My Path..

I could care less what other people’s path’s look like, while walking through my own.. I am adult enough to understand that no two individual’s paths can ever be the same. We’d have a few similarities at best.. but it surely wouldn’t be the same – the whole journey through. Or would it? Could it […]


Ever asked the question: “Others are being blessed, why not me?” We have all encountered situations where we’ve prayed for something and we see someone else getting it. A good job? A good partner? …and we think How Unfair! He/she didn’t deserve it, I did. Guess that’s not how God works. He gives in HIS […]

The World…is Mine

Received this poem thru’ WhatsApp today..and I thought I’d share it with all of you Today, upon a bus, I saw a very beautiful woman And wished I were as beautiful. When suddenly she rose to leave, I saw her hobble down the aisle. She had one leg and used a crutch. But as she […]