2018 in a hurry!

Some of the things I’ve noticed over the past couple of months this year so far…

..time is flying like nobody’s business. Morning and Evenings pass like a blink of an eye!
..babies are growing rapidly
..clocks are running fast
..people are hardly spending more than 5 minutes to eat food
..driving speeds exceeding 80 and 100kph endangering lives
..telephone conversations are restricted to hello & the message, no pleasantries exchanged coz there is apparently no time to do so. 

January’s gone, we’re already more than halfway through to February. March is around the corner… that’s 3 months passing by fairly quickly. Time is literally flying.. so are people’s lives getting busier. I go weeks and sometimes months without speaking to my best friend.

Life needs to seriously slow down. Too much is happening in little time. 

Life’s getting very monotonous, people doing the same things day in and day out…

There’s more to life than the ‘wake-up – work – eat – sleep – repeat’ routine right? Tell me there is! In Goa, life’s a bit better though, we still make time to do different things, but that too is changing slowly.

Does anyone think like me, that time is just going by so fast lately? I don’t know why! but it does feel that as I grow older.. time’s speeding up. When we’re small, we want to grow older and now that we’re all this grown-up version of ourselves.. it feels like I wanna be a kid again.
I don’t believe I’ve changed much over the years, but I do miss (at times) the more careless me, the more carefree version that I was, the limited things that were available and the fun times we had when younger and now.. its like There’s just too..much of everything. I wish I were a kid again.

Happy Birthday to ME

So its no 36 for me. I am young, though growing older. Well! We’re all growing older, aren’t we!? It’s not that we can do anything about it. It is a privilege many don’t get, so I guess I got to thank God for making me a year older wiser (I’m not sure of that either) today.
Well, looking back at 35 years, I have memories to be thankful for, the fears & worries, also for the little joys, happiness, and laughs. While the past has given me things to remember, the future has mysteries that I am yet to discover.
I did let go of many chances and missed some important moments. While some friends left me, others I have walked away from – as I move on…
Another year of my life – to do better, to learn more, to live and love to the fullest. I’ll try not to let myself down…44
For you ‘the reader’ thank You for being the part of the beginning of another year in my life. We may have not met, spoken or even have a clue of who the other is.. You still matter.
And for the people who read this and remember me today – Say a prayer for me, that would be the best gift you could ever give.
I am blessed.

Is it still ‘A Happy New Year?’


Okay! So we’re in a new year. People are still wishing each other ‘A Happy New Year’. While all this Happy New Year thing is nice and all, it does get old pretty quickly.. as quickly as the first week of January.

So when do people STOP wishing each other a ‘Happy New Year’? My thinking would be by the 6th of January [the 3 Kings Feast (The Epiphany) – which signals the end of the Christmas season]. While that is all cool..what if someone comes up and wishes you a week after that? I’m gonna say Mid January would be the last I’m entertaining new year wishes… I don’t want to be reminded that its a new year after that.

I’m still receiving Merry Christmas messages from friends…on the 6th of January. 

So, as the Christmas season comes to an end a little under 2 hours from now, I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2018 – for the FINAL time. Have a great one ahead! Cheers!