her smile had a familiar warmth,
Did I know her?
It was as if her smile was trying to tell me something
but she hadn’t opened her mouth..
she continued smiling at ME

Someone smiled at me today.
Was this woman some kind of artist?
She stood at a distance at first she drew closer,
I couldn’t help but look into her eyes.
It is was hard to believe what I saw.
She was now standing right here in front of me
and she was smiling at me.

It was a horrible day, it couldn’t have been worse
I was fired from my job, lost my phone & left stranded in the middle of the highway 

Yet I slept peacefully that night.
I couldn’t stop thinking…
That comforting smile 

Who was that woman?
Why was she smiling at me?
Where did she come from?
Where did she disappear?

Expressing myself..

I thought I always did.. express myself.. until of course I was told that there’s a difference between expressing feelings and expressing an opinion. Good point! Why didn’t I think of it before? Guess guys don’t pay attention to the small details, they just say stuff and move on, it takes a woman to sense these things and considering I haven’t been around too many women of late..  the feedback came in late.

It is in little moments like these, when my friends tell me how they perceive me as a person, the little details that otherwise go un-noticed, for it helps me make those small changes that helps me be a better version of myself.

I have always believed that I am a ‘Work-in-Progress’ kind of person, constantly making those small changes, not something you will notice if we interact everyday. I am definitely not the person I was when I was 25 nor will I remain the same when I turn 50.

I decided I needed to ask someone who knew me really well on what they thought of me as a person who always expressed himself, and who better to ask than mum, dad & sis and surprisingly they all had the same perspective, that I don’t really express my feelings in comparison to expressing a lot of opinions all of the time. So there it was, it finally dawned on me that I am different, I am not the average Joe. I am a class apart!

Something which comes naturally to people is not something that comes naturally to me.

I’ve always been that kind of person that would take the road less travelled, go in the opposite direction or end up doing something totally un-expected of me.

..and that is why people always want to know “what’s up with him?” Obviously, they won’t come up to me and ask, I’m sure by now they already know me quite well! For those who don’t..I hope I haven’t scared you, behind the tough exterior lies this warm hearted individual, that has built a strong wall around him and it will only take those special few to break it down and know the real ‘me’.

.For Laughs. Can’t get any better!

By far the most hilarious forward received on whatsapp till date

Socio Economic Classification – Simplified version

Lower class – Biskut
Middle class – Biskit
Upper class – Cookies


Lower class – Roomal
Middle class – Hankie
Upper class – Kerchief


Lower class – tamaatar
Middle class – Ta’may’to
Upper class – Toh’mah’toh


Lower class – Sauce
Middle class – Ketchup
Upper Class – Toh’mah’toh Condiment


Lower class – Lifafa
Middle class – En’ve’lope
Upper class – On’vo’lup


Lower class – Nimbu Paani/Shikanji
Middle class – Lemonade
Upper class – Virgin Mojito


Lower class – “Paint”
Middle class – Jeans
Upper class – Denims


Lower class – Chasma
Middle class – Goggles
Upper class – Shades


Lower class – chaddi
Middle class – lingery
Upper class – lawn-juh-Ray

Lower class : Abbé pintu, do cutting chai leke aa
Middle class : Can I have two cups of tea.
Upper class : May I have two lattes please. Regular.

Go ahead! Have a few laughs! 😂😂😂 I did..share it! Makes others laugh too. I may still be lingering in the ‘Middle zone’ somewhere.

lawn-juh-Ray 😂😂😂😂😂😂  gawd! cracked me up!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 

‘Simran’ – only for Kangana Ranaut .The Movie.

Before I start, I have two questions:

.1. Why ‘Simran’? It could easily be Priya, Aisha, Garima, Bhavya, Megha or Ishana. What is the significance of the name ‘Simran’ towards the story?

.2. Is the money made on this film going towards repaying the money that the real Simran (or Sandeep Kaur as she is known in real life) stole who is still lying in jail? If not, what is the use of making her famous? Stupid idea I think, to make a film on that part of her life. What was so dramatic about its story that deserved a movie to be made on it? Or is it just a case of film producers running out of stories to be told and are NOW taking real life incidents and making them into movies.  

The posters and the trailers did look impressive. Expected more. ‘Simran-the-movie’ failed to deliver and I’m sure I am not the only one who thinks this way.

Stupid Stupid film!

That said, take nothing away from Kangana Ranaut’s acting prowess, she is one very versatile and very talented actress. She pulled off the character of Simran very well. She did justice to the role given to her. She’s a Natural.  I thought the film, or at least the way it was picturized was absolute crap! Go watch the film for Simran-the-character more than Simran-the-film, which feels more like a body with no soul. 

Thanks to piracy, I downloaded the movie on torrents and watched it, 3rd day since its release on the 15th September in theaters all over the country.

A 2.5 star rating from me rating

A ONE TIME watch

“Despacito” – taking it slow!


