India’s talking 500 & 1000

Ever since the Prime Minister announced the demonetization of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes, there has been utter chaos among the Indian people. Everybody, from the lady selling fish to the discussions over the lunch & dinner tables have been nothing but Rs 500 & Rs 1000 notes, that seems to be the only thing that India is talking about.

…and why not? PM Narendra Modi took us by surprise, it’s not like we were prepared for it. While many say it was an excellent move, others are simply grumbling and walking around different shops making asking for small change of 100’s and 50’s.

Technically, I have just Rs. 130 in my wallet with a few coins maybe [which I can actually spend] the big notes being of no use but only to be deposited back into the bank. Money has always been precious, but not more precious since yesterday and for a couple of days more, of course till the new notes are out.

Looking forward to those crispy notes, they look so much cooler. 


Don’t you think Gandhiji is smiling a little more here? …and his ears looks a little bigger too 😉 

Why can’t I find an image for the new Rs 1000 note? Or is it a Rs 2000 new note for every two old 1000 notes, doing away with the 1000 Rs note totally? Okay, I am now officially confused