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Most definitely. No wonder people talk about how ill mannered Indian people are.. especially outside the country. Well, they aren’t any better in their own country, just that their behavior is accepted and hence not talked about so much. I know, I know.. I am Indian too but well.. sometimes its just disgusting how some Indians behave Untitled 

The hotel at which we are staying currently also houses other Indians from other states of India, and it is needless to say they give India a terrible name. To pin point at one specifically, a family of 10 from Kerala ~ Keralites/mallus (heard them speaking in Malayalam) From loud voices to clumsy table manners, it was too hard to not notice their uncouth behavior.  

Sometimes I guess, it would be better to say “I’m from a certain state of India” rather than say you’re from India, people don’t have a very good first impression when you say ‘India’.  

Just done with another BIG dinner meal.. but tasty all the same. Something about the Sri Lankan cuisine that makes you want to go the extraa..aaamile when it comes to ‘one more serving won’t hurt’. The last time I was in Sri Lanka, I added 5 kgs in 5 days, it took me 2 years to get it back down. Looks like the same story this time round, I might just have to work harder this time 😊

2 things I’ve definitely learnt in this trip is:

~ Food can be thoroughly enjoyed when eaten slowly. Enjoy your meal and not just fill your stomach.

~ Don’t worry about the extra holiday weight you’d be putting on, there’s always a chance to lose weight – when you get back home, start walking. Eat like a King, good food is not always available. (don’t do it the Indian way [filling your plate up, take a 2nd serving])

Being Indian is one thing.. behaving like one is another


The 4-course meal Indian

Yes! The 4-course meal Indian, difficult to find them around, if at all – maybe just a handful. Indians love to eat and YET the 4 course meal is something, which may be a little too much for the Indian stomach.

I might have ever experienced a 4 course meal before, until yesterday for the first time.. and boy!! Was it an experience or what!! I could barely walk after I was through.

I guess that’s how Royalty feels like. Holidays are easy on the mind but strong on the stomach simply because with nothing much else to do besides sight seeing and sleeping, eating becomes that much more a TEMPTATION.

SL Flag.jpg

Presently at the Pearl Grand Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka… proceeding to Nuwara Eliya at 8 degreees (if what the locals say is true!) I know mum, dad wouldn’t be too happy but I am sooooo looking forward to it. 12 degrees being the lowest temperature I’ve stayed in.. so far @ KodaiKanal, India (t’was my last holiday-solo)

Signing off for now…with lots more in store to write about, we’re just through a couple of days in the country and almost a good week left.6/7 days left

P.S: Sri Lankan girls are hottt AF!! That said Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and the people are kind. Reminds me a lot of people back home in GOA.

I need ADVICE.. anyone?


Indians give unsolicited advice for many seen &unseen reasons. If anything is told to an Indian as a complaint, query or opinion… we take it up as a moral responsibility 
~ to help…  
~ if not help share his/her own experience… op
~ if not share.. to show compassion….
~ if not compassion to convince… 
and if not to convince then successfully confuse… 

Giving advice is something we love to do. Sometimes, it does not even have to be that you’re asking for advice but will still get it. That’s us, we Indians..we are like that, what can you do?
From what clothes to wear to where to invest your money or bigger things like how to live your life, we have a lot of advice on offer. No one says you have to follow them, if you don’t want to heed the advice, hear it from one ear and let it go out from the other!

Why is it that Indians have the urge to give advice?

Is it because we care about others more than ourselves? Or is it just that we are a chatty lot and giving advice is just another way for us to ‘connect’? I remember this one time I was in an auto in Hyderabad, and the auto driver got very chatty with me, starting with the question from which state I belonged to (since my Hindi wasn’t the greatest and I used a lot of English words in between) and on asking me if I was married, (I told him I was still single) he advised me on why it is good to not marry too late and how it is better to holiday with your wife than by myself, sharing his own story etc etc – Oh boy!) Though he spoke a lot, he was a friendly chap..kept me entertained the few minutes I was his passenger (in the Hyderabad traffic)

Since advice is so freely available around, the next time someone tells you something or gives you advice, say thank you. Doesn’t matter what you do with it but the least we can do is to thank them, they did take the trouble afterall, even though it wasn’t asked for.

What’s the best advice you’ve given?