“Despacito” is clearly the song of the year or the millennium I don’t know. People are absolutely going ga-ga over it. I just checked on Google and I found out that the song has become the most-viewed video in YouTube history. (4.6 billion streams and counting..) Wow! So there must be something to this despacito thingy..

So I go to YouTube (like the 4.6 billionth and 1st person) and play the video ..and I immediately take a liking to it, I love the tune and the lyrics (most of which I do not understand of course) I go to the translation in English and whoa..!

The lyrics are raunchy to say the least.. to an extent that the song was banned by the Malaysian government because of its ‘obscene’ lyrics. Haven’t the people in the Indian government heard the song as yet? Or  has it already been banned in India? 

India invented the ‘Ban’, ban this.. ban I wouldn’t be surprised if they extend their ban to this song too.

Personally, I don’t see what is so obscene in the lyrics, ..yeah okay it does have the odd line or two which make you go ‘Oh my lanta! but it is still a song, treat is as one for its entertainment value and enjoy it!

Some of the lyrics which are

I want to undress you in kisses slowly…

Let me trespass your danger zones..

You’d think it’d be a good song to be playing on loop while making love.. especially if you’re imagining the English lyrics in your head while you’re at it.. Luis Fonsi says it is a sexy song and ‘despacito’ means slow in English, so I guess the logical explanation to the song is “to take it slow while doing it..”😍😍

Bullet Train – India 2022

India and Indians might have had their share on ‘Bullets’, now its time to look forward to its first Bullet train..Wait!! Still some time to go till we see one. Expected year 2022.

But does India deserve a bullet train running at 320-350 km/hr, when the existing trains running at 50/60 km/hr are getting derailed almost at the rate of a couple of trains (or more) every month or two? and a few people dying with every train derailment?

In this scenario, how does a bullet train serve the purpose in the country?

In a country that witnesses children dying out of starvation, women getting raped on a daily basis, people not having jobs, price of food having gone through the roof and people being shot in pure daylight, how can a country’s priority be a ‘Bullet Train’? Even if it is, hasn’t the Government learnt anything from past experiences of the Tejas Express and the Gatiman Express that were recently launched? Going by the initial craze of ‘a new train’ there haven’t been many takers statistics reveal, with both trains running at less than 60/70% occupancy. What is the fate of the future 2022 Bullet train then? Has speed become so much of a factor? We’ve been doing okay all this while..

– so where is the sudden priority of “speed” needed in the country? I know as an Indian, it is no point talking or having a say of how things operate in India and some of the thinking that goes into making some of the BIG decisions. The Govt will carry on doing what they need to do, and all we can do is to watch the drama unfold before our very own eyes.

However on a lighter note, India has got its latest toys to play with, its called monopoly money, flashy colors of new crispy notes. The Demonetization might have turned out to be a big failure, at least the citizens of the country can boast of newer, cleaner notes now-small consolation maybe?


I’m yet to have my own 200 & the new 50 rupee note.

India has never seen a dull day, there’s always something happening.. don’t be surprised with what is to come next. As an Indian citizen we should always be prepared.

IGoogle4All Tag

Q. What does Google mean to us?

Ans. Much more that we can even imagine, right?

Have you ever remembered what are some of the things that we search for on google? It could be anything from the meaning of a word to material for a work project or lyrics to a song, Google always has an answer to everything.

There was a friend of mine who used to always say “I love the way you jot down little things you don’t know about (while talking) and then later go online and search about it” That has always been a habit of mine, always looking for meanings of things I don’t understand, increasing my knowledge about things that people talk related to their professions, it just intrigues me to know “more”, just helps me connect with people better.

Coming to the Tag that I’ve created.. IGoogle4All Tag.


Did I just hear you say I don’t google?!? Yeah, like I am going to believe you! We all do, its one of those involuntary actions we do when sitting in front of computer screens.

So what is the Tag all about? Like its one of the simplest things to do.. read ahead

(a) You’ve got to mention any 10 searches you’ve done on Google for the week gone by and tell us a little background as to what made you google for it.

(b) Put up a fancy picture of Google (or if you’re too lazy to google for one.. copy mine, its cool..mine is copied edited)

(c) Tag this post under IGoogle4all Tag

(d) Tag your friends to continue the Tag.

Now wasn’t that simple? Then what are you waiting for? Go do the tag..shooo shooo

I tag the following bloggers: CarolRekha a.k.a Goozy and Pradita

To mention my last week’s 10 google searches, though 10 is a very small number for me, I could practically be married to Google, she’s always there with me 😂😂😂

1. Barf (I would like to use this word better in conversation or I’m not sure if its a standalone word)

2. Her name was Lola (the song yes! an Aunty Maggy video took me there, Click HERE to watch the video)

3. MIA (everybody’s putting MIA on their blog posts of late. To me MIA was always a name, but then now I know it means ‘missing in action’! These young people nowadays (too much) use all these words and it confuses me)

4. Hill station in movie dil maange more (I thought the so called place ‘Samarpur’ was actually shot in Samarpur but go to see it was shot in some place in Malaysia) What cheating is this now?

