..so am back

My last post was on the 7th of January.

Today is the 13th of Jan

..that means it has been 5 days of no-posts from my side.

Where was I? Well..

I was out of station. I attended a residential retreat in Bangalore for 5 whole days, [minus phones, minus communication and minus the world outside] just spending time between me and my God, listening to His WORD, praising and worshiping HIM …oh and yes, it was my birthday on the 9th of Jan (same week) no better place to be, than a place to be with God himself.

So why a Retreat then? To give myself a chance for an encounter with God, with other people, with issues and with self. It isn’t just not for the purpose of getting away and staying away. Everything involved in getting away, and all that is done while away, involves coming back with a renewed faith and sense of purpose in our spiritual life

And what an experience it was! No matter how often you do it, you will always find a renewed joy when you get back. 

Always a good idea!

Logos Retreat Centre
Babusahibpalaya, Bengaluru

RCB in The Finals!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay.. I am very excited…I’ve been supporting RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) since the inception of the IPL in 2008. They’ve featured in 2 finals and lost both…they will be playing their third final 4 days from now in Bangalore itself. How cool is that?

If ever RCB have the chance of winning the IPL, it is this time…look at that team…

Virat Kohli is in the form of his life

Chris Gayle, one of the longest hitters of a cricket ball when on song

AB de Villiers, this guy can play any shot in the book, Mr 360 degrees

The Orange and Purple Cap belong to the RCB

…add to that a bowling unit that has looked better and better as the tournament has progressed.

Go RCB!! Bring us the IPL Trophy! Do it for for your fans! 



A Short trip!

Just back from a less-than-20 hours in Bangalore aboard the Chennai Express…

Wow! Bangalore is hot or what? If Goa is 35 degrees then Bangalore was close to 39 and it doesn’t really help that the roads are in pathetic conditions, so whether you’re sitting in an a/c cab or a BMTC bus, you’re rocking in Bangalore (in the actual sense)

A few observations in my less-than-20 hours spent in Bangalore

(i) I don’t know if its just me that notices it in Bangalore, but there are way too many public toilets by the roadsides..like almost every 5-10 meters you have one..and yet men are seeing peeing in the open!
Makes me wonder..Do the bangaloreans have small bladders?

(ii) The roads..well…the less said the better. No potholes anymore but craters.

(iv) Bangalore girls are HOT & BOLD! Showing their panties under their jeans is common. Low jeans or short tops 🙂 From pink to purple or flowers on them. Seen them all 🙂

(v) The people are very friendly. Even the dogs are 🙂

(vi) There are high rising building coming up everywhere…its like a concrete jungle. That’s a sign of development ryt, so guess its okay.

Overall, I think Bangalore is a really cool place

As for now, being back in Goa in the comforts of my own home…life is good and it doesn’t get any better.