‘A Costly Affair’


02.02.2018 – Times of India (Goa Edition)

What an interesting article! Made such interesting reading, most of which didn’t make much sense to me (I’ll have to admit shamelessly), but the picture was appealing, so I thought why not cut out the picture and write a post on it? Good idea right!

I’m never a fact & figures person (exactly what the article talks about), I thought let me take it & put a ‘Savio Spin’ to it and make it my own. [Expect nothing serious here]

Now we all know how wonderful it is to have children (rather make them). One night of passion, a whole lifetime of waiting for this one day – expectations, pleasure and the excitement… and then bam after 9 months, a New life.. a New journey and a big hole in the parents pockets for at least the next 21 years of that child’s life.

Wait! Did I say make? Make Children? Hmm. ‘Procreate’ – sounds better! As wonderful as the whole procedure is to procreation, looking at the future… and the picture above, you might want to push back ‘that moment’ a bit… this is a certainly a very very costly affair! But then on the other side – nothing is ever cheap, even in India. 

I am still in phase I, which is wishing my friends who have babies and attending their baptism parties. Babies are cute and all.. but boy! do they come at a price? 9 months in the mother’s stomach and 21 years of eating into the parent’s savings.

Kehte hain bacche paida karne ka koi sahi waqt nahi hota, jab karlo bas tabhi se tumhara bura waqt shuru ho jata hai

…nahhhh!! who are we kiddin’ 😛 

Children are the biggest blessings to parents, God’s personal gift to every married couple. I myself am a big fan of children (having taught them in schools) Of course children at school and children at home are a whole different set of people. I love children, especially little baby girls <3

If you’re interested in the facts & figures of how much it costs to raise a kid, read the Times of India today or online – Pg 15 (I read it in the Goa Edition) very interesting article. Read it, cut it out and show it to your child when he turns 21 😛😛

The Magic Number to remember is :


Yess!! The * stands for

*at current prices



..the Wait!

Untitled.pngThe next 9 months seemed to last forever, life got hectic. I visited the local supermarket as many as 5 times a week, I knew what was kept on which shelf at what price in what quantity..can u blame me? The super market was the only other place I frequented other than home.

From ice-creams to chocolates to potato chips to fruits, Ana needed it all, I must have surely lost a few kgs in the few months that I did rounds of the office, market and home. When Ana wasn’t hungry, she slept like an angel and the few times she was awake we often played the ‘What should we name-our-baby Game’. After coming up with thousands of names we shortlisted it down to 4 names, Macy or Rebecca if it was a girl and Luigi or Valentino if it was a boy.

On our first visit to the doctor’s for Ana’s ultra-sound, the doctor asked if we’d like to see our babies. We were very excited, watching the screen closely and when the she asked us..did you see your babies?
I would have to admit, I couldn’t really see anything but something moving on the screen… Wait!! babies?
“yes you are having twins” the doctor replied
I couldn’t believe this was real. I couldn’t believe my wife was carrying, not one but two human lives inside of her. No wonder she was always hungry, she wanted ice-cream and chocolates all day long…there were 3 hungry people 🙂

October 26th 2011 and the wait was finally over.
In what seemed like in five minutes, the doctor said, “..and we have a baby!” and then “Wow…! Look at those cheeks.” I was so nervous and excited at the same time. My heart was racing a million miles a second
3.45 am it was and I was sweating in the a/c labor room holding Ana’s hand tight. I reminded myself to have my hand checked a little later on for some cracked bone..

In another few minutes the doctor said “second baby on the way” and in the next few seconds..there in front of us, lay our two little angels in the nurse’s hands as she took them away to clean and wrap them up and bring them back to us

*Sitting besides my wife and smiling*

“What are u smiling about? I did all the hard work”

“..and I’m so proud of you my baby”

and we both laughed “you were really good”

“I couldn’t have done it without you”

When the couple of nurses walked in with our twins, handing one to my wife and the other to me..I noticed they were identical.

“Wait!! I don’t know which one is which..they are identical” 😀



Taking it Step-by-Step

“Wow! That happened all quick..my best friend is married, I signed as a witness for the very first time..tho’ I would have preferred to have signed for my own marriage first…”

“It’s never too late, your girlfriend’s right here (pointing to Victoria), you are in the Registrar of Marriages office..all it takes is two signatures and 2 witnesses, we’ll be more than happy to do it”

“does sound an exciting prospect” commented Victoria

“Calm down everybody! let all this marriage euphoria settle down, no more marriages happening today right!”

“yeah! my eggs are not gonna wait for you forever you know” retorted Victoria. To get him to propose to me, it took him 3 years, God alone knows how much longer I’ll have to wait to get my eggs fertilized by him. You know they say the fastest swimming sperm can reach a female’s eggs in about half an hour while others could take a couple of days to get there. With Jules, it might take much longer than normal”


[I didn’t know that” Patrick whispered in Nancy’s ears. I’ve always been a fast swimmer]

[..not you baby, he said the sperm..and let’s go step by step here.. okay baby]

“now where did your eggs come into the picture and it was 2 years and 8 months for the record”

“like that made a difference”

“guys, stop arguing!! In the 5 years you’ll have been together…”

“7 years and 8 months” correcting Patrick

“yes 7 years and something… now I forgot what I was to say…
Btw is anyone hungry?” I was so excited this morning that all  I drank were two glasses of water and left the house”

“I’m starved too…”

At the Hotel

Giving the order to the waiter; 4 cups of tea, 2 Dosa’s for us

“Victoria, what will you have?”

“I’ll have a single cutlet”

“..and you bro”

“I’ll have an egg with toast”

Waiter: “How would you like your egg Sir?”

looking at Victoria “how would I like it dear?” smiling

“fertilized, if all I care” she mumbles

“I’ll have it FRIED, Thank You” 🙂