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Hopes for my Blog – Day 10

Coming to the end of the 10-day challenge (took me 14 days actually) and my last task/question is “What are my hopes for my Blog?”  Like every blogger would want…his Blog to be read by people spread across the country and world, I am no different Increasing its reach far and wide through various blogging mediums

Day 09 – Words that speak to me..

Day 9: Post some words of wisdom that speak to you  01  02 Yes! Absolutely true and I totally resonate with both of the above words. I have literally become this person over the years. From someone who used to really talk a lot & fast to now someone who measures every word that comes

The Proudest Moment – Day 8

Coming close to the end of the 10-day challenge, I am here on Day 8, and my task for today is to mention ‘My Proudest Moment’ I’ve never had really one proud/proudest moment in my life, but for several memorable moments that I have been humble enough to have had. Days when I scored full marks

What do I want…? Day 7

Question for the DAY: What do I want? I’d like to believe I don’t have just one item on the list of things I want… but if I were to think of something really wacky, something I’ve never done before – then… “One day where I leave my brains and all sense of logic locked

A Letter…Day 6

A new day, a new task. My task for today is to write a letter to someone… anyone. Can’t remember when I actually wrote an actual letter to someone, it has been such a long time. With emails..and now WhatsApp along with other faster ways of sending messages to one another, letters have taken a backseat. The

My basic life’s… Day 5

A simple task for Day 5. Answer the following Question: Q. What’s your basic Life principle? ‘Zero tolerance to B.S’

My views… Day 4

Day 4 of the 10-day challenge. Definitely a subject I would normally refrain talking/writing on. “My views on Religion” Some topics in India are best not discussed – Religion being one of them. However, I have just two lines that sum it for me: Being a good person does not depend on religion. You treat me

A quote… Day 3

Day 3 of the 10-day Challenge …and my task for the day is to mention A quote I try to live by. This was an easy one. No better quote suits my life than the one below       

Things I… Day 2

Well.. its Day 2 and its a new task. Things I like and dislike about myself. This one could be a really long list, there are a whole lot of things to mention here, but for a change instead of being my honest self and mention all of them, which would make me have to

Five ways to… Day 1

I’m really putting myself out there… aren’t I?  Well.. am doing a 10-day challenge, the first task of which it asks me to mention ‘five ways to win my heart’. So here goes… brace yourself for some honesty! Now to begin, my heart is one of the easiest things to capture. That said, it’s been