5. Living on a prayer (Rafael Solano’s favorite song. You don’t know who Rafael Solano is of course-google about it! JTV)

6. Polo (was planning to write a blog post about the ‘Mint with a hole’, that clearly hasn’t happened)

7. elsa and anna in frozen (that would be from JTV)

8. goa sunset pictures hd (change of computer screen wallpaper)

9. release date of movie simran (Looking forward to that movie..Kangana Ranaut is my current favorite actress) 

10. sweet sweet smile (the song I am currently playing on loop, and I can have just one image in front of me when I sing along) 

When Inspiration strikes..

..and then when I met her, I gave her the warmest hug and kissed her. If passion could be shown in a 1 minute clip, this had to be it. It was hungry, it was slow, it was passionate, it felt so natural it seemed so right ..and it lasted for one whole minute, that was 60 seconds of an out-of-this-world experience. It didn’t even matter that they were standing in front of a church entrance

But wait! He doesn’t do that kind of thing! At least not until now, he hadn’t.

Was he just caught in the moment? She knew he always had strong feelings for her and probably seeing her after a really long time, triggered in him, a way to express it in some way to her.

It was not like they were lovers or anything, best friends at best..that kiss however had changed that equation a bit or a lot- you’d think.

It would have to be the longest 2 minutes post-kiss, both of them not really sure how to react to what had just transpired between them. It was clear that he had feelings for her, but did she have the same for him too? The fact that she went ahead with the kiss, would suggest that.. but then again she wasn’t one to pull out of a kiss if initiated – who even does that nowadays?

“Ice-cream?” he finally said something. He thought she’d like that and besides he had read somewhere that ‘kissing makes one hungry’. To be fair, it wasn’t the longest kiss..but then there’s never a wrong time for Ice there!?

A fleeting thought, a memory flash.. Sometimes one person, one moment is enough to act as an inspiration to come up with a few lines.

You never know when Inspiration will strike..and when it happens, there’s nothing quite like the rush of finding the flow..

Lessons from Life..’Our Greatest Teacher’

Another day in India, that get people senti[mental] – this time of course for their teachers who once upon a time, taught them and who they remember fondly (to be noted:only on 5th September) saying good things about them, sending them the sweetest of messages on Social Media and what not! [Care & Concern overload]

Below was an article I had written way back in 2001, the same being published on the Herald newspaper, dedicated the same to my Psychology Teacher, who was a real gem of a person. I laminated and gave her a copy too 😉


We’ve always loved our English, Psychology, Statistics or Computer teachers, they were always way cooler in comparison to the History, Economics or Hindi teachers that we had. I so couldn’t stand my Economics teacher! She was such a witch! 

No, I’m not feeling nostalgic about my teachers, but I’d say I was lucky to have some of the nicest people in the form of teachers in school and college (I could always approach them as a friend-at least the younger ones) barring the stupid Economics Teacher  who I stood miles away from.

That said Teacher’s Day (celebrated every year on the 5th of September) is not confined to only those in the teaching profession but also to life in general (Life will always remain one of the greatest teachers) and to all those people who we’ve come across and learnt something from..
I know I have learnt more than a few lessons from people besides my school or college teachers, be it practical lessons or philosophical ones. While my parents have been my first and most important teachers, everyone else.. my friends, enemies, colleagues and competitors have also taught me valuable lessons, all of which has contributed to making me the way I am today.

..and I turned out pretty okay! Or at least I would like to believe so.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all of you!

The ‘blog post’ in the making


Looking at the blank page on the screen, to be soon filled up with my thoughts I have in my head.. I find myself all focused, “this one is going to be serious” I tell myself. After a couple of minutes a naughty thought crosses my mind..

Who am I kiddin’?.. I can’t write serious stuff.

Now, smiling with my tongue out, I begin typing, my fingers flirting ever so gently with the keys on the keyboard..its beginning to sound like music to my ears, a rhythm I am used to listening every time I have something to write about and find myself typing away, one key after the other. My mind is slowly drifting away from the real world and into a different one, the characters in my head are coming to life, the music is playing in the background, the sprinkling of rain drops and a strong breeze blowing across..

..and then I hear words from a distance, I can’t quite understand.. the words get clearer with every second and then very loud all of a sudden

“Close the windows, its raining” mom had been screaming for the past few seconds.

I was stunned! I knew I had to react.. I look up at her and then behind, I shut the window hurriedly. I come back and sit in front of my computer screen – the moment has clearly passed. The thoughts literally went down the drain along with the rain water.

I click on ‘save as draft’, hoping I can re-create that moment again sometime.

Apparently saving the bedroom from filling up with water was more important than my typing the blog post.

The story of my many incomplete posts, resting peacefully as notepad documents