All in a HUG

https://i0.wp.com/images.financialexpress.com/2017/07/modi-1-1.jpg?resize=170%2C113Our Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi is on a hugging spree and to say the least, he seems to be enjoying it thoroughly too (Practice makes perfect)

I’m not sure as Indians, we’re very comfortable hugging each other, but can you blame us? We live in one of the hotter countries in the world, and hugging is not ideal in such humid conditions.

I’m not a very physical person myself, I mean the occasional hug is fine-that special friend, mom, dad, festivals etc – and besides who really cares to hug for more than the customary 4/5 seconds. Spontaneous hugs are pretty unusual. It’s not an Indian thing. We’d prefer a handshake over a hug or even a Namaste for that matter would do, shows our Indianness (sometimes also used as a polite way of saying ‘don’t touch me’)

One can’t hug another if they don’t know him/her, that would be just weird. Don’t hug for just the sake of it, give one if you really mean it

..a hug has got to mean something, it has to send a vibration to the other person. It has to show that you care about that person and that you’re genuinely happy for her/him to be in your arms.

else Just say ‘HI’ instead – that should be good enough. No Love lost.

Going by the above Image, I normally give the ‘half hug’ (no 2)

All said and done, this world needs HUGS. Too much of hatred being spread around, within family circles, friend circles, at work etc. I could do with being hugged, everyone loves to be hugged-and why not, it is one of the best feelings ever-it shows a connection, it shows love, intimacy, it magically transforms a simple ‘me’ into an ‘us’.

Well, if the Prime Minister of India is doing it, so can I right?

When was the last time you actually gave a hug like you meant it? Be it to your parents, a friend or even your boss (though that is very unlikely-who genuinely hugs a boss?) maybe your pet? I bet they’d be a lot of people hugging their pets when they get home while saying ‘hi’ to the rest, after they get back from a tiring day at work.


Cheap Thrills

Finally!! Sia has dedicated a song to every Indian..

Didn’t understand? Let me explain…

We Indians are in love with the word ‘cheap’..our whole body lights up, if we can find something ‘cheap’ because as a population who lives under a Govt that screws our happiness in raising prices of commodities on almost a monthly basis..from milk, onions to diesel and petrol, everything is expensive’ and when we find something cheap, we get all excited – its totally an Indian thing. 

Now thrills have become cheap too…

..a few lyrics of the song, which goes as 

“I don’t need no money
You’re more than diamonds, more than gold
As long as I keep dancing
Free up yourself, get outta control… “

Just Imagine! A woman saying that..? the only problem is the first line is a double negative [I DON’T need NO money] (- -) does that mean positive (+) 

I love the song! My current fave! along with Dara’s – Onto You

..and then you have Vidya Vox (YouTuber) who remixes the song and comes out with her ridiculous version to screw up yet another awesome song. At least now, we don’t have to imagine, what it would sound if  the song was to be Indianized.

Listen to her version below:

Vidya Vox makes the song sound cheaper ‘Cheaper Thrills’  😂😂😂😂😂😂

Listen to Dara’s – Onto You

being Indian

I was watching the bollywood movie ‘Players’, for the umpteenth time on the Sony channel..by no means the greatest of movies to have been made & released, but effective when it comes to the beautifully planned and executed robbery scene in the movie.

Movies like these have always sparked my interest..so be it Aankhen, Dhoom, Dhoom 2, Happy New Year, Players, Don 2, Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, Race, Race 2 (all Bollywood) etc..etc.. I’ve loved and enjoyed each and every one of them, irrespective of them, going on to be blockbusters or bombed at the box-office.

But do stuff like this happen in the real life? https://i1.wp.com/studentorgs.umhb.edu/sites/studentorgs.umhb.edu/files/imagecache/organization_profile/148034_original.jpg?resize=142%2C139

I’m not sure I’ve heard of anything like that happen..but then there is no dearth of talent in a country like India that can carry out something like this, if ever.. that too with clinical precision. Count on an Indian to do the job!

The world should take note..India is the land of jugaad, anything is possible. We Indians are multi-talented, along with being experts in fields of I.T, Engineering and others, we have hidden talents that are shown only in times of adversity, you’d do well not to drive us into a situation like that.. it is at that time, where an Indian is most dangerous – He turns into The Smiling Assassin.