Dedicated to… for 2017

This post is dedicated to some of the nicest people I’ve met.. in 2017 

1. Tejal(We first made contact in the December of 2016) but I’ll include her in this list of ’17, simply because it was over the course of this year, that we actually got acquainted more with each other, over some memorable hours of simply speaking English along with 3 other equally fun people, one of which makes my no 2 on this list.

2. Anjali – There are not many people like Anjali I’ve come across. She makes great company and a whole package in a little under 5’4” inches. She’s full of life and quite the fire-brand (if I may add) – A female version of me in more ways than one. English brought us under one roof.

3. Neharika & Sumati – Again, I’ll have to say it was language that got me a chance to get in touch with them. Genuinely soft-spoken English Trainers who I had the good fortune of meeting and interacting, especially Neharika who I trained under, for a few hours of TOEFL lessons.

4. Ashwini –  ‘Right person at the Right time… that’s what I’m gonna refer to her as. A genuinely good person at heart and ever willing to go out of her way to help. Simplicity is her middle name. She’s someone I can call a friend definitely!

5. Rozzlin – Well, I’ve not really met her personally but have had the good fortune of exchanging more than a few Whatsapp msgs with her. For her, I may just be one of her followers on her Youtube channel, but for me, she is someone who I’d look up to for the sheer talent she possesses, in bringing joy into people’s lives (in character). I am sure she is as wonderful & genuine a person in real life, as she is as A. Maggy. 

…and for some of the virtual friends I have, who I have interaction with, either through social media, Whatsapp, calls or email. Big shout-outs to Pradita, Aditi & Sasha.

2017 in many ways hasn’t been a year I would want to remember too much for, but even when there’s nothing special I can find in 2017, there will always be these little twinkling starts shining for the year that’s going by…

While many of these people come from different walks of life… they all have one thing in common and that’s their simplicity, and that is probably why they make it to my list of ‘The Nicest people I’ve met in 2017″


My New Year prayer

2017I place this year into YOUR hands,
for I know you know it best!
All my battles, all my fears…
I need YOUR help with every difficult test

This year brings new challenges,
challenges only with YOU can I face
I ask YOU for the strength..
to soar high and keep up with the pace

Jesus, for this coming year
Just one request I bring…
If I am seeking to do something
may it be the very same thing.. that pleases you too

Wish you all a very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2017

New Year’s Resolutions

We’re still 12 days away from 2017 but I guess a few people have already started making their new years resolution list’s.

This shit has never worked with me! Like seriously! When younger, I did try it out often.. at max it lasted up to the end of January – that’s it! n then it was back to the old self again.

So what are the these new years resolutions that people keep making lists of? Let’s see

~ Promising to change a bad habit (I have bad habits? I don’t think so!!)

~Promise to develop a positive habit (that’s easy…I do have positive habits)

~ Try to look fitter (this is a common one..only to end up adding a few more kilo’s by the time next December comes around) etc etc..


I’m not sure about my list..don’t think I’ll make one like the last and the previous 2 years. What I would like to do tho’ is buy one of those clay pots (piggy banks) and store money in it..coins & notes, there are always coins lying around in the house, just pick and up and drop them into the bank. Used to do it when I was small..that’s how I learnt not to spend too much but to save more 🙂

However coming to resolutions, I would dearly like to lose a lot of weight this year and a bunch of other things that I’d like to do better in 2017 – lets see how that goes. Normally life has a say in whatever I my plans do go haywire from time to time! I also do want to travel more and see new places in India in 2017

What doesn’t change tho’ is the fact that..

~ you’d still get to read all the random rambling I do on my blog (sorry4that)

~ the friend in me, I rarely change for my friends unless of course there is whole change of direction which means changes have to be made forcefully. In the past 5 years, there has been only 1 instance where that’s happened.

~ the fact that I remain my un-predictable self. No one (not even myself) can predict what I’d do or say the next moment and that’s what keeps me on my toes. 

Overall you might see a Savio version 9.1, an upgrade from 9.0.

So no real major update 🙂